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Highlights of 2010


In a year in which Robert Kirkman brought his Walking Dead series to television, i found myself becoming more and more excited about his comic book Astounding Wolf-Man, drawn by Jason Howard. I like Robert’s work on the Walking Dead comic, but of his 3 books this and Invincible is where it was at in 2010!


I have never participated in an Alternate Reality Game before Flynn Lives, but i was excited about TRON Legacy and figured it could be fun. These guys sent me posters, pins and all kinds of junk, just for playing some online games. It was a blast and got me fired up for TRON!


I really like Pixar movies. A lot. But a lot of them always seem to have some action packed third act that i just loses any emotional impact. Up and Wall*E are the main culprits of this, which is why i tend to gravitate towards Ratatouille as my favorite of their films. Toy Story 3 ends with a big action set piece as it’s climax, but that is sort of the formula for Toy Story films and this one is the most emotional. Just click the link above, and watch the “hand holding scene” with Michael Giacchino’s “Life and Death” from LOST.


It’s no secret that i love The Green Lantern and nothing got me as excited this year than catching my first glimpse at the live action film that comes out next year.


This works great as an album and even better as a film score. The french electronic duo Daft Punk throw their helmets in the ring and go toe to toe with some of the greatest composers of the past 10 years and deliver a one-two punch! Their score to TRON Legacy  is incredible!

LOST: The Final Season

The End of my favorite show, LOST, happened this year and it went out with a bang! The entire sixth season played out like a reunion episode and i loved seeing all my favorite characters return for a celebration of friendship.


For hating these books with such a passion, i really found myself surprised with how much i loved this movie. I have only purchased 3 blurays this year and Kick-Ass was one of them. In case you were wondering, LOST season 6 and Fantasia were the other two.


Fact or Faked is essentially the Mythbusters of insane paranormal videos. They look at all that weird shit you see on youtube and debunk it. Sometimes they don’t debunk it and that is where things get interesting. I really enjoy this show and look forward to season two coming at the beginning of next year!


I knew that i was going to enjoy this film, but i was not prepared for how much i would love it. Tron Legacy is a sci fi film that does not cater to the dumb. It sticks pretty close to it’s roots and never lets go. I enjoyed this movie a lot an cannot wait to see it on bluray in 2011 along with its predecessor!


Top Ten Favorite Television Shows

#10 – Chuck

A weird entry i admit, but Chuck is a fun show that reminds me of television from my youth. I grew up watching The A-Team and Knight Rider, but Chuck is a much better show. It allows me to embrace my youth and entertains me to no extent.

#9 – Community

But Ralph, what about 30 Rock and The Office? I like those shows, but this show is so fresh and i like the characters more on Community. I actually like all the characters on Community, whereas in 30 Rock and The Office, i could do without some of the cast. Besides, somehow they got Chevy Chase to be funny again!

#8 – Bosom Buddies

For me, this is the perfect sitcom. The characters were so well executed. Even though in the second season they gave up the gimmick of keeping the cross dressing secret, the show still worked brilliantly.

#7 – Look Around You

I love both seasons of Look Around Yog. I know that the second season strays away from what made the original so great, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have it’s own flashes of brilliance.

#6 – Upright Citizen’s Brigade

Probably the best sketch comedy writing for a television show ever. The four members of UCB are so great that even though the show has been off the air for 10 years, they still pop up in just about everything you see in internet comedy and motion pictures.

#5 – Police Squad!

I am a huge fan of Zucker/Abraham’s movies. This show is incredible and if you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and rent it! For those of you that don’t know, Police Squad! is the television show that The Naked Gun series was based off of.

#4 – The Price is Right

Sure Drew Carey is a total wet blanket, but the crazy contestants and 1970’s inspired games are the real star of the show.

