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Patreon “Henry, Haddock & Mutt”



I am joined once again by Tommy Jenkins to chat about Spielberg films. Now that Tommy has seen The Adventures of Tintin, we pick up our conversation and talk about his relationship with Indiana Jones. We also discuss the scores of Star Wars, the crappy DC Universe AppleTv app, the great Cheap Charts app, Ready Player One, the decolorization of films, Denny Colt, V and a whole lot more!!!

I want to thank everyone as well as Tommy for the continued support on the Patreon page! Remember to spread the word that for just $1.00 a month, you can unlock all audio episode from the Secret Society archives!

Patreon “Lightsabers & Leitmotifs Ep. V”


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On this second installment of the Lightsaber & Leitmotif series, I am listening to the new themes introduced in The Empire Strikes Back! And although this is the second episode in this series, I am going to follow the movies in release order, using the episode titles given to the films (Because calling this Episode II just doesn’t feel right). This should make it easier track the episodes down the road, if you ever feel like revisiting them.

In Empire, John Williams introduces new themes for Boba Fett, The Droids, Yoda, The Empire as well as a love theme for Han and Leia.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it.

Lightsabers & Leitmotifs will continue with Star Wars episode VI: Return of the Jedi!Thank you for your continued support,


Patreon “I’d Buy that for a Dollar”



On this mini episode I’m talking about a few things, but most importantly is the announcement of the all new $1.00 “Listen” reward tier on Patreon! Now, for just $1 per month, you’ll get access to all 30 previous episodes of the Casinoskunk Secret Society podcast, as well as the episodes posted during the month of October.

By subscribing, you will also be supporting shows like Alright, Let’s Do A Podcast, Kaiju Podcast, Dharmalars, VHS Dude and more!

Feel free to DM me with any questions you have about the new reward tier!


Patreon “Dharmalars 102 – Early Access”



The latest episode of the Dharmalars will drop on 9/22/18 at 8:15am LAX time. Instead of having to wait for it, all of my Patreon supporters will have a chance to listen to the audio from the show, in the raw!! There are no edits, no Jimmy, no phone calls, no music, no nothing!! It’s just the soothing sounds of Me, Ben and Ryan!!

I hope you enjoy this early access and be sure to see what I cut out on LOST’s 14th anniversary, when the edited version shows up in your regular Dharmalars feed!

Thanks again for the support!!


Patreon – Lightsabers & Leitmotifs



This is one episode that I have been wanting to do for a long time, a long time. On this episode I will be going through highlights from John Williams’ 1977 score to Star Wars.

I will be tracking the familiar themes, and “Han-splaining” which themes belong to which characters or situations. I also get into the original 1977 Imperial Theme’s use in Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to look for Empire, Jedi, Prequel and Disney Era follow up episodes in the future!

Thank you again for your support!


Patreon “Con Flu”

Episode 28 “Con Flu”

A lot of things went down in the last month and I am here to catch you up on all of it! I chat a little bit about my short time in San Diego for SDCC ’18 and get into three of the trailers that dropped that weekend. I talk about Aquaman, Shazam! and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (with a special guest).

I also talk about the new Secret Society Facebook group, July’s charity event and what’s coming up next week!

Thank you again for your support!

Patreon “Lost Fans Unite”


On July 21st 2018, I was asked to moderate the LOST Fans Unite panel at SDCC with Jay and Jack. Along with Jay and Jack, we were joined by Jo Garfein from Cancer Gets LOST and an auditorium filled with LOST fanatics!

During the panel we discuss the legacy of LOST, moving forward, the LOST fandom and a lot more!

I would like to thank Jack, Jo and Jay for having me join them on the panel and I hope to do it again next year!


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