@KaijuPod – Godzilla vs. Kong

EPISODE 105 – Ralph and Jorge are BACK! Legendary released the latest film in their Monsterverse series and the guys have a lot of thoughts about this clash of the titans! After countless delays, does the film live up to the hype? Are we satisfied with the victor of the slugfest? Were we surprised by the secret character? There’s only one way to find out! Sit back and enjoy. 4.1.2021 LISTEN HERE Continue reading @KaijuPod – Godzilla vs. Kong

@KaijuPod – THE END?

EPISODE 104 – Jorge and Ralph discuss the last four years of their epic rampage around the world of Kaiju Films! On this final regularly scheduled episode, the guys discuss their Top 6-10 films, Favorite Kaiju Designs, Podcast-centric Band Names, Favorite Godzilla & Kong designs and a lot more! Be sure to stay subscribed to your feed, because you’ll never know when we will rise from the sea again!! 12.21.2020 LISTEN HERE Continue reading @KaijuPod – THE END?

@KaijuPod – Godzilla & Mothra: The Battle for Earth

EPISODE 94 – As Ralph and Jorge head towards the finish line of the podcast, they tick another Godzilla film off the list! It’s the 1992’s Godzilla film starring the Big G, Mothra and new combatant Battra!! Get ready for a three-way battle that pits Godzilla vs two flying Kaiju! 07.13.2020 LISTEN HERE Continue reading @KaijuPod – Godzilla & Mothra: The Battle for Earth

@KaijuPod – Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

EPISODE 89 – Jorge and Ralph are finishing up the Gamera Trilogy with Gamera: Revenge of Iris from 1999. We’ve come a long way from the days of Gamera being the friend of all children. In this movie, a child raises her very own Kaiju to seek revenge on Gamera, who destroyed a building which killed her family! 04.20.2020 LISTEN HERE Continue reading @KaijuPod – Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris