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Green Lantern: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Green Lantern Soundtrack Album James Newton Howard Score


1. Prologue / Paralax Unbound – 3:09
2. Abin Sur Attacked – 1:08
3. Carol Scolds Hal – 1:21
4. Drone Dogfight – 3:15
5. Did Adam Put You Up To This? – 2:25
6. The Ring Chooses Hal – 2:34
7. Genesis Of Good And Evil – 2:35
8. The Induction Process – 3:05
9. Welcome to Oa – 1:42
10. We’re Going To Fly Now – 1:53
11. You Reek Of Fear – 2:13
12. The Origin Of Parallax – 3:25
13. Run – 5:30
14. You Have To Be Chosen – 7:29
15. Hector’s Analysis – 1:06
16. Hal Battles Parallax – 7:19
17. The Corps – 2:19
18. Green Lantern Oath (feat. Ryan Reynolds) – 0:19 

This is not what I thought the score would sound like. I was expecting more of a Last Airbender sound, but these samples are way too short to pass any judgement. I like James Newton Howard’s music a lot and I will be sure to do a review on the full album when it is released on June 14th.



The Green Lantern Score

Last year I created a wish list of composers that i wanted to see get a crack at the Green Lantern score. Luckily, my second favorite film composer of all time, James Newton Howard, got the gig.

The score has been recording for the last couple of week and James Newton Howard’s arranger, Stuart M Thomas has been updating the status of the Green Lantern score via his twitter feed. Here are some of the things we can look forward to.

March 23 – “Orchestration has begun on #GreenLantern. Scoring in two weeks!” //oh we’re bringin’ it…!”

March 25 – “Maxing out Pro Tools on #GreenLantern music. Damn this is a big score…”

March 26 – “Sound Effects and Music meeting for #GreenLantern. Film is looking and sounding awesome!”

March 28 – “Saw new CGI on #GreenLantern today. This thing is awesome!”

March 30 – “The brass section is going to need a vacation after recording this score.”

March 30 – “Played music for the climax of the film today for Martin, Donald et al. Heart pounding music for a thrilling climax. Loving #GreenLantern !”

April 1 – “4 days til orchestra! #GreenLantern”

April 2 – “I am looking forward to the score more than anything. I am jealous!” //whole movie is great. You’ll love it!”

April 4 – “Pete Anthony is conducting the score?”

April 5 – “Heading to Sony to set up for scoring #GreenLantern.”

April 6 – “First day of scoring on #GreenLantern. Music by James Newton Howard.”

April 11 – “String overdubs and percussion tracking on #GreenLantern today. Last 5 days was 104 piece orchestra. (w/8 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 8 Trombones!)”

April 12 – “Starting to mix music for #GreenLantern today. Choir being recorded this week as well!”

Sounds like really exciting stuff. If there is anything about Green Lantern that i am looking forward to the most is the score by James Newton Howard. If you want to follow Stuart M Thomas, his twitter feed is @DogTownMusic

65 Days Until Release

TRON Legacy Soundtrack in Chronological Order

Daft Punk's TRON Legacy Soundtrack Chronological Order

As you know, I really liked the score for TRON Legacy by Daft Punk. I liked it so much that I went around the internet and downloaded all of the exclusive tracks that were provided by different websites. A few days ago I purchased TRON Legacy on Bluray and took some notes as to where all the cues fit into the film. Here is a list of all available tracks placed in chronological order.

  1. Overture
  2. The Grid
  3. The Son of Flynn
  4. Encom Part I (Special Edition CD)
  5. Encom Part II (Special Edition CD)
  6. Recognizer
  7. Armory
  8. Arena
  9. Round One (Special Edition CD)
  10. Rinzler
  11. The Game Has Changed
  12. Outlands
  13. Father and Son (iTunes Exclusive)
  14. Adagio for TRON
  15. Nocturne
  16. Outlands, Part II (iTunes Exclusive)
  17. End of Line
  18. Reflections (Special Edition CD)
  19. Castor (Special Edition CD)
  20. Derezzed
  21. Fall
  22. Sea of Simulation (Amazon Exclusive)
  23. Solar Sailor
  24. Rectifier
  25. Disc Wars
  26. C.L.U.
  27. Arrival
  28. Flynn Lives
  29. Sunrise Prelude (Nokia Exclusive)
  30. TRON Legacy [End Titles]
  31. Finale

This is not a perfect list. There are some music cues in the film that aren’t available for purchase and some tracks such as “Castor” are split up between two scenes.  I have scoured the internet looking for a list like this, but nobody has the answers. So until I see a more comprehensive list, this is the playlist that I am going with, even though I feel that the original album is the best way to listen to this score.


