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Highlights of 2009

What Geoff John’s did with this Green Lantern story is nothing short of spectacular. Better than anything hollywood had to offer!

This has to be my favorite comedy of the year! Paul Rudd is brilliant!

Even though this series began in 2008, the Bluray release of season 1 was stunning and great fun. Star Wars as a Serial!!
Each episode is better than the previous. The Office and 30 Rock are getting a bit on the stale side and Community is a great shot to the arm that my Thursday Night Comedies need!!
There is a reason why this won VGA’s game of the year. It is absolutely amazing. I would lend it out to friends with PS3s, if the online multi-player wasn’t so damn fun!!
Time Travel + LOST = a surprisingly easy to follow narrative!! Best show on television!!
Classic gameplay and enough bells and whistles to keep you interested. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a great addition to the side scrolling franchise!! Now i just need the Sonic Team to get the ball rolling!!
Michael Giacchino continues to impress. He put out another great season of scoring LOST and his score to Land of the Lost was really fun (even though the movie disappointed). Star Trek and Up have to be my favorite scores of the year and Giacchino continues to climb the ranks of my favorite film composers currently working!!
Hands Down my favorite film of the year. It has some familiar themes, but takes them and makes them their own. Never have i considered an asshole, good for nothing, racist, alien aborting, low-life, lackey a complete badass!! Wikus is a tortured soul who deserves every minute of hell that the MNU and Alien “Prawns” have to offer!! Yet you feel bad for him. Fantastic Film!!!

Top 10 Favorite Film Composers!


It dawned on me that i have not really posted anything about one of my main passions. Film Music! I have been a big fan of film music ever since i was about five years old, when my mom refused to allow me to see Raiders of the Lost Ark. I really wanted to see the movie based on the commercials and i would draw pictures of Indiana Jones fighting snakes with his whip. Of course it just looked like Indy fighting a bunch of whips with his snake. My mom felt bad that i couldn’t go see the movie, so she bought me the cassette tape of Raiders. Since then i have been listening to film scores! Over the last 27 years i have come to love a lot of composers. Here is my Top 10!

1. – Danny Elfman
2. – James Newton Howard
3. – Bernard Herrmann
4. – John Powell
5. – John Williams
6. – Michael Giacchino
7. – John Barry
8. – David Arnold
9. – Basil Poledouris
10.- Jerry Goldsmith

So there you have it!

Oh. Here’s my bottom 10

1-8. -Hans Zimmer
9. -Monty Norman
10. -James Horner