#3 – Late Night

I love Late Night in all its forms! I used to watch Dave during the last 3 summers that he hosted and then moved on to Conan’s brilliant 17 year run. Even though Jimmy started off a bit rocky, his irreverence has really paid off and he works perfectly for this format. Late Night has always had a weird sense of humor that it seems they can only get away with after 12:35am, but i am glad that the tradition of offbeat humor is still going strong.

#2 – Arrested Development

Much like Community, i love every character on Arrested Development. It is tough to pick a favorite. Every episode is so rich with character arcs and story that i discover something new every time i watch it. This show is perfect.

#1 – LOST

For the longest time Arrested Development was my #1. It wasn’t until the end of LOST, when the show sealed its place as #1 on my top ten list. With a show like this, it could have gone down hill really fast. There was so much in there that could have been off putting, but the creative team behind the show found this perfect balance of science and faith (with the exception of “Across the Sea”) that it let the viewer choose their own adventure. This show has it all. It has strong characters, interesting story lines, great acting and it is just plain gorgeous to look at.

Top Ten Favorite Green Lantern Characters

Green Lantern Mogo#10 – Mogo

The entire planet is one big Green Lantern! Mogo is a sentient being that is the size of a large planet and he just so happens to have the power of the Green Lanterns. Mogo telepathically guides the Green Lantern Power rings to their bearer as well as acts as a sort of “Therapist” to Green Lantern Corps members who need direction. I hope he shows up in the movie in some capacity.

Green Lantern Ganthet#9 – Ganthet

The Guardians are the keepers of the green light and self proclaimed protectors of the universe. They are emotionless beings that appear to have their own agenda. They are a bit stubborn and self righteous. Along with Sinestro, i do not trust the Guardians one bit, with the exception of Ganthet. Ganthet has more “humanity” than the other Guardians. He seems to keep the best interest of the universe in mind. He, along with Sayd, created the Blue Lantern Corps of Hope during the War of Light.

Green Lantern Carol Ferris#8 – Carol Ferris

Carol Ferris runs her father’s company Ferris Aircraft, which is the employer of test pilot Hal Jordan. Ever since Hal’s first appearance in 1959, Carol has been Hal’s boss and would never allow him to become close to her. She was a pretty strong female character for 1959 and she continues to be today. She later had become the Star Sapphire, a keeper of the Violet Light of Love.

Green Lantern Salakk#7 – Salaak

Salaak is one of my favorite characters. He is pretty much the Green Lantern who resides over Sector 0, which is the home of the Guardians’ planet of Oa. He acts as a secretary of sorts and runs the actual operations of the Corps. He acts as a mediator between the Lanterns and Guardians. I’ve always loved the design of Salaak and cannot wait to see him in the film.

Green Lantern Tom Kalmaku#6 – Tom Kalmaku

Tom was a major character in the silver age of Green Lantern. Back then Hal spent a lot of time on Earth and would confide in Tom (aka “Pieface”) with all of his adventures as a Green Lantern. Tom would then chronicle the adventures of Green Lantern in his GL Journal. Since Tom is an acting “grease monkey” for Ferris Aircraft, we don’t see a lot of him nowadays due to the fact that Hal actually spends very little time at Ferris Air.

Green Lantern Kilowog#5 – Kilowog

We got a quick glimpse of Kilowog in the trailer for the Green Lantern film and he looks awesome. Kilowog is the Drill Instructor in the Green Lantern Corps Boot Camp. He is large, imposing, tough and likes to call people of lesser stature “Poozers”. Not sure what Poozers are, but i guarantee that he will say it at least once in the movie!

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner#4 – Kyle Rayner

Back when Hal Jordan was consumed with the Parallax entity and destroyed all of the Green Lantern Corps, Ganthet found Kyle Rayner in a back alley and gave him the last Green Lantern ring. Kyle was left to create the Green Lantern Corps all by himself. I have always liked Kyle. I felt like he got a bum rap from the fans. Sure he was not Hal Jordan, but i really liked the Kyle. He is an every man, an artist and i could relate to him a bit more than a test pilot.

