@KaijuPod “Gojira & Godzilla: King of the Monsters”


EPISODE 27 – Ralph and Jorge are celebrating one year of the Kaiju Podcast with a double dose of Godzilla! They are watching Gojira (1954) and the American counterpart Godzilla: King of the Monsters (1956) starring Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin. These are the films that kicked off a 60+ year franchise! Enjoy the episode and thanks to everyone who has stuck with us for the past year! 7.28.17


Patreon “All In”



On this episode I am joined by Matt Curione from Talk Film Society and the Hey Watcha Watchin’? Podcast! We spend the whole episode gushing over Justice League as well as the rest of the DCEU, and I mean gush!

We get into what the film does right, address some of the complaints from Twitter, and get into our histories with these characters that we longed to see on the big screen!
I hope you enjoy this one sided conversation and I thank you for your continued support!
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Patreon “Brody, Neary & Jones”




On this episode I am joined by Tommy Jenkins to discuss the early films of Steven Spielberg. We mostly get into the Indiana Jones films, Close Encounters of the Third Kind as well as a few of his newer films.

I discuss a dream I once had about a Close Encounters sequel trailer, which brings up a discussion of what a CE3K sequel would be about.

I had a ton of fun on this episode and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you all for the support, it means the world to me!

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Patreon “Dangerous Days”


I recently watched the follow up to the 1982 film Blade Runner, and on this episode I am joined once again by Kevin Stone (Big House Comics) to discuss Blade Runner 2049.

Both Kevin and I are life-long fans of Blade Runner, and dive deep into the futuristic world, it’s mythology and it’s sci-fi themes. Things get pretty nerdy!!

If you haven’t seen the film, or don’t have an interest in the discussion, there is more to explore at the 1 hour mark. Kevin and I get into the upcoming Justice League film as well as a few other topics! Enjoy and thanks again for supporting the show!

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Patreon “Pixar Animation Studio”



I was so excited to be invited by Marc Vibbert (Animation Fascination) to do a tour of the Pixar Animation Studios that I took off in the middle of the night and drove up to the Bay Area to go on an exciting adventure.

On this episode, I am joined by Marc to talk about our love of animation, Pixar films and the tour that left us both in awe.
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My photos from the tour:

Patreon “Caravan of Courage”



On this episode, I am chatting about the first Ewok adventure with a couple of life-long Star Wars fans. Dustin and his 12 year old son Oskar! Dustin hasn’t seen the film in a long time (long time) and Oskar is seeing it for the first time!

We take a look at the dark corners of “Forest” Moon of Endor and all of it’s strange and Earthly inhabitants. Who is our favorite Ewok? What perils from Endor actually scare us? All the answers await on this very fun episode!

View Dustin & Oskar’s art @ theblockwatchpress.com
REMINDER: All of the proceeds for this month will be going to UNICEF‘s Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico and I thank everyone who has joined! I hope you enjoy the shows!

Patreon “Puerto Rico Relief”

UjyJA5U copy.jpg


Patreon Supporters,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am giving all of this month’s Patreon proceeds to UNICEFfor Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico. This goes for anyone who has already subscribed as well as any new subscribers.

I have chosen UNICEF because of all the work that the late Sir Roger Moore did with the organization, and we all love Roger Moore!

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@JayAndJack “Ramblecast Ep. 10.12: “Ted Cruzin’ for Pornhub””


While Jack is in pursuit of a threesome… of Goldfish & Mentos, Jay finds time to go to L.A. and guest on other people’s podcasts. We are joined by a special guest Ralph, where we discuss his many entertaining podcasts, as well as Michael Giacchino, movies that scared us as kids, and Sex Robots!!… I guess it’s time for a software upgrade.



Patreon “LOST: TNG”



On this episode I sit down with Jay Glatfelter (The LOST Podcast with Jay & Jack, Ramblecast, Married Man Show…) to discuss the television show that got us into this whole podcasting game. LOST! We talk about what the show meant to us, how it changed our lives, the state of podcasting and a whole lot more.

Things really get fun when we start to talk about what a reboot/continuation of LOST could be! That’s right, we pitch our own version of LOST: The Next Generation!

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@KidFlixPod “KidFlix – Heartbeeps”



Is my love chip malfunctioning? On today’s episode Ralph Apel (@VHSDude and the Kaiju Podcast) Skypes with Ross (@misterweisman) to gab about the one aspect of Andy Kaufman’s career that Man On The Moon didn’t cover! They also remember the good old days of VHS produced by churches, the work of John Williams, and robot things that could’ve happened!


