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VHS I Own – Seduced by Evil

I picked this one up a few months ago. The crazy thing is that there is another movie on this tape. Next week i will showcase that movie. I haven’t even watched this movie yet, but based on the clip below, i may have to check it out right now!

“VHS” I Own – The Humanoid

The reason why  i put VHS in quotes is because i don’t actually own a VHS copy of The Humanoid. After finding THIS i knew that i needed to see The Humanoid. Me and my friend James went on a manhunt trying to find a copy of this film. Of course we decided to search eBay. James found a DVD version that was really shitty quality. I believe that there was Russian subtitles an we were unable to watch the first 30 minutes of the movie. IT SUCKED!! So since i was building my VHS movies, i decided to hunt down the VHS of The Humanoid. Of course when i picked it up it was a PAL version which is unwatchable here in the states. Thanks to the internet you can watch the whole thing on youtube.

I wish i had this movie on VHS. I think i may have to find a place that converts PAL into VHS. This movie is so great, and nothing like Star Wars.

VHS I Own – Fireback

Last week i mentioned Richard Harrison being in a bunch of Ninja Movies in the 80’s and that they suck. Well here is a Richard Harrison movie that doesn’t suck! Fireback is pretty amazing. Check out this badass trailer!!

VHS I Own – Ninja Commandments

After purchasing the kickass movie Fireback, i looked up Richard Harrison and he was in a ton of 80’s ninja movies. The problem with these movies are that they are 20% Richard Harrison in the 80’s, and 80% “flashback” footage of Japanese ninja movies from the 60’s and 70’s. Ninja Commandments is the worse of the lot. When Richard Harrison is not on screen, they are unfolding this story of a kid who has a deformed mom. It is a heinous, heartbreaking and uncomfortable story that is nothing close to being as awesome as the clip below.

VHS I Own – Shotgun!

Shotgun has to be the most hilarious movie that i own. I highly recommend that you check out the best clips of Shotgun! part two as well. I have actually watched this movie several times and i know i am going to continue to watch it until the tape is destroyed. So amazing!

VHS I Own – For Y’ur Height Only

Several years ago my friends purchased this movie from a liquor store in Yorba Linda. After i got my dvd player in 1997, someone decided that it would be a good idea to put this magic on dvd. I purchased that dvd, but it has gone missing, so i went back to the liquor store and picked up another vhs copy. Thank god there is a steady supply of Weng-Weng!

VHS I Own – Extreme Vengeance

I was fortunate enough to find this at Savers on Sunday. It only cost me a buck and it was worth every cent! This movie is so awesomely terrible that i have decided to create a new feature on this blog. Be sure to check back here every Saturday to see what VHS I Own!

The best part about this movie is that there is a shitty montage with an equally shitty song to accompany it. The songs are amazing! They tell you what is currently happening in the character’s head!