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Gamera vs. Barugon


EPISODE 21 – Ralph and Jorge jump back into the land of Gamera. This time they get an opponent for everyone’s favorite giant turtle! Barugon is a unicorn lizard (?) that shoots rainbows out of his back? Yeah, that’s it! The guys discuss purple blood, failed plans, quicksand safety and … ugh… natives. 4.26.17



Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla


EPISODE 20 – Jorge and Ralph watched Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla from 1994! The movie stars Godzilla, Spacegodzilla, Little Godzilla, Moguera and a tiny Mothra! The guys also chat about Godzilla’s armpit, blood bullets, magical earrings and a whole lot more!! 4.18.17


The X from Outer Space

Episode19.jpgEPISODE 19 – From Shochiku films comes The X from Outer Space! Starring the childishly named Guilala (pronounced Goo-la-la) Ralph and Jorge tackle this incredibly bizarre film from 1967 and ponder the hatred towards astronaut Lisa. 4.18.17


Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla


EPISODE 18 – Jorge and Ralph are stepping into the 70s with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Ralph gets a rare appearance by one of his all time favorite Kaiju. The guys talk about Pipes, Ape Aliens, stalactite buttons, long songs and tons of BLOOD!! 4.18.17


The Host


EPISODE 17 – Ralph and Jorge are discussing The Host from 2006, directed by Joon-Ho Bong (Snowpiercer, Okja). The story follows a family who have lost a child during a giant monster attack in South Korea. The guys discuss the horror aspects of the film along with the slapstick comedy in this unique monster movie. 3.30.17

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Godzilla 2000


EPISODE 16 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the triumphant return of Godzilla! After the CGI 1998 film, Toho returned to the world of Godzilla and brought back the man in the rubber suit! The guys breakdown the evolution of Orga and have a discussion about if a tiny Godzilla would make a great pet. 2.15.17

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EPISODE 15 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about Daimajin, the statue that eventually comes to life and wreaks havoc on a small samurai village! The guys agree that the FX and monster design are pretty cool, but wish that the guy had joined the movie for more than 10 minutes. 2.15.17

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