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Patreon “Clean Sweep”



On this episode, I am talking about my work. As you may or may not know, I have 12 years experience working at the Disneyland resort and have decided to talk about it with Alex Stewart from the Backside of Water podcast.

We get into the the day to day job, the access to every area of the resort, ghost stories, gross stories and interesting tidbits that I have acquired over the course of my employment in the custodial department.

Follow Alex @thealexstewart as well as his show @baksideofwater.

Listen to me guest on The Sweep Spot podcast

Patreon “Play More Games”



Ralph is joined by his friend Big Mike Otero (Said Enough Games podcast) to chat about video games.

Ralph was recently interviewed on an episode of Said Enough Games and has turned the tables on Mike, by asking him the same hard hitting questions!

Enjoy the show and thank you for your support!
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Listen to the original Said Enough Games interview with Ralph: HERE

Patreon “Cue John Powell”



John Powell, who happens to be one of my all-time favorite composers, just got the Han Solo scoring gig! I’m very excited to hear what he has in store for the film, and this news has prompted me to do a Cue the Music episode that focuses on some of my favorite cues from his library. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.


00:04 – “My Day So Far” Jumper
04:49 – “The Fire Truck” Evolution
07:18 – “The Water Park” Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
09:43 – “The Colony” Antz (with Harry Gregson-Williams)
11:42 – “Activation” The Bourne Identity
13:56 – “Nach Deutschland” The Bourne Supremacy
16:42 – “Joyride” Hancock
18:46 – “Test Drive” How to Train Your Dragon
21:27 – “Rita” I Am Sam
24:53 – “The New Plan” The Italian Job
30:07 – “In Austria” Knight and Day
31:40 – “Desert Piss” Mr. & Mrs. Smith
33:08 – “21 Items (Remix)” Paycheck
36:04 – “Wolfe Pack” Paycheck
38:55 – “Robots Overture” Robots
43:00 – “The Last Stand” X3
48:39 – “Selenium” Evolution

@KaijuPod “Ultraman: The Little Hero”


BONUS EPISODE – Jorge and Ralph are joined by Michael Giacchino (ROAR!: Cloverfield Overture, Spider-man Homecoming) for a special Ultraman themed episode! They discuss episode 37 “The Little Hero”, in which the Science Patrol are given a warning from the lovable and terrifying Pigmon! The conversation goes beyond Ultraman, when the guys start discussing things that terrified them from their childhoods! 6.26.17


@TheSweepSpot “The Sweep Spot #211 – Disneyland Custodian Ralph Apel”



In this episode we welcome Ralph Apel to our show. Ralph worked in Disneyland Day Custodial with both Ken and Lynn, then years later went back wot work at DCA, but in Night Custodial. He shares his memories of over 10 years in Custodial. Plus the latest in the Disneyland Resort Current Events. Get our book, T Shirts, and info at http://www.thesweepspot.com

Patreon “Roger Moore as 007”



On this episode, Kevin Stone (Big House Comics) sits down with Ralph to talk about the passing of Roger Moore, the actor who played James Bond in 7 of the Eon Produced 007 films.

In addition to talking about Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy and A View to a Kill, the guys do some chat about the 24 film franchise, Blade Runner, New Olympus and a lot more.

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Patreon “Star Wars 40th”



Today marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, my favorite movie of all time. Over the years, Star Wars has had its ups and down and Dustin and I reminisce about our fandom during that time, especially during the “Dark Times”.

We get into Timothy Zahn’s “official” episode VII, VIII & IX book series, X-Wing: Space Combat Simulator, VHS Technology, Letterbox versions of the films, action figures, Star Wars: Behind the Magic CD-ROM, May the 4th, The Prequel films, the Ewok Adventures and a lot more!

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Patreon – Pilot



Welcome to my Patreon show. On this episode, I will introduce myself, discuss the purpose of the Patreon page and let you know what kind of stuff you will gain access to if you contribute.

I also get into the news about the passing of Sir Roger Moore, the 3rd actor to portray James Bond in the Eon produced series. If you are interested in watching one of his films, they are Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy and A View to a Kill.

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Hello Everyone,

Long time no blog. Here is what is going on!