Green Lantern Abin Sur#3 – Abin Sur

Before Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern of sector 2814, Abin Sur patrolled the area that was home to our solar system. There has been many stories of Abin Sur’s past, but they all involve him not being able to use his ring, escaping on a ship and crash landing on Earth. With his last dying breath, Abin Sur gives his Green Lantern Power Ring to Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan#2 – Hal Jordan

So you would think that Hal Jordan would be #1, but he was narrowly beat out. Hal is my favorite Green Lantern. He never looks before he leaps. He goes into every situation head first. If Kyle was Luke Skywalker, Hal would be Han Solo. He is a womanizing, cocky test pilot. He shoots first and asks questions later.

Green Lantern Sinestro

#1 –  Thaal Sinestro

That’s right, Sinestro. As a kid i always thought the bad guys were cooler. The thing i like the most about Sinestro is that he was undoubtably the greatest of all Green Lanterns. He is regal, smart, strong willed and a complete badass. Unfortunately, due to the stubborn nature of the Guardians, Sinestro found himself straying away from the corps. He did not believe in the way they ran things and ultimately turned against them and started his own Yellow Lantern Corps of Fear.  Sinestro is like Darth Vader but his back story was better written.

Top Ten Favorite Fast Food Joints

#10 – Alberto’s

Wow, what a terrible photo of Alberto’s, but when it comes to weird mexican food chains that are random and change out restaurant names in the blink of an eye, i guess you can’t find a decent picture of Alberto’s. Maybe i should have looked up “Albert Taco’s” or “Alvaro’s”. Whichever version of this chain you go to, you know that you can order 3 Rolled Tacos with Sour Cream and it will taste the same at each location.

#9 – Burger King

I am one of only two people i know that like Burger King, yet they are still in business after all these years. Someone else must be going to this place besides me, because as much as i like it, my wife doesn’t and so i only go like 3 times a year. It must be in my DNA, because my mom and dad met while working at a Burger King in Downey CA. Whopper with Cheese no Tomatoes with those fucked up Onion Rings is my meal of choice.

#8 – Togo’s

I like a good sandwich and Togo’s beats out Subway by leaps and bounds. I like a lot of the sandwiches here, but i usually go with Egg Salad or a Cobb Salad Wrap. They used to have a great black forrest ham wrap with artichokes in it and that was really great. I wish they would bring it back.

#7 – Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box serves breakfast 24 hours a day! That is huge bonus points. Also their breakfast sandwiches have fried eggs as opposed to those weird spongy scrambled eggs that other places have. I think the burgers here are pretty good. They are all greasy and you can tell they are bad for you as soon as you put them in your mouth. Did i mention i cant go to Jack in the Box without getting some of their weird ass “Tacos”

#6 – Chick-fil-a

Since i have been on my diet, i have found that Chick-fil-a has some pretty great healthy options. I think they have the best fruit cups of any fast food joint that i have been to.

#5 – Taco Bell

I can eat Taco Bell every day. I like pretty much all of the items on the menu and don’t care what people think about XXL Chalupa, i have tried it and it was good!

#4 – Carl’s Jr.

I love love love the Western Bacon Cheeseburger! Carl’s also pretty much has the best fast food onion rings around. For the last few years Carl’s has been doing a monthly “promo” burger and they are usually all awesome.

#3 – The Hat

Just try doing a Google search for “The Hat Pastrami” and tell me that you do not want to eat that. I was never a fan of pastrami. In fact, the first couple times i went to The Hat i ordered cheeseburgers. The pastrami at The Hat is really good and not gristly in the slightest. Did i mention that they have the best chili cheese fries on the planet?

#2 – In N Out

Hands down my favorite fast food burger on the planet. I know that people are divided on the fries, but i love them!! Every burger is made to order with fresh ingredients. Double Double Animal Style with no tomatoes is the way i roll. I usually get a Pink Lemonade, but if i am in the mood i will get a neapolitan shake.

