@Invincipod – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

SEASON 2 PREVIEW 1 – James and Ralph return after a couple years to check in to see if Invincible season 2 is still happening. After watching the latest teaser, it looks like there’s still life in the show. Continue reading @Invincipod – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

@Invincipod – “Season One Wrap Up”

Season One Wrap Up â€“ Ralph and James are closing out Season One of INVINCIBLE by talking about the comic books, the journey of season one, and the future of the show!! If you aren’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, this also marks the first video podcast version of Invincipod! Subscribe to our YouTube channel today at youtube.com/invincipod! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Season One Wrap Up”

@Invincipod – “We Need to Talk”

EPISODE 7 â€“ Ralph and James are talking about the penultimate episode of INVINCIBLE season 1. Things are finally coming to a head, and Mark is about to have his whole world turned inside out. A lot of threads are coming together and we see the return of Immortal, who’s origin story has Ralph excited! On the episode we also talk about how nobody ever reads podcast show notes. So if you are reading this, tweet at us and prove us wrong! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “We Need to Talk”

@Invincipod – “You Look Kinda Dead”

EPISODE 6 â€“ James and Ralph are back to talk about Episode 6 of the Amazon Prime original series INVINCIBLE! “You Look Kinda Dead”. On yet another jam-packed episode, the guys are in awe of the amount of tension and drama in this cartoon and praise the animation style. Everyone, except Eve, makes bad decisions and we fear for everyone in Nolan’s life! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “You Look Kinda Dead”

@Invincipod – “That Actually Hurt”

EPISODE 5 â€“ Ralph and James are discussing their favorite episode of the Amazon Prime Video show, INVINCIBLE! There are so many fun threads in this episode that we don’t want to spoil in this podcast description, so we will leave this blank. Seriously, there is nothing to see here. There is a bit in the show where some knuckle-head decides to do some construction work just outside of Ralph’s studio, so we apologize for the noise. LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “That Actually Hurt”

@Invincipod – “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”

EPISODE 4 â€“ James and Ralph are back to discuss episode 4 of Amazon Prime Video’s INVINCIBLE! Kirkman and company open up a lot of new doors, and drops one on a mummy! There are too many threads in this episode to fit into one podcast description, so you will have to just listen to the episode and listen to us unpack it all! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”

@Invincipod – “Who You Calling Ugly?”

EPISODE 3 â€“ Ralph and James are tackling episode 3 of Amazon Prime Video’s INVINCIBLE! Things start ramping up as the Teen Team get upgraded to the new Guardians of the Globe, things between Mark and Amber are heating up while Rex and Eve cool down. Doc Seismic shows up to wreak havoc on Mount Rushmore and things aren’t as they seem with Robot! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Who You Calling Ugly?”

@Invincipod – “Here Goes Nothing”

EPISODE 2 – James and Ralph are discussing episode 2 of the Amazon Prime Video show INVINCIBLE! On this episode we meet some of the comic’s major players. We meet the Teen Team; Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate and Robot. We also get introduced to Cecil Stedman and Donald Ferguson. Does the voice cast mesh with the characters that we have been reading for years? There’s only one way to find out…! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Here Goes Nothing”

@Invincipod – “It’s About Time”

EPISODE 1 – Ralph and James are discussing the very first episode of Amazon Prime Video’s INVINCIBLE! How does the show stack up to the comic book series that they love so much? Join them as they discuss the differences from the Kirkman, Walker, Ottley series as well as some of the similarities. Buckle up for a bloody good bash! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “It’s About Time”

@Invincipod – “Thicker than Water”

EPISODE 0.2 â€“ James and Ralph are back and they are talking about the second INVINCIBLE trailer released by Amazon Prime Video! We breakdown the trailer, shot for shot, and do a high wire act trying to avoid talking about spoilers for those who are going into the show without having read the book. Only one more month until the first three hour long episodes are released!! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Thicker than Water”

@Invincipod – “It’s a Date!”

EPISODE 0.1 â€“ Ralph and James are excited that INVINCIBLE is coming to Amazon Prime Video on March 26th, 2021! On this second preview show, we are breaking down the INVINCIBLE trailer scene by scene, discussing the extended clip that dropped last week, things we wished happened in the pages of the INVINCIBLE comic book and a lot more! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “It’s a Date!”

@Invincipod – “Secret Origins”

EPISODE 0 â€“ James and Ralph are incredibly excited to talk about the upcoming Invincible show for Amazon Prime Video! On this inaugural episode, the fellas talk about their history with the Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley superhero comic book of the same name. Join them as they touch on the teaser trailer and the actors cast in the 2021 animated series! LISTEN HERE Continue reading @Invincipod – “Secret Origins”