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@Dharmalars “A Theater Full of Dust”


EPISODE 102 – Ben and Ralph are back and they have some LOST content for your ears! On this episode, the dudes (along with Producer Ryan) are talking about a friend who is watching LOST for the first time, “We Have to Go Back: The LOST Concert 2018”, Solo: A Star Wars Story and a bunch of other nonsense! We also get a couple of great calls on the Dharmaline!


Patreon “Dharmalars 102 – Early Access”



The latest episode of the Dharmalars will drop on 9/22/18 at 8:15am LAX time. Instead of having to wait for it, all of my Patreon supporters will have a chance to listen to the audio from the show, in the raw!! There are no edits, no Jimmy, no phone calls, no music, no nothing!! It’s just the soothing sounds of Me, Ben and Ryan!!

I hope you enjoy this early access and be sure to see what I cut out on LOST’s 14th anniversary, when the edited version shows up in your regular Dharmalars feed!

Thanks again for the support!!


@Dharmalars “We Had to Go Back”


EPISODE 101 – It’s time to dust off your iPod Nanos. The Dharmalars are BACK! Join Ben, Ralph and Producer Ryan as they talk about all sorts of modern stuff. Things like the MCU, new Wet Hot American Summer, TV shows, Movies and more. We get a segment from Seattle Jimmy and a visit from some of your Dharmalarmy favorites on the Dharmaline!!

Boy Blue – ELO
Theme to the Tiki Wonder Hour – Combustible Edison


Patreon “LOST: TNG”



On this episode I sit down with Jay Glatfelter (The LOST Podcast with Jay & Jack, Ramblecast, Married Man Show…) to discuss the television show that got us into this whole podcasting game. LOST! We talk about what the show meant to us, how it changed our lives, the state of podcasting and a whole lot more.

Things really get fun when we start to talk about what a reboot/continuation of LOST could be! That’s right, we pitch our own version of LOST: The Next Generation!

Follow Jay on all social media @LukeVenk and at

@FirstTimeShow “It Feels Like the First Time – LOST The Greater Good/Born to Run”


The Tail End Podcast : Contest!


LOST Contest for Costume

The Tail End presents the “Create the Flashback and Win the Shirt off her Back Contest!”

As you all know our very own Sidekick22 has been featured as a background extra on LOST, but never had the opportunity to tell her story in flashbacks. That is where you come in! All you have to do is create a backstory for “Roxanne” and write it out in one short and entertaining paragraph. That’s not all!! We also want to see a scene from her flashback. You can chose any artistic medium to depict the flashback, whether it be drawings, paintings, water colors, photoshop…etc. In order to get into the head of “Roxanne”, you must see what her “On Island” story is. To do that you can find her in the following episodes…

Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well it may seem easy, but you have to make sure that you are really creative because the most creative entry will win a piece of LOST history!! That’s right, the winner of the contest will win The Purple Tank Top and the Mesh Hoodie actually worn by Sidekick22 on the show!! As if that wasn’t enough, Beth has mentioned that you may also receive a special surprise gift from Jorge Garcia, the guy who played Hurley on LOST!


  • Entries should not be a billion words long: Keep them short, because Ralph has to read some of these and you know how much he dislikes reading.
  • Entries should be about “Roxanne” only: The flashback should be about the character Roxanne and should not reflect the real life exploits of Bethany Shady.
  • Entries should be fun and not mean spirited: Remember, LOST was rated TV14, so let’s keep the entries in fairly good taste. I know The Tail End may be lewd at times, but we don’t need to go overboard here.
  • ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED ON TIME!: All entries must be sent to THETAILENDPODCAST@GMAIL.COM by 11:59pm JANUARY 31, 2011 (please include your name and address)