Alright, Let’s do a Podcast – As of this post, Kevin and I are 134 episodes deep into the podcast. Shows are coming less frequently, but that’s isn’t due to a lack of interest, it’s mostly due to scheduling.

Kaiju Podcast – You probably already know this, but Jorge and I are 11 episodes deep on a new podcast about giant monsters. We have already recorded 23 episodes which will continue to show up on Podcast Feeds every other week!

Dharmalars – I’m still trying to find time and space to upload the missing episodes of the Dharmalars.

It Came from the VCR – VHS Dude’s popularity continues to grow! Thanks in part by friends on GoFundMe, I was able to purchase a new computer. Along with the new computer, I have also purchased new capture hardware that will allow me to get better looking footage. That being said, I am currently ripping and editing the It Came from the VCR mix tape. It’s tough, and may take a while, but I am hoping to have it done by the end of the year.

I am also trying to get things started for an It Came from the VCR internet review show starring VHS Dude. I am so close to getting that into production.

Patreon – I have created a Patreon for some reason. I am hoping to come up with some sort of monthly (possibly bi-weekly) content that you guys would be in to, so that I could make some money to fund some of the things I do, like Podcast hosting fees and building materials for the VHS Dude show. I am not sure what the content will be, but I am definitely open to suggestions.

Casinoskunk – I am trying to create Casinoskunk Productions as a “brand” for myself. Think of it like a poor man’s Bad Robot or Nerdist. It will be sort of an umbrella that all my creative outlets will fall under. The first step in this is making sure all my podcast episodes are currently posted on this page as well. I have also included links to all of my endeavors on the sidebar of this page (below this post if you’re on a phone).

Anyway, I have a lot on my plate, and that’s not including my full time job.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any ideas for what you would like to see on the Patreon page.


ps- once again, this has been posted without a spelling or grammar check.

@KaijuPod “Kong: Skull Island”


EPISODE 7– Jorge and Ralph are diving deep into Kong: Skull Island. They discuss all of the action, drama, creatures and Kong’s weapons in the latest Legendary Monsterverse film! No stone will be left unturned on this king sized episode! Side note, that “bonus episode” mentioned didn’t actually happen, but you probably figured that out already. 04.13.17

Listen Here

@iZombiePodcast “iZombie Rewatch – S2E09-10”



Ralph (KaijuPodAlright Let’s Do A PodcastIt Came From The VCR) guests this week to talk Chris Allred, comics and appreciating how much awesome can occur in a single episode of iZombie! We discuss Cape Town and Method Head! It’s Christmas again!

Also we totally forgot to mention this great new Season Three promo image of Liv! Looks like our heroine is going to be a rebel leader! Viva La Zombie Revolution!

Remember, our rewatch will include spoilers for Seasons One and Two! If this is your first time watching the show, we highly recommend you listen to our full podcasts recorded at the time they were aired!
Cape Town
Method Head

Our website: iZombiePodcast.com
Email: iZombiePodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @iZombiePodcast
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HeyCast 54 – Podcast by Night



Matt and Marcelo welcome Ralph (@vhsdude) from the Kaiju Pod (@KaijuPod) as a guest on the latest episode of the HeyCast! The three of them discuss a variety of movies they’ve watched recently, including Live By Night, Swiss Army Man, Mothra, Samurai Cop, Thirteen Days, Hidden Figures, Gamera, Christine, Lincoln, Heartbeeps, Silence, Bringing out the Dead, and The Last Temptation. Enjoy!

@SaidEnoughGames “Said Enough Games – Wreck it Ralph”


Sep 29, 2016

We have our very first guest! Long time friend of the host and fellow podcaster Ralph. This week the host discuss whats been going on in the world of gaming the last 2 weeks (not a lot) Whats to come in the next 2 weeks with Ralph’s favorite segment Fortnight, and we find out what hidden gems from the past that we would love to play again.

@SaidEnoughGames (Twitter/Instagram)




From and Inspired By: Podcast #17



On this episode, we speak with Ralph Abel, the man behind the insanely-popular online VHS-digging social media accounts, It Came From the VCR. We spoke about his plans for an iPhone and Apple TV app, as well as the Le Matos score to the recent backwards-looking retro fest, Turbo Kid. Ostensibly, at least — our chat is pretty wide-ranging, and works more as a conversation about retro things in general. Thanks to Mr. Abel for finding the recording of this interview, which we’d thought was lost to capricious computer gods.

