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Halloween 2011 – Morty

Morty Meatballs Halloween Costume

Morty Meatballs Costume Harvey Atkin

Morty Meatballs Halloween Costume

Here is my favorite scene from Meatballs, even though Morty is not in the outfit I wore.

Halloween 1981- A Mystery

1981 Halloween Costume

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In 1981, I dressed up as this. I have no idea what it is and after scouring the internet, i have not come up with a definitive conclusion. If anyone has any ideas, please post a comment so that I don’t end up going fucking bonkers in a looney bin!!

Halloween 2010: Pumpkin Patch

As you all probably know, yesterday was Halloween! I spent the day with friends, picking out pumpkins and carving them. Here are some photos of what we saw.

Jorge and Beth had their house all decked out for Halloween. We were greeted by this kick ass zombie!

My favorite part about the pumpkin patch was that there were all kinds of scarecrows, which they called Dummies. Here is a picture of me with one of the dummies. I thought she was supposed to be Hilary Clinton, but there was another scary dummy that look more like her elsewhere.

This dummy can only be described as stereotypical hispanic american. Hey Pumpkin Farmers, did you really have to give him the maracas?

His churro stand was open for business.

Arnold was driving a tractor when he died.

Check out this Hillary Clinton! She reminded me of Ed Grimley, i must say.

Uncircumsized pumpkin

The Gimpy Gilmi Pirate.

This werewolf had some ass problems.

West World’s Yul Brynner was an ass man!

Stevi with Old Man Front Butt!

I got to say what’s up to my man Barack !

My friend Shawn made this sweet Ghostbusters pumpkin. The face was actually carved into the back of the pumpkin.

Jorge made this full moon pumpkin.

And i made this Conan O’Lantern

Halloween 2009

1. Adam Maitland
2. Carl
3. Deja Vu
4. Landfill
5. Ash
6. Michael McDonald
7. Jamie Hyneman
8. Brodie Bruce

I am usually a big fan of Halloween, but this year i feel like i could care less. For some reason i am just not motivated to figure out a costume to wear. I have 24 hours to come up with something.