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Patreon “25 Years of Madman!”


On this episode I am joined by one of my favorite people ever! Comic book creator and all around stand-up guy, Michael Allred! On this episode, I pick Mike’s brain about 25 years of his creation Frank Einstein, the Madman of Snap City.

We also chat about working with his wife Laura, and brother Lee on Bug!, the upcoming season of iZombie, including new artwork that he dig for Season 4’s opening title sequence, as well as an announcement on a few upcoming projects that will excite everyone!

NOTE: Because this is a live phone recording, we only had one shot to get everything right and technology always gets in the way, so there are a few audio bumps in the road. Please forgive me!

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Yeah, I Know…

It has been a really long time since I have posted here, but I assure you that I am still alive. I have been busy with work, life and writing. If you want to know what is going on with my writing, please follow me at…


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See ya soon!

Green Lantern Blu-Ray – Review

Green Lantern Blu Ray Review

Because Green Lantern didn’t make any money and WB didn’t want to spend any more advertising on it, you probably didn’t know that it was released last Friday on DVD and Blu-ray. Being a fan of the comic and the film, I did know about it and am very pleased with the result.

Green Lantern is not the best comic book adaptation, but I can say that the extended cut benefits greatly from the 9 minutes added to it. For those of you that have seen the film, you will not get any more Green Lantern stuff in the extended cut, but you will get some pretty important backstory that I felt gave the film more heart as well as established all the main characters better. You know how in the movie you see scenes where apparently Hector, Hal and Carol all knew each other as kids? Well in here you see that. You know how in the movie you are supposed to believe that Hal idolized his father growing up? Well in this cut you see that as well.

I have no idea why the film makers would take out these crucial character introductions, I assume they just  took out all the exposition so that they could get to Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern faster. The problem with the theatrical cut is that you get Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern faster, but you don’t care about his character and know little about him when he puts on the ring, so you lose any of the humanity from Hal. In the theatrical cut, you know he is a brash test pilot who doesn’t look before he leaps, but in this extended cut, you know why he is the way he is and he comes off as more sympathetic. Removing this from the theatrical cut was a big misstep.

Now lets talk about the extra features, most notably the Maximum Movie Mode! This is one of those picture in picture features that plays in the foreground as the film plays. What is great about this version is it is basically a camera crew following Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment & Current GL Mastermind) as he acts as your tour guide through the entire production of the Green Lantern film. He interviews art directors, costume designers, special effects supervisors, actors and more! Any diehard fan of Green Lantern knows that Geoff Johns may very well be THE biggest fan of the Green Lantern on the planet and this Maximum Movie mode shows that off perfectly. Watching the look on Goeff Johns’ face as all of the creative team talks about Green Lantern with such respect is worth watching this feature alone. Any fan would love to have access to what Geoff Johns had during the making of the film and it is a joy to go with him on this journey.

The very best part of the Maximum Movie Mode is watching Johns talking to Mark Strong as he is sitting in a makeup chair. Here you have the biggest Green Lantern fan on the planet talking to a well respected actor, who is in complete Sinestro makeup talking seriously about the Green Lantern mythos. Even though he doesn’t say it, you can tell that Geoff Johns is thinking, “Pinch me, I am dreaming”. It is really great for any GL fan.

In addition to the feature length Maximum Movie Mode, you get about an hour and a half of Green Lantern featurettes. Even though there are two Green Lantern animated films (Green Lantern:First Flight/Green Lantern:Emerald Knights) there was never really a proper documentary about Green Lantern comics. There is a great documentary on here that tackles the different eras of Green Lantern in comic books. From the Denny O’Neil & Neal Adams’ Green Lantern/Green Arrow run all the way to Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night, this is a great documentary that gives the uninitiated GL fan a basic breakdown of the history of Hal Jordan.

There are also several documentaries on the making of the film that are all wonderful. What is best about all of these featurettes is the fact that they are all in HD. In addition to the featurettes you get some cool deleted scenes from the movie as well as a ten minute preview of the Green Lantern Animated Series that comes out on 11/11/11 on Cartoon Network!

