@CueTheMusic – The Other Avengers

Episode 15: Joel McNeely – On this episode, Ralph is listening to the score from the 1998 film The Avengers, starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery. Playlist: The Avengers Theme by Laurie Johnson John Steed, I Presume? Meet Emma Peel Chasing Teddy Bears Flight of the Mechanical Bees Main Title click below to listen: The Other Avengers Continue reading @CueTheMusic – The Other Avengers

@CueTheMusic – The LOST Episode

Episode 14: Michael Giacchino – Cue the Music returns with music from the Academy Award winning composer of Up, Michael Giacchino. In this episode Ralph will attempt to retrace his steps through the playlist from the LOST Live Event at Royce Hall on May 13th, 2010. PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT Playlist: The U-Boat – Medal of Honor LOST Main Theme/The Eyeland – Season 1 Hollywood and Vines – Season 1 Landing Party – Season 4 Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom – Season 5 Life and Death – Season 1 The Tangled Web – Season 5 Crocodile Locke – Season 1 … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – The LOST Episode

@CueTheMusic – Book of the Dead

Episode 13: Joseph LoDuca – On this episode of CTM Ralph plays you through the Evil Dead Trilogy, From the eerie strings of the Evil Dead 1 to the large orchestral arrangements of Army of Darkness. Follow Ash through his battle across time, to defeat the Deadites! Happy Halloween! Playlist: Automatic Writing – The Evil Dead Prologue – Army of Darkness Eye Games/ Charm – The Evil Dead Rape of the Vines – The Evil Dead Give her the Axe – The Evil Dead Kandarian Dagger – The Evil Dead Behemoth – Evil Dead II Ash’s Dream/Dancing Game – Evil … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – Book of the Dead

@CueTheMusic – In Like Our Man

Episode 12: Jerry Goldsmith -After another long break CTM is back with an all new episode. This episode is the first in a long run of episodes soon to follow. On today’s show Ralph plays a couple of scores from Jerry Goldsmith’s Our Man Flint and In Like Flint. Follow this electronic odyssey into the spy world of Derek Flint. Be sure to check out the ALL NEW CTM Myspace page, myspace.com/cuethemusicpodcast ! Playlist: Main Titles – Our Man Flint Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone – Our Man Flint A Bit of Research – Our Man Flint You’re … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – In Like Our Man

@CueTheMusic – Tripper, Winger & Venkman

Episode 11: Elmer Bernstein – Ralph pulls out two incredibly rare score for you to check out. Elmer Bernstein has done some of the greatest comedy scores of all time, including Blues Brothers, Airplane! and Animal House. On today’s episode Ralph discusses three collaborations with Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray! Sit back and enjoy the latest episode of Cue The Music! Playlist: Depression- Stripes Stripes March- Stripes Olympiad- Meatballs Rudy and Tripper- Meatballs Rudy Wins the Race – Meatballs Hair Cut – Stripes V-J-R – Stripes Library & Title- Ghostbusters Walk- Ghostbusters Get Her!- Ghostbusters We Got One! – Ghostbusters … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – Tripper, Winger & Venkman

@CueTheMusic – The Darker Side

Episode 10: Danny Elfman Part 2 – On this episode of Cue The Music, Ralph discusses the music of Danny Elfman from 1989-1991. This is the sound that defined Danny Elfman’s style. Even though he went on to do very diverse scores, nobody will forget what Elfman did in ’89/’90! Playlist: Travel Music – Beetlejuice Descent into Mystery – Batman Flowers – Batman Clown Attack – Batman Rage/Peppy Science – Darkman Love Themes – Darkman Main Titles – Nightbreed Carnival Underground – Nightbreed Into Midian – Nightbreed Crime Spree – Dick Tracy Breathless’ Theme – Dick Tracy Tess’ Theme – … Continue reading @CueTheMusic – The Darker Side

@CueTheMusic – Bugs, Bots & Barbarians

Episode 9: Basil Poledouris – Even though he may not be a house hold name, Basil Poledouris is nothing short of genius. His powerful themes and romantic strings show that he was one of the greatest film composers of the last thirty years. Playlist: Prologue/Anvil of Crom – Conan the Barbarian The Wifeing/Love Theme – Conan the Barbarian Rock Shop – Robocop Home – Robocop Klendathu Drop – Starship Troopers Tango Urilla – Starship Troopers Lester – Cherry 2000 click below to listen: Bugs, Bots and Barbarians Continue reading @CueTheMusic – Bugs, Bots & Barbarians