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Photo Adventure: The L.A. Zoo

I went to the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday and took a lot of fun pictures of animals and things. As you can see, the first thing we got to see on our adventure were these Zebra’s asses.

This gorilla was glaring at me, because it felt threatened by my superior facial hair.

I have never seen a Koala’s ass up close until now. I feel blessed.

This five year old orangutan was climbing around the ropes. I am not sure, but i think it was a girl.

Here is an amazing shot of an orangutan playing with some toy building bricks!

This orangutan lady is was sitting by the glass and eating some trees.

Don’t feed cauliflower to the angry dogs!! Trust them on this one.

Oh deer, another ass shot.

Ram from behind.

This girl lion was trying to get some sun.

I saw this nature photographer wearing earth tones, but i am pretty sure the hundreds of screaming kids with snow cones were blowing his cover.


I saw this Spiny, dropped by a Lakitu.

This Water Snake got out of its cage.

This chimp is in the process of going #2 in a water fall.

Here is a picture of an old female human wearing sandals with socks.

This elephant was trying to get into that door. The animals really enjoyed showing off their asses to the crowd.

This guy was “making like a tree”

This cave dummy had sunglasses on and looked like Sgt. Callahan from Police Academy.

I had a fun day, it was a little crowded, but i got to see all kinds of animal asses!

Halloween 1981- A Mystery

1981 Halloween Costume

click to enlarge

In 1981, I dressed up as this. I have no idea what it is and after scouring the internet, i have not come up with a definitive conclusion. If anyone has any ideas, please post a comment so that I don’t end up going fucking bonkers in a looney bin!!

Halloween 2010: Pumpkin Patch

As you all probably know, yesterday was Halloween! I spent the day with friends, picking out pumpkins and carving them. Here are some photos of what we saw.

Jorge and Beth had their house all decked out for Halloween. We were greeted by this kick ass zombie!

My favorite part about the pumpkin patch was that there were all kinds of scarecrows, which they called Dummies. Here is a picture of me with one of the dummies. I thought she was supposed to be Hilary Clinton, but there was another scary dummy that look more like her elsewhere.

This dummy can only be described as stereotypical hispanic american. Hey Pumpkin Farmers, did you really have to give him the maracas?

His churro stand was open for business.

Arnold was driving a tractor when he died.

Check out this Hillary Clinton! She reminded me of Ed Grimley, i must say.

Uncircumsized pumpkin

The Gimpy Gilmi Pirate.

This werewolf had some ass problems.

West World’s Yul Brynner was an ass man!

Stevi with Old Man Front Butt!

I got to say what’s up to my man Barack !

My friend Shawn made this sweet Ghostbusters pumpkin. The face was actually carved into the back of the pumpkin.

Jorge made this full moon pumpkin.

And i made this Conan O’Lantern

Thrift Store Treasure Trove

A week ago i posted some pictures of some whack shit that i found around some local bargain stores. Tonight i went to a new Savers’ location here in Anaheim. Check out this whack-ass shit i saw!

Anyone have any need for a baby doll head and hands trapped in a bag?

This is a pretty great Cheetah Mirror. It would look great in my Rumpus Room.

I’ve never actually seen one of these motivational posters. Usually i just see ones with Boobs and Green Lantern being hit by a bird on them.

Q: What kind of carpenter would carve out a 3d Jesus poster?

Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.

No caption necessary.

I was stoked about this old school Mead Folder, but then got especially stoked when i noticed the skater looks like Stevie from Eastbound and Down!

I moved on from the weird picture section to the creepy statue zone.

“Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper?” — Um i think i have the wrong cell block.

I just took his word for it. I did not pick him up to check.

A classic case of “Green Lion Holding a Raven”

They had a few of these, but the fucking racist plate makers didn’t design a Punjab.

But it’s a Deadly Rage!


And finally, this dude was watching his Netflix app with a Dart Board on his stomach!




Saturday Adventure

We ended up going on a hunt for Five Alive and Green Lantern Hostess Glo-Balls on Saturday. We saw a lot of interesting things and luckily i had my iPhone camera ready!

First off, it was a really nice day. So nice in fact, that there was a Slave 1 cloud in the sky.

We went to the Ghetto Ralph’s Grocery Store and noticed that they had their Christmas shit out already…or was it still out from last year?

We went to the 99¢ Store and poked around their Halloween section. It was really spooky.

This costume packaging cracked me up!! Look at how bad that photoshop job is. Look how amazingly bowed that kid’s arms are and look how his head is obviously not on that body. Talk about brilliant!! I should have bought it.

I am going to assume that this weapon is a gun.

When at the 99¢ Store, i would advise staying away from getting the Mission Impossible 3 Sour Gummies. They are probably old.

We ended up at WalMart, because surely they carried Glo-Balls. I saw these three cups in the Banquet freezer. It could only mean one of three things. 1) McDonald’s drinks were on sale for 88¢. 2) People could not find a trash can and were lazy assholes about it. 3) Three people had drinks with melted ice and needed to keep them cold while they looked through the $5 DVD bin. I like to think it was the third one.

The WalMart had a cool Halloween section with kick ass spooky music playing from a tiny boombox tied to the air conditioning duct.

We ended up at a Halloween store that was located at an abandoned Circuit City. They had some pretty great displays. This guy has seen better days.  Incidentally that is the same way my cat sleeps at night.

This kid is going to get molested…by himself!

This was my favorite costume that they had at the store, but it was weird that they didn’t have a Gumby.

They will make slutty costumes of anybody……

…Or for anybody. I have no clue what this is for but it is fucking weird, right?

Unfortunately we did not find any Glo-Balls or Five Alive, but we did get a chance to meet Michael Jackson and Episode III Chewbacca!!