Return of Daimajin


EPISODE 48 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about the sequel to the 1966 giant statue movie. Daimajin. You would think that since Majin was setup in the first film, that we would be able to catch a glimpse of him much sooner in this one. That’s not the case. There is so little Majin stuff to talk about on this episode that the guys start talking about The Scorpion King and Mummy series.  9.20.18


Terror of Mechagodzilla


EPISODE 47 – Jorge and Ralph are discussing Ishiro Honda’s final Godzilla movie, which pits the Big G up against Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus! Due to strange circumstances, the guys watched two different versions of the film, one which included some fake boobs!  9.20.18


Patreon – “Henry, Haddock & Mutt”



I am joined once again by Tommy Jenkins to chat about Spielberg films. Now that Tommy has seen The Adventures of Tintin, we pick up our conversation and talk about his relationship with Indiana Jones. We also discuss the scores of Star Wars, the crappy DC Universe AppleTv app, the great Cheap Charts app, Ready Player One, the decolorization of films, Denny Colt, V and a whole lot more!!!

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Doctor Whoville


EPISODE 145 – Kevin and Ralph are chatting about the new Doctor, Venom, Star Wars: Resistance, DC’s Titans, work, friends and a whole lot more!!!

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Rebirth of Mothra


EPISODE 46 – Ralph and Jorge are watching this TOHO children’s film from 1996. Mothra and her offspring fight the three headed Desghidorah to the glittery death!! Witness the saddest Kaiju death in our show’s history and cringe at the most annoying family! 8.31.18


Patreon: Lightsabers & Leitmotifs Ep. V


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On this second installment of the Lightsaber & Leitmotif series, I am listening to the new themes introduced in The Empire Strikes Back! And although this is the second episode in this series, I am going to follow the movies in release order, using the episode titles given to the films (Because calling this Episode II just doesn’t feel right). This should make it easier track the episodes down the road, if you ever feel like revisiting them.

In Empire, John Williams introduces new themes for Boba Fett, The Droids, Yoda, The Empire as well as a love theme for Han and Leia.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it.

Lightsabers & Leitmotifs will continue with Star Wars episode VI: Return of the Jedi!

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Patreon – “I’d Buy that for a Dollar”



On this mini episode I’m talking about a few things, but most importantly is the announcement of the all new $1.00 “Listen” reward tier on Patreon! Now, for just $1 per month, you’ll get access to all 30 previous episodes of the Casinoskunk Secret Society podcast, as well as the episodes posted during the month of October.

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