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The Host


EPISODE 17 – Ralph and Jorge are discussing The Host from 2006, directed by Joon-Ho Bong (Snowpiercer, Okja). The story follows a family who have lost a child during a giant monster attack in South Korea. The guys discuss the horror aspects of the film along with the slapstick comedy in this unique monster movie. 3.30.17

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Godzilla 2000


EPISODE 16 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the triumphant return of Godzilla! After the CGI 1998 film, Toho returned to the world of Godzilla and brought back the man in the rubber suit! The guys breakdown the evolution of Orga and have a discussion about if a tiny Godzilla would make a great pet. 2.15.17

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EPISODE 15 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about Daimajin, the statue that eventually comes to life and wreaks havoc on a small samurai village! The guys agree that the FX and monster design are pretty cool, but wish that the guy had joined the movie for more than 10 minutes. 2.15.17

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Ultraman: The Little Hero


BONUS EPISODE – Jorge and Ralph are joined by Michael Giacchino (ROAR!: Cloverfield Overture, Spider-man Homecoming) for a special Ultraman themed episode! They discuss episode 37 “The Little Hero”, in which the Science Patrol are given a warning from the lovable and terrifying Pigmon! The conversation goes beyond Ultraman, when the guys start discussing things that terrified them from their childhoods! 6.26.17


Godzilla vs. Megaguirus


EPISODE 14 – Ralph and Jorge are chatting a lot about Godzilla’s butthole, but don’t blame us, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus brought it up first! We also discuss the return of the Meganulon dragonfly creatures from Rodan! 1.26.17

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EPISODE 13 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the original 1961 Mothra stand alone film. We learn about the origins of Mothra, the first glimpse at the Mothra Twins, aka Fairies, babies in peril and one of the biggest jerks to ever grace the big screen. Nelson. We also have to deal with more natives, so buckle in! 1.26.17

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Gamera: The Invincible


EPISODE 12 – Ralph and Jorge dissect the first adventure of Gamera the giant turtle from the past! With little to no knowledge of the character, they learn about Gamera’s secret origins and discover the mysterious Z Plan! 1.10.17

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