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This whole Live Journal Craze!

It looks like nobody gives a shit about Live Journal any more. Oh well, i guess i will go update my Friendster page.

An Entry

i have not posted here in a long time.

Bullet Time!

Benjamin Johnson and I like the Matrix Revolutions. in our discussion about it, he let me know that a friend of ours Dylan, mentioned that Ben’s endorsement of “Brick” did not hold any weight because Dylan feels that Ben is a poor judge of films. Because Dylan hates me for liking Matrix Revolutions and said that he would never watch that movie again, Here was my response to Ben…

You know what, Flash Gordon is a piece of shit movie (in my opinion), yet both you and dylan enjoy it. Now, just because i dissagree with your opinion of that movie, does not mean that it is bad, or good. Even if your opinion of films differs from dylans, that does not mean that he should be saying that shit. Now, there are alot of movies that you like, that i dont, and vise versa. When you make a suggestion on a movie that i want to see, than i know what i am getting into, based on my past experiences with you, i know what you like and dont like, and based on that i will choose what type of endorsement it is. if jeff tells me that History of Violence sucks ass, chances are (based on my history with jeff) that this will not affect what i thing of the film. Jeff thought that Mighty Wind was Boring, he thought that Hudsucker was weird. But on the otherhand he really liked The Island and War Of the Worlds. I will be the judge of what your opinion means to me, and i will use my judgement to decide whether to see the movie or not. When i tell dylan to go see a movie, that it is good. He had denied me everytime. I suggested crash, up until the point where he called me while i was waiting outside the theater to let me know that he was not coming along. I mentioned Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to him, and it took about 3 and a half months, and a drive to LA in order for him to go see it. i told him that he should see the Inside Man and Thank you for smoking Chances are he is going to let those two pass by as well. what i dont understand, is the fact that dylan seems to have some kind of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his friends suggesting smaller independent films to him. does it offend him that we are the ones doing the suggesting? does he feel that we should be watching retarded hollywood cinema, and that he should be “mr. trendy”, and enlightening us with his all powerfull knowledge of independant film? does our opinion on independant film not count, because we didnt spend our college years getting a degree in comunications? i am pretty sure the last time i looked, i knew how to tell a story, as well as how a story should be told. i have been a fan of cinema all my life, and own over 550 dvds. i love film, whether it is a piece of shit like Beastmaster or a cinematic classic like Citizen Kane or Seven Samurai. am i a bad person for hating Munich and enjoying Transporter 2? If i feel that the story that the storyteller is trying to get across comes through, than i will enjoy it. Just because you are a fan of a crappy film, does not mean that your opinion on what is good and what is bad, is invalid. Fuck that guy, and Viva La Revolutions!

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You Were The Chosen…1

Well this is it. It will be a day long remembered.

The final day before Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the Sith is released.
as you probably guessed, i am the most excited guy on the planet!
i don’t care what you say, I am the biggest Star Wars fan ever. there is nobody who loves these movies more than I. in a couple of hours, me and the fella’s and fellettes will be watching Lost, a great show on ABC. After that Me Ben and Jeff will be heading up to Westwood, and meet up with Lobsterboy “vikki the goddess” and Flenoy. We will be getting in line for our 10:30pm show tomorrow, at around 10:30pm tonight!
i cannot wait. this is so huge, i can hardly contain myself.
today was the longest lasting day at work, EVER. now it is over, and the time for our attack has come. Tony will be equipt with his patented Blastshield Spoiler Free shirt, which i made, a Blindfold and a head set playing music.

For those of you that dont know, tony has been pretty much spoiler free, for the last 3 star wars flicks. the only thing that he knows about episode III, is the Title of the film. He knows nothing else. The shirt i made him this time, has a cool logo on the front, that has the word Blast shield on it, and there is a picture of the helmet Luke Wears in Ep.IV.on the back, there is so much spoilage on it, that if he were to be able to hinge his neck around like an owl, he would find out ALL the secrets of the universe. it is a fun game. I put the phrase that pays on the back “spoiler free for episode three”! damn this is a great tradition.

well i dont know what else to say other than i plan on seeing the movie 3 times before i go to work on monday. and i will see you all later.

May The Force Be With You!

“Here’s Where the Fun Begins”…07

i have lived a long life. i have been living for about 1,468 weeks now, and it is this coming week, that is gonna last the longest. as you can see from my subject heading, star wars is just 7 days away. even though i have not spent a lot of time posting on my livejournal, it does not mean that a lot of exciting things haven’t happened to me. For starters, a couple of months ago i had my 28th birthday, and for that birthday, stevi got me a Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Episode IV Empire Strikes Back Force FX Light Saber. It is fucking SSSS WEET!!!!!!

if you are are not familiar with how badass a force fx light saber is… check out this sweet video demonstration from fire box….

dude, how cool is that?

so anyway, i am taking it with me to stand in line all day, and so are the 5 or 6 people who bought one just because they handled mine!!!!!!!

talk you before the 19th kids, and…

May(19th)The Force Be With You



hey everyone, i have been neglecting my livejournal the past week or so, cause i have been updating my shit at i am hooked. It is way better than Friendster (do you hear me seth?) i suggest that if you want people you know, to look at who else you know, while looking at pictures of you, head over to RALPH’space.

I am a huge fan of the hit show “LOST”. Now anyone who knows me, knows that i am not a big fan of “hit” anything. i’ve never been into things that are trendy (i.e.- trainspotting, swingers, red hot chili peppers,mel gibson films and especially not Network TV). but i tell you one thing, i like this show Lost sooo much, that i am writing about it on my livejournal, because i am sooo excited that a new show is coming up on wednesday. it has been like 3 weeks, and now i get to see more of the story revealed….!

and one more thing. STAR WARS is like a month and a half away!