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The Tail End Podcast : Contest!


LOST Contest for Costume

The Tail End presents the “Create the Flashback and Win the Shirt off her Back Contest!”

As you all know our very own Sidekick22 has been featured as a background extra on LOST, but never had the opportunity to tell her story in flashbacks. That is where you come in! All you have to do is create a backstory for “Roxanne” and write it out in one short and entertaining paragraph. That’s not all!! We also want to see a scene from her flashback. You can chose any artistic medium to depict the flashback, whether it be drawings, paintings, water colors, photoshop…etc. In order to get into the head of “Roxanne”, you must see what her “On Island” story is. To do that you can find her in the following episodes…

Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well it may seem easy, but you have to make sure that you are really creative because the most creative entry will win a piece of LOST history!! That’s right, the winner of the contest will win The Purple Tank Top and the Mesh Hoodie actually worn by Sidekick22 on the show!! As if that wasn’t enough, Beth has mentioned that you may also receive a special surprise gift from Jorge Garcia, the guy who played Hurley on LOST!


  • Entries should not be a billion words long: Keep them short, because Ralph has to read some of these and you know how much he dislikes reading.
  • Entries should be about “Roxanne” only: The flashback should be about the character Roxanne and should not reflect the real life exploits of Bethany Shady.
  • Entries should be fun and not mean spirited: Remember, LOST was rated TV14, so let’s keep the entries in fairly good taste. I know The Tail End may be lewd at times, but we don’t need to go overboard here.
  • ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED ON TIME!: All entries must be sent to THETAILENDPODCAST@GMAIL.COM by 11:59pm JANUARY 31, 2011 (please include your name and address)

Highlights of 2010


In a year in which Robert Kirkman brought his Walking Dead series to television, i found myself becoming more and more excited about his comic book Astounding Wolf-Man, drawn by Jason Howard. I like Robert’s work on the Walking Dead comic, but of his 3 books this and Invincible is where it was at in 2010!


I have never participated in an Alternate Reality Game before Flynn Lives, but i was excited about TRON Legacy and figured it could be fun. These guys sent me posters, pins and all kinds of junk, just for playing some online games. It was a blast and got me fired up for TRON!


I really like Pixar movies. A lot. But a lot of them always seem to have some action packed third act that i just loses any emotional impact. Up and Wall*E are the main culprits of this, which is why i tend to gravitate towards Ratatouille as my favorite of their films. Toy Story 3 ends with a big action set piece as it’s climax, but that is sort of the formula for Toy Story films and this one is the most emotional. Just click the link above, and watch the “hand holding scene” with Michael Giacchino’s “Life and Death” from LOST.


It’s no secret that i love The Green Lantern and nothing got me as excited this year than catching my first glimpse at the live action film that comes out next year.


This works great as an album and even better as a film score. The french electronic duo Daft Punk throw their helmets in the ring and go toe to toe with some of the greatest composers of the past 10 years and deliver a one-two punch! Their score to TRON Legacy  is incredible!

LOST: The Final Season

The End of my favorite show, LOST, happened this year and it went out with a bang! The entire sixth season played out like a reunion episode and i loved seeing all my favorite characters return for a celebration of friendship.


For hating these books with such a passion, i really found myself surprised with how much i loved this movie. I have only purchased 3 blurays this year and Kick-Ass was one of them. In case you were wondering, LOST season 6 and Fantasia were the other two.


Fact or Faked is essentially the Mythbusters of insane paranormal videos. They look at all that weird shit you see on youtube and debunk it. Sometimes they don’t debunk it and that is where things get interesting. I really enjoy this show and look forward to season two coming at the beginning of next year!


I knew that i was going to enjoy this film, but i was not prepared for how much i would love it. Tron Legacy is a sci fi film that does not cater to the dumb. It sticks pretty close to it’s roots and never lets go. I enjoyed this movie a lot an cannot wait to see it on bluray in 2011 along with its predecessor!


Top Ten Favorite Television Shows

#10 – Chuck

A weird entry i admit, but Chuck is a fun show that reminds me of television from my youth. I grew up watching The A-Team and Knight Rider, but Chuck is a much better show. It allows me to embrace my youth and entertains me to no extent.

#9 – Community

But Ralph, what about 30 Rock and The Office? I like those shows, but this show is so fresh and i like the characters more on Community. I actually like all the characters on Community, whereas in 30 Rock and The Office, i could do without some of the cast. Besides, somehow they got Chevy Chase to be funny again!

#8 – Bosom Buddies

For me, this is the perfect sitcom. The characters were so well executed. Even though in the second season they gave up the gimmick of keeping the cross dressing secret, the show still worked brilliantly.

#7 – Look Around You

I love both seasons of Look Around Yog. I know that the second season strays away from what made the original so great, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have it’s own flashes of brilliance.

#6 – Upright Citizen’s Brigade

Probably the best sketch comedy writing for a television show ever. The four members of UCB are so great that even though the show has been off the air for 10 years, they still pop up in just about everything you see in internet comedy and motion pictures.

#5 – Police Squad!

I am a huge fan of Zucker/Abraham’s movies. This show is incredible and if you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and rent it! For those of you that don’t know, Police Squad! is the television show that The Naked Gun series was based off of.

#4 – The Price is Right

Sure Drew Carey is a total wet blanket, but the crazy contestants and 1970’s inspired games are the real star of the show.

#3 – Late Night

I love Late Night in all its forms! I used to watch Dave during the last 3 summers that he hosted and then moved on to Conan’s brilliant 17 year run. Even though Jimmy started off a bit rocky, his irreverence has really paid off and he works perfectly for this format. Late Night has always had a weird sense of humor that it seems they can only get away with after 12:35am, but i am glad that the tradition of offbeat humor is still going strong.

#2 – Arrested Development

Much like Community, i love every character on Arrested Development. It is tough to pick a favorite. Every episode is so rich with character arcs and story that i discover something new every time i watch it. This show is perfect.

#1 – LOST

For the longest time Arrested Development was my #1. It wasn’t until the end of LOST, when the show sealed its place as #1 on my top ten list. With a show like this, it could have gone down hill really fast. There was so much in there that could have been off putting, but the creative team behind the show found this perfect balance of science and faith (with the exception of “Across the Sea”) that it let the viewer choose their own adventure. This show has it all. It has strong characters, interesting story lines, great acting and it is just plain gorgeous to look at.

The Tail End: The Final LOST Podcast

The Tail End: The Final LOST Podcast


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LOST Podcasting Mashup

Geronimo Jack's Beard The Dharmalars

Moscow’s toughest detective. Chicago’s craziest cop. There’s only one thing more dangerous than making them mad: making them partners.”

One part Geronimo Jack’s Beard. One part Dharmalars. Six Seasons of LOST.


Jay and Jack Featurette

An “Audibly Lost” featurette: Jay and Jack from Audibly Lost on Vimeo.

Check out this featurette about Jay and Jack, directed by my friend Alex. Thanks for including me in the documentary, dude!!

Blarg Sketchbook – “John”

My friend Justin Shady has a website called THE BLARG. For the last few months he has been doing a feature called “Sketchbook”. Justin sends out a key word or phrase to contributers, who use it as inspiration to show off their artistic talent. This month’s phrase was “John”.

CHECK OUT my piece titled “Locke Detector” and let me know what you think!