LOST Podcasting Mashup

“Moscow’s toughest detective. Chicago’s craziest cop. There’s only one thing more dangerous than making them mad: making them partners.” One part Geronimo Jack’s Beard. One part Dharmalars. Six Seasons of LOST. COMING SOON! Continue reading LOST Podcasting Mashup

@Dharmalars РEnd of Line

The Dharmalars, along with Jorge Garcia (Geronimo Jack’s Beard podcast) discuss the six year journey that is LOST. They talk about the ups, the downs, the past, the future and everything in between. Please sit back, grab your blue Gatorade and slap on a Bottle Top, this is The End. Playlist: Robot Rock – Daft Punk Little Mouse – Jack Morgan Deadbeat Club – B-52’s Theme from Tiki Wonder Hour – Combustible Edison Short Skirt Long Jacket – Cake Shambala – Three Dog Night Shambala – Michael Giacchino Click To Listen Continue reading @Dharmalars – End of¬†Line

NY Times Talk Live – LOST

Last week there was a LOST event that was recorded live and broadcast to theaters across the nation. I had not heard about this event until i started to get simultaneous text messages from friends around the country. They all said the same thing. “Hey i just went to this LOST live event and Jorge Garcia mentioned your podcast”. ¬†My immediately thought to myself, that is really awesome, but what the fuck is this event everyone is talking about? I have been looking online for video of the event and i haven’t been able to track anything down. Today ¬†a¬†Dharmalars‘ … Continue reading NY Times Talk Live – LOST

$3,229.55 in An Hour and Forty Minutes!

As you all know by now i was part of Jay and Jack’s 30 Hour Live podcast event for Autism Speaks. The goal for my two hour segment was to reach $1,516.23 . If the fans reached that amount in donations, the Dharmalars would return for one final show after LOST ended. Not only did the DharmalArmy reach that goal, but they did so in about 23 minutes. I was unaware of the total collections that were being donated as time went on. Because Jay and Jack had started my segment late (due to a well deserved nap), my segment … Continue reading $3,229.55 in An Hour and Forty Minutes!