Patreon – X-Mas Greeting

It’s been a couple weeks since I have posted, and thought that I would update you on the goings on with the show as well as my real life.
I hope that you all have a safe and fun holiday season and I will be back soon with an all new episode!
Thanks again for your support!

It Came from Beneath the Sea


EPISODE 25 –San Francisco doomed! Golden Gate Bridge UPROOTED! Buildings topple! What city will be next? Ralph and Jorge are discussing the American produced giant octopus film from 1955. It Came from Beneath the Sea!! The guys chat about the magic of Ray Harryhausen, the soft skin of an octopus and the strength of Doctor Joyce.  6.8.17


Patreon – All In



On this episode I am joined by Matt Curione from Talk Film Society and the Hey Watcha Watchin’? Podcast! We spend the whole episode gushing over Justice League as well as the rest of the DCEU, and I mean gush!

We get into what the film does right, address some of the complaints from Twitter, and get into our histories with these characters that we longed to see on the big screen!
I hope you enjoy this one sided conversation and I thank you for your continued support!
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Godzilla vs. Hedorah


EPISODE 24 – Jorge and Ralph are baffled and entertained (?) by this 1971 Godzilla classic. It’s Big G vs the Smog Monster (Hedorah) in a film full of psychedelic imagery and heavy handed messages. It’s gross, it’s violent and it’s for kids? There’s a lot to unpack on this episode, so kick back, enjoy the show and Save the Earth! 5.23.17


Patreon – Brody, Neary & Jones




On this episode I am joined by Tommy Jenkins to discuss the early films of Steven Spielberg. We mostly get into the Indiana Jones films, Close Encounters of the Third Kind as well as a few of his newer films.

I discuss a dream I once had about a Close Encounters sequel trailer, which brings up a discussion of what a CE3K sequel would be about.

I had a ton of fun on this episode and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you all for the support, it means the world to me!

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King Kong Escapes


EPISODE 23 – Ralph and Jorge have visited Mondo Island and witnessed King Kong Escapes! Join them as they discuss Mechani-Kong, Doctor Hu, hovercrafts, serpents, Gorosaurus, Castor Oil and a whole lot more!! 5.23.17


Talk Like Us


Episode 139 – Kevin and Sick Ralph are discussing Baby Driver, Too Funny to Fail: The Life and Death of the Dana Carvey Show, Shazam, Halloween Spooks, Stan Lee’s Comic Con, what makes The Orville more accessible than Star Trek and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!

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