John Barry

John Barry

I usually don’t get torn up when I hear about a celebrity death. I usually say, ” That’s a shame.” and go about my life. Of my 10 favorite film composers of all time, only two of them have passed away in my lifetime. Yesterday a third was added to that list. John Barry.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time listening to the film scores of John Williams and Danny Elfman. After my father had left my mom, I felt very lost and abandoned. I turned to buying and renting movies. I remember as soon as I got my license, I drove to Blockbuster and rented Dr. No. I had decided that I would start watching all the James Bond movies in order from beginning to end. I became a die hard 007 fan. I know the movies weren’t all great, but it each one had offered it’s own element of escapism.

It was soon after that when I purchased The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary cd box set. I would listen to those cds in my car all the time. It was almost as if the escapism I got from the James Bond movies transfered over into my every day life.

Since then, I have become quite fond of John Barry’s work beyond the world of 007 and I am incredibly saddened by his passing. If you aren’t familiar with his work, I cannot recommend it enough.

All of his non-Bond music that I own has an other worldly quality to it that I really love. No other composer sounds quite the way that John Barry does. All of his scores sound very majestic with a hint of sadness. They are epic without being overbearing.

While listening to his scores last night I was reminded of my life with his music, as well as my life since my father left and it just reminded me how short and precious life is and we need to make the most out of it, because leaving something beautiful for future generations is an invaluable gift. John Barry will be missed.

I am glad that John Barry’s music will live on forever. I hope you get a chance to check out some of his work. Below are a few Cues of John’s that are among my favorite.

Main Theme – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Sir Hilary’s Night Out – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Fight at Kobe Docks/Helga – You Only Live Twice
007 And Counting – Diamonds are Forever
Bond Lured to Pyramid – Moonraker
Journey to Fort Sedgewick – Dances with Wolves
End Titles – Masquerade
End Title ( You are Karen) – Out of Africa
Theme – Somewhere in Time
Smile – Chaplin
We Have all the Time in the World/ The James Bond Theme – O.H.M.S.S.


Highlights of 2010


In a year in which Robert Kirkman brought his Walking Dead series to television, i found myself becoming more and more excited about his comic book Astounding Wolf-Man, drawn by Jason Howard. I like Robert’s work on the Walking Dead comic, but of his 3 books this and Invincible is where it was at in 2010!


I have never participated in an Alternate Reality Game before Flynn Lives, but i was excited about TRON Legacy and figured it could be fun. These guys sent me posters, pins and all kinds of junk, just for playing some online games. It was a blast and got me fired up for TRON!


I really like Pixar movies. A lot. But a lot of them always seem to have some action packed third act that i just loses any emotional impact. Up and Wall*E are the main culprits of this, which is why i tend to gravitate towards Ratatouille as my favorite of their films. Toy Story 3 ends with a big action set piece as it’s climax, but that is sort of the formula for Toy Story films and this one is the most emotional. Just click the link above, and watch the “hand holding scene” with Michael Giacchino’s “Life and Death” from LOST.


It’s no secret that i love The Green Lantern and nothing got me as excited this year than catching my first glimpse at the live action film that comes out next year.


This works great as an album and even better as a film score. The french electronic duo Daft Punk throw their helmets in the ring and go toe to toe with some of the greatest composers of the past 10 years and deliver a one-two punch! Their score to TRON Legacy  is incredible!

LOST: The Final Season

The End of my favorite show, LOST, happened this year and it went out with a bang! The entire sixth season played out like a reunion episode and i loved seeing all my favorite characters return for a celebration of friendship.


For hating these books with such a passion, i really found myself surprised with how much i loved this movie. I have only purchased 3 blurays this year and Kick-Ass was one of them. In case you were wondering, LOST season 6 and Fantasia were the other two.


Fact or Faked is essentially the Mythbusters of insane paranormal videos. They look at all that weird shit you see on youtube and debunk it. Sometimes they don’t debunk it and that is where things get interesting. I really enjoy this show and look forward to season two coming at the beginning of next year!


I knew that i was going to enjoy this film, but i was not prepared for how much i would love it. Tron Legacy is a sci fi film that does not cater to the dumb. It sticks pretty close to it’s roots and never lets go. I enjoyed this movie a lot an cannot wait to see it on bluray in 2011 along with its predecessor!