Le Matos’ score can be found at Bandcamp.

Le Matos, “Intro/Wasteland”
Elmer Bernstein, “Slipstream”
Le Matos, “Eyes Throat Genitals”
Le Matos, “Skelotron”
Le Matos, “Playtime Is Over (OST version)”
Le Matos ft. Pawws, “No Tomorrow”

@JayAndJack “Jay + Jack’s 10th Podcast Anniversary Party LIVE”



October 1, 2015 is Jay and Jack’s 10th anniversary in podcasting. Join them as they have a live podcast and take calls from listeners and fellow podcasters, including Ralph (formerly of The Dharmalars), Clif (aka Director Clif), Nick (from their Game of Thrones podcast) and more.

Thank you so much to everyone who has listened and supported them all of these years. We cannot express enough how much it has meant.

Do you want to support Jay and Jack? Become a patron! Check out their Patreon page for more information at www.patreon.com/jayandjack.

@JayAndJack “Charity Podcast for Autism Speaks 2015 (MP3): Ralph Apel”



Ralph Apel (Dharmalars) kicks off Jay and Jack’s 2015 charity podcast to raise money for Autism Speaks.

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@AlrightPodcast “It’s About Time”

 – After a brief hiatus due to illness, Ralph and Kevin are back to discuss a bunch of stuff that went down! On this episode they discuss CM Punk going to UFC and the possibility of him fighting The Green Ranger, Kevin finally sees Birdman, Ralph finally sees Too Many Cooks (which isn’t discussed). They talk about their homework assignments of About Time and Mr. Plinkett’s review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as well as Ralph’s run-in with @Midnight! All this and more!


@JayAndJack “Lost Podcast (MP3): Ep. 7.02 “Ralph and the Mallo Initiative””


On this episode of The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, Jay and Jack are joined by special guest Ralph Apel, former host of The Dharmalars. Join their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/jayandjackgroup.

Do you want to hear more from Jay and Jack? Then become a PLUS member! Click here to sign up!

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It Came from the VCR presents “UHF”

“Weird Al” Yankovic plays George Newman – a walking disaster who’s had more jobs than hot dinners and been fired more often than Dirty Harry’s Magnum! But now he’s about to take a crack-shot at success.

His Uncle Harvey has won a broken UHF TV Station in a poker game and given it to George to manage on the grounds that not even George could make it worse… So be prepared- it’s a shocking line up:

The Incredible ‘Wheel of Fish’
‘Raul’s Wild Kingdom’ where poodles learn to fly from third floor windows
‘Name that Stain’
‘The Wonderful World of Phlegm’
‘Conan the Librarian’

It Came From The VCR presents STARCRASH

It Came from the VCR presents StarCrash

The universe is in the grip of darkness, under the hateful eye of Count Zarth Arn. Hidden deep within his fortress, the Count seeks to destroy the Good Emperor and his kingdom. Knowing these plans, the Emperor employs a trio of adventurers led by the best pilot in the galaxy, the beautiful and irrepressible Stella Star.

An epic struggle between the forces of evil and the sophisticated sorcery of fearless heroes is realized when Stella and her comrades, using their wits and technological wizardry, battle intergalactic robots, deadly troglodytes, prehistoric men and ultimately the Count himself.

Starring: Caroline Munro, Marjoe Gortner, Joe Spinell, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Plummer as The Emperor

Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by John Barry

Written and Directed by Lewis Coates

“…both the most ridiculous and the most irresistible of all the Star Wars knock-offs of the late seventies and eighties.” – Sean Axmaker (Parallax View)

“The single greatest sci-fi camp fest ever put on celluloid. This film boasts the perfect blend of goofy cheese and unhinged imagination.” – R.L. Shaffer (IGN DVD)


For more information follow me @VHSdude

@AlrightPodcast “Garbage Podcast Kids”

EPISODE 61 – Kevin and Ralph don’t ever want to hear about this episode ever again. After an hour and a half prep prior to the recording and countless hours trying to fix it all after, the guys decided to treat it as a “lost” episode. We tried to get rid of echos, popping sounds and all sorts of junk. There is no reason that this episode should be available to you. In fact, we don’t even know why it is being posted. The audio is awful, but for those of you completists, “enjoy” this episode in which we discuss Kolchack, StarCrash, Ladder Matches and some other things.

Best of luck to your ears.