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Mind Trap – The First Four Minutes

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, this is the first four minutes from a movie called Mind Trap. It is a horrible movie that i own on VHS and i though it would be fun to show you the opening scene, here.

Dan Haggerty Mind Trap Mindtrap


Recently i completed my final 007 review for It took about one year and four months, and was a project that i enjoyed doing. From now until the end of time, anyone can review my blog posts and see what i thought about any given Bond film. I think it’s kind of cool.

Here’s the thing, i want to do another massive review project for the blog, but i am not sure which series i want to do. Here are three of the ones that i am looking to do eventually, but i am not sure which one to do first. This is where you come in. I set up a poll to help me decide which project i work on for the next year or so. Before you make your choice,  check out the finalists!



“Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira?) is a daikaijū, a Japanese movie monster, first appearing in Ishiro Honda’s 1954 film Gojira. Since then, Godzilla has gone on to become a worldwide pop culture icon starring in 28 films produced by Toho Co., Ltd. The monster has appeared in numerous other media incarnations including video games, novels, comic books, television series, and an American remake. An American reboot is currently in the works by Legendary Pictures.

With the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still fresh in the Japanese conscious, Godzilla was conceived as a monster created by nuclear explosions and a metaphor for nuclear weapons in general. As the film series expanded, the stories took on less serious undertones portraying Godzilla in the role of a hero, while later movies returned to depicting the character as a destructive monster.” – Wikipedia

I love Godzilla movies. Ever since i first saw Godzilla vs. Monster Zero when i was a kid, i have loved the campiness, the humor and the destruction in each Godzilla film. This is a longer running franchise than 007 and it tops my list.



“Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (English pronunciation: /ˈʃwɔrtsənɛɡər/, German: [ˈaɐnɔlt ˈalɔʏs ˈʃvaɐtsənˌʔɛɡɐ]; born July 30, 1947) is anAustrian American bodybuilder, actor, model, businessman, and politician, who is currently serving as the 38th Governor of California.” – Wikipedia

I love Arnold movies!! I think of all of my choices, this will be the most fun. There is nothing more entertaining than watching Arnold Schwarzenegger try to entertain me. I think this would be a good choice. I probably wont do all the movies he appears in, but rather, i would do the ones in which he stars.



“Shit is usually considered a vulgarity and profanity in Modern English. As a noun it refers to fecal matter (excrement) and as a verb it means to defecate or defecate in; in the plural (“the shits”) it means diarrhea. Shite is also a common variant in British English and Ireland English. As a slang term, it has many meanings, including: nonsense,foolishness, something of little value or quality, trivial and usually boastful or inaccurate talk, or a contemptible person. It may also be used as an expression of annoyance, surprise or anger.” – Wikipedia

This one i am not as excited about, because i would have to actually watch a lot of THESE movies that i own on VHS. Not an easy task at all. They seem like they would be fun to review on the surface, but this would take a lot of work and you would get reviews less frequently.


Alright, the future of is in our hand! This poll will be up for 1 week!!

VHS I Own – Bitter Vengeance

On the back side of Seduced by Evil is this movie. Once again i haven’t seen it, but it looks like shit. If you are double billed with a Suzanne Somers’ Werewolf  movie on the same VHS, i am just going to assume your movie has little to no value. If Seduced by Evil is the first movie on the tape and i can get through it, i may  check out Bitter Vengeance, but that is a tall order.

Once again i cannot find a clip of this masterpiece on the internet.

VHS I Own – Seduced by Evil

I picked this one up a few months ago. The crazy thing is that there is another movie on this tape. Next week i will showcase that movie. I haven’t even watched this movie yet, but based on the clip below, i may have to check it out right now!

“VHS” I Own – The Humanoid

The reason why  i put VHS in quotes is because i don’t actually own a VHS copy of The Humanoid. After finding THIS i knew that i needed to see The Humanoid. Me and my friend James went on a manhunt trying to find a copy of this film. Of course we decided to search eBay. James found a DVD version that was really shitty quality. I believe that there was Russian subtitles an we were unable to watch the first 30 minutes of the movie. IT SUCKED!! So since i was building my VHS movies, i decided to hunt down the VHS of The Humanoid. Of course when i picked it up it was a PAL version which is unwatchable here in the states. Thanks to the internet you can watch the whole thing on youtube.

I wish i had this movie on VHS. I think i may have to find a place that converts PAL into VHS. This movie is so great, and nothing like Star Wars.

VHS I Own – Megaforce

There is not that much i can say about Megaforce. It is pretty much one of my favorite movies from 1982. I could go on and on about how fucking great this movie is, but i am pretty sure that THIS video can explain it better!

“The good guys always win. Even in the 80’s” – Ace Hunter

VHS I Own – Mind Trap

They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but they never said shit about VHS!!

I have seen this movie three times, the opening of the movie is worth the price of admission.Wait a second, i am not sure how much i even paid for this. Come to think of it,  I don’t even remember where i got this movie from. I am pretty sure that i did not buy it on the internet. Speaking of which, this movie is so insanely random that i can’t find a single clip of it on the internet. The internet has clips like THIS, yet does not have a clip from Mind Trap, anywhere. I am going to have to do something about this!