Everything about this set is great! From the extended cut to the features, I am sure that it will please all fans of the Green Lantern film and books. I hope that all the efforts that everyone made to get Green Lantern to the big screen will get the chance to make a sequel.

Extended Cut: ★ ★ ★ ★½

Special Features: ★ ★ ★ ★

Stamp: The Cricket – Facebook Page

The Cricket Comic

As things start moving forward on the book, I want to make sure that everyone is in the loop, so I have created a Facebook Page. Head over to Facebook and “LIKE” Stamp: The Cricket!!

I will be posting Drawings, News, Fan Art and more fun stuff as we get further into the production of the book.

Look before you leap!

Media Junkyard Interviews – Green Lantern Animated Series & Children’s Hospital

Media Junkyard

Thanks to the folks at MediaJunkyard.Com, I was able to attend this years Comic Con. Trying to get tickets online was impossible for me and because they got me a press pass for the weekend, I did some press for them. I have never done video interviews before, but it was a lot of fun. I would definitely want to do this again. Here are the press lines that I was a part of. It was very nerve wracking but fun!



Behind the scenes tidbits: Those ladies sure liked talking close and the event coordinators constantly tap your shoulders to speed things up, so thats why everything is so rushed.

Holy Shit…

…It has been over a month since I have updated the old blog. It’s not like I have had nothing to talk about, it’s just that I have been so busy. Last weekend I attended my seventh Comic Con in a row and boy are my feet sore! I could talk a lot about it, but I don’t have much energy to put in a whole review. If you check out my pictures on FACEBOOK, it will be worth 86,000 words!

Speaking of pictures, here are two of the highlights from this pass weekend:

TR!CKSTER Symposium


On Saturday I went to an offsite event that was an incredible experience. Hosted at the TR!CKSTER Bar/Gallery/Music Venue/Comfy Hangout, this Symposium was just what i needed to get some focus on my writing. In fact, this symposium got me so motivated that I have already set aside one day a week to focus completely on my creative writing. Thanks to Scott Morse and EVERYONE who created and organized this amazing oasis of creative talent.

Joëlle Jones Cricket SketchThe second picture is a commission that I received from Joëlle Jones of The Cricket. Between the symposium and this beautiful drawing of The Cricket, I am incredibly anxious to get moving on the book. I would really like to tell this story and I hope that my life allows me to move forward and really hunker down to finish writing it!

Yesterday, while I was at work, all I could to is think about The Cricket. I wanted to take Joëlle’s drawing of The Cricket and make it my desktop wallpaper. Since the drawing was more of a vertical piece as opposed to a landscape image, I widened it out and colored it. I hope that she doesn’t mind the alterations I made, but by having it on my desktop at all times, it allows me to constantly be reminded of the adventures I could be telling.

The Cricket Comic

Here’s to the future and all the amazing people who inspire me!


Kidnapping Kevin Smith Graphic Novel by Chad Blakely


The brand new, original graphic novel, “Kidnapping Kevin Smith” is also the first publication from upstart comic imprint, pathetic aesthetic comics and from creator Chad Blakely!

The tale of two slacker comic book store employees (Ralph Norman and Jeff Lee), who have big dreams, but zero initiative or zero prospects.  That all changes when Ralph; the “brains” of the operation, hatches a scheme to kidnap indy filmmaker Kevin Smith and force him to write a screenplay for them.  Kind of a cross between the movies “Ruthless People” and “Misery”; with the foul mouthed comedy of Kevin Smith.  Their plans take a turn for the worse (or better, depending on who’s side you’re on) when Kevin Smith contacts the outside world and alerts his fan base that he’s been abducted.

Produced by Chad Blakely, “Kidnapping Kevin Smith”  is a new one shot graphic novel, being self published under Blakely’s own imprint pathetic aesthetic comics. Michael and Laura Allred (Madman; I, Zombie) produced the cover art for this graphic novel, capturing the sense of comedy and danger of the story.

“Kidnapping Kevin Smith” will be solicited in the June issue of Previews.