#1 – El Taco

Not a major chain, but i love it to death. Founded by Glenn Bell, the founder of Taco Bell, El Taco is a less greasy fast food joint that makes some of the best mexican fast food i know. I can only think of five locations, two of which are located in my home town of Downey California. Every time i go i can’t decide what i am going to get. I don’t have a standard go-to meal here. I like the Beef Combo Burrito, The Chicken Taquitos with sour cream, The Green Quesadilla, the Bean and Cheese Burrito and the Chile Relleno Burrito. As soon as i am done with my diet, i am going to eat lunch at El Taco, but not sure what i am going to order.

I totally forgot Wienerschnitzel, but i must stick to this list. I will say that Wienerschnitzel is #11 when i really should have put it somewhere in the middle.

Top Ten Favorite Movie Monsters

#10 – Fiends

Fiend Without a Face is a pretty great campy horror movie.  These invisible brains take over a human’s mind and kill them. They are sweet stop motion puppets and when they get shot, they spew all kinds of black blood. They are fucking rad and for some reason sound like a beating heart!

#9 – King Caesar

King Caesar is one of those random Godzilla monster that showed up in the 70’s. He was an ally to Godzilla during his first fight against Mechagodzilla. Any creature that is awoken by a song called “Miyarabi’s Prayer“, with ears like that is tops in my book!

#8 – King Kong

I like the 2005 Peter Jackson version of King Kong, but for my money, the only King Kong for me is the original 1933 version.

#7 – Clover

It is obvious that i am a fan of Godzilla and when i went to see Cloverfield, i was so excited to see a movie that thrust the viewer into the middle of a Godzilla type attack. I think the Cloverfield monster is cool looking and i would love to see a sequel.

#6 – Mothra

The first female monster on the list and the least threatening. Mothra is the protector of Earth and even though she isn’t big and scary, she still deserves to be on my list. Mothra is a badass and will sprinkle her love dust all over your town to protect you from the forces of evil!

#5 – Mr. Stay Puft

You all know him, you all love him. The cute mascot, with a heart of hate!! When i first saw Ghostbusters i remember thinking,  before they revealed this iconic monster, that Ray had summoned Bob’s Big Boy. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t Bob’s Big Boy, but i don’t think that Ghostbusters would have been as iconic if they didn’t make up their own cuddly monster.

#4 – The Predator

A lot of these monsters are cold blooded killers. Most of them do it based on instinct, but the Predator does it for fun. The Predator is a sneaky asshole who hides in the trees and kills it’s “prey” without them knowing how to fight back. It isn’t until The Predator goes head to head with Dutch that he decides to play clean. What a dick!

#3 – The Blob

A mindless, bloodthirsty, gelatinous mass from another planet! Nothing can stop it, it just keeps on sloshing through this small town and devours everyone in it’s path! I love that The Blob starts out as a clear goo, then tuns red as it overtakes more victims. This thing scared me as a kid and now it makes me laugh!

#2 – Alien

This movie still scares me. I have always liked the design of the original 1979 Alien. He is smooth, slick and scary as hell. Alien is easily my favorite of the series and what makes him stand out from Predator is the fact that they made more than one good film in the franchise. When it comes to Alien films vs. Predator Films, Alien has them beat!

#1 – Godzilla

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Being such a huge Godzilla fan, how could i NOT make the King of Monsters my #1? What else is there to say about Godzilla? Everyone has to love him, whether it is a movie where he is the villain or good guy, Godzilla is the perfect movie monster and makes the top the list by leaps and bounds!!


Top Ten Favorite Candy

#10 – Big Cherry

I only get these every now and then, but when i do get them i love them! I just wish they came in a two pack.

#9 – Everlasting Gobstoppers

I remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favorite movies growing up, and even though these versions look nothing like they do in the movie, i still love eating these!!