TRON Legacy Score – Review

Daft Punk Tron Legacy Music Review

It seems like i have been waiting years for this score to come out! Other than the return of Jeff Bridges, Daft Punk doing the score to TRON Legecy was one of the first bits of news that i heard surrounding the film.  One of the main questions i had was if they were going to utilize some of the themes from Wendy Carlos’ original score to TRON. Even though Daft Punk did not utilize or sample any of the original score, they did honor it by including some gothic elements.

Daft Punk’s score to TRON Legacy is unlike any other score i have heard. The best way i could describe it is a mix between, Vangelis’ score to Blade Runner, mixed with Watchmen and a dash of The Dark Knight. It is atmospheric, heavily electronic and surprisingly orchestral. The best part about the soundtrack album is that it looks like Daft Punk spent a lot of time into creating the track list to make a really great album. I am not sure if the tracks are listed in chronological order, but they flow great as an album.

Being a fan of film music, i am incredibly pleased with the quality of the score. I am not sure if fans of Daft Punk will enjoy it as much as their previous efforts, but there are a few tracks, like Derezzed, that sound like they were made with the Daft Punk fans in mind. I am not sure if a track like Derezzed will show up in the film, but it definitely stands out from the rest of the album.

As much as i loved the album, there is a stretch of 4 songs in the middle that are definitely highlights for me. If i were to explain to you what this score was all about, i would sum it up in the tracks “Adagio for TRON”, “Nocturne”, “End of Line” and “Derezzed”. These four tracks tell a specific story to me. I am not sure how these play out in the movie and i doubt that they show up in this order in the film, but i love how they flow together.

Adiago for TRON is almost completely orchestral. Of all of the cues from the soundtrack, this one represents the original Wendy Carlos score the most. There are hints of the original themes and it has a very gothic feel. The music is atmospheric and foreboding. In this scene i can imagine that there is some heavy exposition going on. It sounds like this is the point in the story where the “hero” becomes informed of everything he needs to go before he heads into his final quest.

Nocturne is once again very orchestral. When i listen to this i imagine Sam Flynn (the hero) thinking about the quest he is about to go on. This is what i consider his “last supper” music. This is the point of the story where he makes his decision to go ahead with the plan.

End of Line immediately  follows the orchestra heavy Nocturne. It uses heavy electronics and has a great driving beat. If i were a “hero” and i was about to walk into an incredibly large battle, i would be walking in slow motion to this music. Whereas the original TRON was essentially a gladiator film, TRON Legacy appears to looks more like a western. So this would be the music that would play as Sam Flynn, as the lone gunmen, walks into the ghost town to meet his fate.

Derezzed is where all hell breaks loose. If this does appear in the film, it has to be an incredible action scene with chaos and explosions all around. This would be the gunfight at the O.K. Corral of TRON.

If you are a fan of film music i am sure you will enjoy this score very much. If you are a Daft Punk fan who are looking for the next great Daft Punk album, you may be setting yourself up for a letdown. This is exactly what a film score by Daft Punk should sound like and sounds perfect for the world of TRON Legacy

This is a really great album for me to drive to!

★ ★ ★ ★½

Drezzed Video

Elfman Burton Box Set: What’s Included

Tim Burton Danny Elfman Music Box

One month ago i posted a blog about The Tim Burton & Danny Elfman Music Box. I figured it would just be a box with the original soundtracks in them. I had figured it would have some extras and would come in around $200. But then i heard that it was going to be limited to 1000 pieces and it was going to cost $500 and that there would be 7 hours of additional music. There was no way i was going to spend that kind of cash on 7 hours of additional music, that i probably have heard already… Then i saw what else was included in the box.

The Book, the DVD, The Thumb Drive and a Music Box/ Zoetrope that plays “The Breakfast Machine”. Now i kind of want this really bad!! The only way i think i will be able to get this is if i win my weight loss challenge by starving myself for the next six weeks, or befriend an old crazy rich man who buys useless shit for me…Well, any old men out there who want to be my friend? Didn’t think so. Anyway, as you listeners of Cue the Music know, Danny Elfman is easily my favorite composer of all time, and i hope that any of you readers out there who happen to pick up this box set, send me a copy of the music and a ripped dvd, cause i don’t think i am willing to swing the $500….or am i?

Here is a segment of the DVD that Aint It Cool posted about Beetlejuice, which happens to be the first score i ever owned by Danny Elfman.