@Dharmalars – What it Takes

SWEET TOOTH 13 – Ralph, Ben and Producer Ryan are discussing the S2E5 episode of the wonderful show Sweet Tooth!! Producer Ryan misses the episode, Ralph gets into I.T. issues, Ben probably doesn’t miss his old glasses and we get … Continue reading @Dharmalars – What it Takes

@Dharmalars – Weird Al is Dead

Y: THE LAST MAN 6 –  Ben, Ralph and SETH (?) are watching Y: The Last Man on FX on Hulu. On this episode the guys discuss story and character motivations! But also get into the Arrowverse, Justice League and some other things. Be sure to check out Seth’s shows:“Here’s what actually happened (a made up retelling of history)”“Arrow Chapter and Verse”“How I Spent My Allowance” LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Dharmalars – Weird Al is Dead