#8 – Nerds Rope

I used to like Nerds growing up, but these are a billion times better and way more fun to eat. I would like them more if they were five feet longer.

#7 – Abba Zabba

This is one of those candies that feel like they were around in the 1920s. I love peanut butter and these have plenty of it in there. These are also great because they take like an hour to eat.

#6 – Reese Sticks

I think i have tried every incarnation of Reese’s Peanut butter candies, but this is my favorite offshoot. I could eat a ton of these things.

#5 – Bottle Caps

This is one of the few variety assortment candies where i love every flavor. Runts would be on the list if i didn’t hate the bananas so damn much. It is hard to pick my favorite flavor of Bottle Cap, but i think if i had to choose i would probably go with rootbeer.

#4 – Chunky

Chocolate, Peanuts and Raisins. There is something about Chunky that i love. It is such a unique  flavor mix that i haven’t seen in any other chocolate bar. It’s like shoving a handful of Goobers and Raisinettes in your mouth.

#3 – Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but i like these because of the increased peanut butter ratio as well as the fact that you don’t have to mess with peeling off those pesky paper cups.

#2 – Swedish Fish

As much as i love Gummy Bears and Worms, i had to put Swedish Fish on the list. I love the mixed version of Swedish Fish. I will get the all red bags or even the tropical marine life versions, but my favorite is the classic mixed, with Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Lime! I always save the limes for last.

#1 – 5th Avenue

This is the Hershey version of the Butterfinger, but i love these so much more. The crunchy peanut butter insides are flakier and taste more like peanut butter than a Butterfinger. I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate and this is hands down my favorite combination.


Top Ten Favorite Horror Films

#10 – Day of the Dead

Probably one of the lesser embraced George A Romero zombie films, but i like Day of the Dead a lot. It is an interesting story and you cannot beat Bub, the walkman listening, army saluting, gun toting friendly zombie!

#9 – Psycho

Not a Halloween goes bye without me watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. I am fairly new to this film, but it is brilliant and i love every minute of it.

#8 – From Dusk till Dawn

Half crime movie, half vampire film. When i first saw this film it was at a test screening and they did not let us know that it would ultimately become a vampire film, so when the characters see that vampires exist, the audience was just as confused. It was one of the most amazing experiences i ever had in a theater and wish they did not advertise this film as a vampire flick.

#7 – Dawn of the Dead

This is probably George A Romero’s most beloved zombie film. Dawn of the Dead is amazing. There is a ton of action and a shit-load of gore. I am not a huge fan of horror movies and being scared, but splatter-fests fire me up!

#6 – Alien

Beautifully shot, incredible atmosphere and great characters makes Ridley Scott’s Alien one of the greatest horror films of all time. I love this film so much.

#5 – Shaun of the Dead

Mostly comedy, this movie is a great take on a world overrun by zombies! Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg put out a great movie with tons of laughs, great makeup FX and killer humor.

#4 – Evil Dead 2

A near perfect sequel, The Evil Dead 2 is full of suspense, gore and fun! Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell do it again! “Groovy.”

#3 – John Carpenter’s The Thing

This film reminds me of Alien, but in Antarctica. The Makeup FX by Rob Bottin is nothing short of amazing. The movie is scary, gory and suspense filled. Besides, you can’t beat “The Russ”!

#2 – Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead)

Before he did Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson made what is touted as “The goriest fright film of all time” and they aren’t kidding! If you have not seen this movie, you have to stick it in your Netflix queue! It is a pretty fun and silly story, but when you get to the last half hour, you won’t believe your eyes!! The blood and gore and gag effects are so inspired. They are clever and fun as hell. Run, don’t walk to see Dead Alive!

#1 – The Evil Dead

The first time i saw this film, i was scared shitless. Seriously, nothing scared me more than Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead! I am pretty sure that everyone has seen this film by now, if you haven’t, turn off your computer and go buy this film. It is fucked up, scary, gory and slightly hilarious. I cannot get enough of this film!