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Highlights of 2010


In a year in which Robert Kirkman brought his Walking Dead series to television, i found myself becoming more and more excited about his comic book Astounding Wolf-Man, drawn by Jason Howard. I like Robert’s work on the Walking Dead comic, but of his 3 books this and Invincible is where it was at in 2010!


I have never participated in an Alternate Reality Game before Flynn Lives, but i was excited about TRON Legacy and figured it could be fun. These guys sent me posters, pins and all kinds of junk, just for playing some online games. It was a blast and got me fired up for TRON!


I really like Pixar movies. A lot. But a lot of them always seem to have some action packed third act that i just loses any emotional impact. Up and Wall*E are the main culprits of this, which is why i tend to gravitate towards Ratatouille as my favorite of their films. Toy Story 3 ends with a big action set piece as it’s climax, but that is sort of the formula for Toy Story films and this one is the most emotional. Just click the link above, and watch the “hand holding scene” with Michael Giacchino’s “Life and Death” from LOST.


It’s no secret that i love The Green Lantern and nothing got me as excited this year than catching my first glimpse at the live action film that comes out next year.


This works great as an album and even better as a film score. The french electronic duo Daft Punk throw their helmets in the ring and go toe to toe with some of the greatest composers of the past 10 years and deliver a one-two punch! Their score to TRON Legacy  is incredible!

LOST: The Final Season

The End of my favorite show, LOST, happened this year and it went out with a bang! The entire sixth season played out like a reunion episode and i loved seeing all my favorite characters return for a celebration of friendship.


For hating these books with such a passion, i really found myself surprised with how much i loved this movie. I have only purchased 3 blurays this year and Kick-Ass was one of them. In case you were wondering, LOST season 6 and Fantasia were the other two.


Fact or Faked is essentially the Mythbusters of insane paranormal videos. They look at all that weird shit you see on youtube and debunk it. Sometimes they don’t debunk it and that is where things get interesting. I really enjoy this show and look forward to season two coming at the beginning of next year!


I knew that i was going to enjoy this film, but i was not prepared for how much i would love it. Tron Legacy is a sci fi film that does not cater to the dumb. It sticks pretty close to it’s roots and never lets go. I enjoyed this movie a lot an cannot wait to see it on bluray in 2011 along with its predecessor!


The Complete Metropolis

As you know one of my favorite films of all time is Metropolis. After 83 years they are about to release the most comprehensive cut of the film and i could not be any more fired up! Not only is the footage put back into the film, but it will be released on Bluray, thanks to Kino International.

If you haven’t seen this film, i highly recommend you find it and check it out. Even if you are not into silent films, it is as thrilling and more exciting than the majority of science fiction films that have been released in the last ten years.

Stick it in your queue and you won’t be disappointed. You will be a little sleepy, but not disappointed.

Highlights of 2009

What Geoff John’s did with this Green Lantern story is nothing short of spectacular. Better than anything hollywood had to offer!

This has to be my favorite comedy of the year! Paul Rudd is brilliant!

Even though this series began in 2008, the Bluray release of season 1 was stunning and great fun. Star Wars as a Serial!!
Each episode is better than the previous. The Office and 30 Rock are getting a bit on the stale side and Community is a great shot to the arm that my Thursday Night Comedies need!!
There is a reason why this won VGA’s game of the year. It is absolutely amazing. I would lend it out to friends with PS3s, if the online multi-player wasn’t so damn fun!!
Time Travel + LOST = a surprisingly easy to follow narrative!! Best show on television!!
Classic gameplay and enough bells and whistles to keep you interested. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a great addition to the side scrolling franchise!! Now i just need the Sonic Team to get the ball rolling!!
Michael Giacchino continues to impress. He put out another great season of scoring LOST and his score to Land of the Lost was really fun (even though the movie disappointed). Star Trek and Up have to be my favorite scores of the year and Giacchino continues to climb the ranks of my favorite film composers currently working!!
Hands Down my favorite film of the year. It has some familiar themes, but takes them and makes them their own. Never have i considered an asshole, good for nothing, racist, alien aborting, low-life, lackey a complete badass!! Wikus is a tortured soul who deserves every minute of hell that the MNU and Alien “Prawns” have to offer!! Yet you feel bad for him. Fantastic Film!!!

Some of My Favorite Films

32. Alien
33. Top Secret!
34. Six String Samurai
35. Brazil
36. Big Trouble in Little China
37. Summer School
38. Unbreakable
39. Dead Alive
40. Planet of the Apes
41. District 9

Some of My Favorite Films

22. Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero
23. Goonies
24. A Christmas Story
25. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
26. Blade Runner
27. Back to the Future
28. From Dusk Til Dawn
29. Ghostbusters
30. Toy Soldiers
31. Darkman

Some of My Favorite Films

11. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
12. The Forbidden Zone
13. Robocop
14. LA Confidential
15. Predator
16. Stray Dog
17. Crank
18. Time Bandits
19. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
20. The 39 Steps
21. True Lies

Top Ten Favorite Films


1. Star Wars: A New Hope
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. The Royal Tenenbaums
4. The Evil Dead
5. Fight Club
6. Metropolis
7. The Fugitive
8. CQ
9. Ed Wood
10. Casino Royale (2006)