@CueTheMusic – Lightyear Unboxing

Unboxing Ep. 18 – Ralph recently watched Disney Pixar’s “LIGHTYEAR”, the film based on the fictitious toy from the 1995 Pixar classic “Toy Story”. Sporting brand new themes from Michael Giacchino, this 2 disk vinyl set has amazing art from … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – Lightyear Unboxing

@LiveActionSW – Andor 5

EPISODE 50 – Ralph and James are joined by @Jacob Fullerton to discuss the fifth episode of the new Cassian Andor series LIVE! “The Axe Forgets” Follow Jacob @_JacobFullerton Site: LiveActionSW.comYouTube: @LiveActionSWTwitter: @LiveActionSWInstagram: @LiveActionSWTwitch: @LiveActionSWJames’ Writing: TinyLetterMerch is available at THREADLESS Continue reading @LiveActionSW – Andor 5