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Screen Geeks 47

MOTU Revelation Part 2 First Reactions!
Join Ralph and Jay as they share their thoughts on Part 2 of Season 1 of Masters of the Universe Revelation! Did Part 2 give us the full MOTU story He-Man fans have been waiting for? Share your thoughts along side Jay and Ralph on this live

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Screen Geeks 45

Ghostbusters Afterlife: Final Trailer, Final Predictions!

Join Ralph and Jay as they breakdown the final trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife and share their final predictions for what they think will happen in the film next week. Neither of them have seen the movie yet and neither have read any spoilers. So if you want to hang out and share your thoughts and theories for what we’ll get to see next week? Join in the fun!SHOW LESS

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Screen Geeks 42

New He-Man for Kids Trailer Drops!

Join Ralph and Jay as they talk about the latest in TV and Film like the trailer for Netflix’s more kids aimed He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Trailer dropping. They’ll also talk about the new Eternals Trailer. The latest episode of Marvel’s What If… and the Finale of the Bad Batch. All of that and more tonight on Screen Geeks!

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Screen Geeks – Episode 11

On this Geek. Dad. Life. Livestream Ralph and Jay talk about a recently unearthed theater promo for the 1984 Ghostbusters film that featured Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and a little known alternate Ghostbusters Theme song… They also talk about the recent Entertainment Weekly exclusive first look at Season 2 of Mandalorian as well as talk about that new Dune Trailer that dropped this week from Warner Brothers . All that and more on Geek. Dad. Live!

Link to Alternate Ghostbusters Theme:
Link to Ghostbusters Theater Promo:…
Link to Season 2 Mando article on EW:…
Link to Dune Trailer:…

Geek. Dad. Life!

Screen Geeks – Episode 2

On this episode of Geek. Dad. Live! Ralph and Jay discuss this week in geek news. The first footage of the new EA Games, Star Wars: Squadrons dropped. The cast of Ghostbusters came together for Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart series. The third Bill and Ted film trailer dropped and Star Wars Celebration 2020 was officially canceled till 2022. Get your feedback into the show! Send and email to