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On this episode I sit down with Jay Glatfelter (The LOST Podcast with Jay & Jack, Ramblecast, Married Man Show…) to discuss the television show that got us into this whole podcasting game. LOST! We talk about what the show meant to us, how it changed our lives, the state of podcasting and a whole lot more.

Things really get fun when we start to talk about what a reboot/continuation of LOST could be! That’s right, we pitch our own version of LOST: The Next Generation!

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KidFlix – Heartbeeps

Is my love chip malfunctioning? On today’s episode Ralph Apel (@VHSDude and the Kaiju Podcast) Skypes with Ross (@misterweisman) to gab about the one aspect of Andy Kaufman’s career that Man On The Moon didn’t cover! They also remember the good old days of VHS produced by churches, the work of John Williams, and robot things that could’ve happened!


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The X from Outer Space

Episode19.jpgEPISODE 19 – From Shochiku films comes The X from Outer Space! Starring the childishly named Guilala (pronounced Goo-la-la) Ralph and Jorge tackle this incredibly bizarre film from 1967 and ponder the hatred towards astronaut Lisa. 4.18.17


Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla


EPISODE 18 – Jorge and Ralph are stepping into the 70s with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Ralph gets a rare appearance by one of his all time favorite Kaiju. The guys talk about Pipes, Ape Aliens, stalactite buttons, long songs and tons of BLOOD!! 4.18.17


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On this episode, I am talking about my work. As you may or may not know, I have 12 years experience working at the Disneyland resort and have decided to talk about it with Alex Stewart from the Backside of Water podcast.

We get into the the day to day job, the access to every area of the resort, ghost stories, gross stories and interesting tidbits that I have acquired over the course of my employment in the custodial department.

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Ralph is joined by his friend Big Mike Otero (Said Enough Games podcast) to chat about video games.

Ralph was recently interviewed on an episode of Said Enough Games and has turned the tables on Mike, by asking him the same hard hitting questions!

Enjoy the show and thank you for your support!
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Listen to the original Said Enough Games interview with Ralph: HERE