Fireball Island Milton Bradley

While doing my Top Ten Lists, i thought it would be fun to do my Top 10 Favorite Board games of all time, but i am not a huge fan of board games with the exception of one. Fireball Island! But Ralph, i have never heard of this game. Trust me, not a lot of people have. It was a game that was created and released by Milton Bradley in 1986 and i do not think it lasted very long. I was fortunate enough to own what i consider the GREATEST BOARD GAME OF ALL TIME! That’s right i said it. Nothing comes close to Fireball Island. NOTHING! Every few months i get a hankering for some Fireball Island and today i got it real bad.  In my travels around the internet i found the following PETITION and signed it. I suggest that you do the same. The game is amazing and you probably don’t want to drop $115 on eBay for a complete box. Trust me when i say that you would love this game!! Just look at the commercial…

I really enjoy this game. It is better than most any video game of the time. I own an incomplete board but it does not take away from the experience. In fact, i find that using Star Wars and Indiana Jones Action Fleet figures during the game adds a new dimension of fun. I can go on and on about how awesome this game is, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is a list of sites that i always visit when i need my fill of Fireball Island!






Fireball Island Milton BradleyPHOTOS FROM ROB-SHERIDAN.COM


Fireball Island  Milton BradleyPLAY FIREBALL ISLAND ONLINE


The fact that FIREBALL ISLAND still has it’s instruction manual on the Hasbro site, gives me hope that it will one day make it’s return! It is lost but not forgotten!!


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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

8 responses to “FIREBALL ISLAND : A Tribute”

  1. Matt Roeser says :

    AMAZING! my mom sold ours in a garage sale many many years ago. i haven’t talked to her since. well, i do. but i shouldn’t!

    • casinoskunk says :

      My sister got me a new board 10 years ago on eBay. She snagged it for $60 for an incomplete version. I may have to drop the cash and get a complete board!! In fact, if i sell my incomplete board, i could knock off a huge chunk and save about $50 on the deal. It may be worth it to upgrade! My board doesn’t even have a jewel, so i use a beer from a Doug MacKenzie action figure.

      Fuck it, you’ve convinced me. Time to get a new board!!!

      I really wish they had an iPad/iPhone version of this game that i could play online!

      • Matt Roeser says :

        ha! awesome. i’ll make sure to steer clear for a few days as to not be bidding against you. we shall have to have a Fireball Island/LOST Rewatch special edition podcast, where you, bethany, justin and i discuss the latest ep and duke it out over your Doug MacKenzie beer.

        also would be a good time to write ABC to see about a LOST version….you could fight for the cork in the light cave while avoiding SOS boulders that Rose is rolling at you!

  2. casinoskunk says :

    WHOA! Never mind, i just looked at the eBay auctions, Fireball Island has gone up in price. It’s like $26 for the jewel!

    One of these days i will be rich and own a super nice mint condition FBI and play the shit out of it!

  3. Christian LeBlanc says :

    My copy of this is still kicking around somewhere (hooray for parents with hoarding tendancies!). Hey. Don’t tell anyone this, but this game actually inspired me (in grade 2) to start writing a fanfiction based on the game. I got about two pages into it, getting as far as naming one character “Forsythe” (after Jughead’s real name), before submitting to the fact that I was only 8 years old and had no clue how to write a story.

    A game that comes close, though? The Ghostbusters 3D boardgame. I remember it being a blast to play.

    • casinoskunk says :

      Well, i am currently working on a Fireball Island game show in my head as we speak. I am only 33 years old and have no clue how to produce a game show. So i wouldn’t worry about what people think about your FBI Fan-Fic.

  4. Paco Cupito says :

    Fireball Island is my 2nd favorite board game of all time!!! Mouse Trap FTW!!!

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