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(art by Phil Noto)

I can’t wait until Star Wars Episode VII comes out. So until then, I will speculate what it will be like. In other words, check out my fan fiction!

We open up on outer space and shit. The camera pans down and we see the city planet of Coruscant. A small stealthy attack ship darts past the camera towards the unsuspecting planet. Under the cover of night stealth droids ascend upon a really cool looking palace. The stealth droids start to make their way past security while ducking into the shadows. They get caught and there is a firefight, full of lasers.

You find out that this is the palace of Queen Leia and King Solo. They pull out their guns and join the fight! BAM!! So down the hall there is this girl. She is Princess Leia Jr. and she is running away from the fight. She makes her way down to the royal garage where she is looking for an escape ship, but there are Stealth Droids blasting them to smithereens.

Princess Leia Jr. ducks in the shadows and goes to a secret garage below the main deck. Down there is the Millenium Falcon!! Oh snap! She boards the ship, where she discovers C3-PO and uses him as her co-pilot as it rockets into outer space.

Lost and alone, Princess Leia Jr. wanders the galaxy. Not fully grasping the nature of the attackers, she decides to seek out the one person she could trust. She flies to Dagobah to find her uncle.

For the last 30 years, Luke Skywalker has been living as a hermit on the swamp planet with R2-D2 as his only companion. Ever since his brush with the Dark Side during the Battle of Endor, Luke has been meditating and doing everything to suppress the rage that started him on a dark path.

Princess Leia Jr shows up and there is a touching reunion between 3PO and R2. Luke listens to his niece’s story and must find it in himself to teach her the ways of the force, find more Jedi allies and track down the evil forces that have put the new republic in peril. Luke will try to atone for the sins of his father and restore greatness to the Skywalker name…

Then all kinds of Star Wars happen!

Green Lantern The Animated Series


Hello DC Nation Fans.

I just came off an emergency Fantern podcast where we discussed what can be done, what is being done, and what should be done to help our beloved shows in the most effective way possible. There were people with ties to the industry and people who have been through both successful and failed fan attempts to bolster shows in similar situations. We want to do the most good with the least wasted effort and energy by these wonderful fans, so here’s what we need the fans of “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” and “Young Justice” to do, and what not do.


  • Watch all of the remaining episodes of the shows for both series. Legally. Catch it live, DVR, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video. Sharing download links and illegal live-streams are not helping the shows right now.
  • Be polite, courteous, and respectful in any and all correspondence with Cartoon Network.
  • E-mail Cartoon Network. Use this form: “Programming” > “Other Shows”. Be brief (2 or 3 lines is sufficient). Be positive in how you word everything. Fill out every box on the form. Mention if you bought merchandise or watched the show on TV. They do read these emails.
  • Tweet (unique individual tweets are better than retweets, think spam filters). Hit @CartoonNetwork. Use any combo of these Hashtags:#BringBackDCNation#DCNation#GLTAS#YoungJustice.
  • Post encouraging messages about how much you love the shows and want additional seasons on the official Facebook accounts Cartoon Network and DC Nation. (If you’re not being rude/negative or copy-pasting, they won’t delete you.) The fan-run FB pages are for organizing efforts and trading info. When you want CN to hear you, post to their official pages.
  • Remember that the people at Cartoon Network are real people with feelings who are just running a business. Treat them as such.
  • If everyone can make an effort to tweet, email, and make Facebook posts at minimum once a day, we may be able to get CN to bend an ear to our efforts.
  • Send words of thanks and support to your show’s cast & crew on Twitter & Tumblr. Let them know that no matter what, they’ve created something beautiful and loved.


  • Bash our sibling shows. We’re in this one together. “Symbiosi.” Together.Fanterns don’t abandon members of our crew.
  • Be rude, curse, threaten, etc. Every time you’re angry and childish at them, they’re not going to listen to you. Save the key-smashing for your personal journals.
  • Do not use form letters, copy & paste, or only retweet. Repeated text is going to get caught up in spam filters and the effort will be for nothing. We need to show that each message is from a thinking and caring individual, not a bot.
  • Do not email individuals, whether it’s your buddy who works in the industry, or a CEO’s email address you got a hold of. We need to show strength in numbers, and that needs to go through the official channels right now.
  • Do not waste your time signing petitions. Your heart is in the right place, but they have ZERO effect. They’re easily hacked, and have next to no vetting. The network does not care and will not pay any attention to them, no matter how well-meaning. The time you spent signing the petition, you could have used sending a two line email to Cartoon Network.
  • Do NOT deface wiki articles, hack websites, leave digital nasty-grams, attack individuals (that “satan” crap with the photo of one of the CN executives needs to stop, RIGHT NOW). Every time that happens you make CN less inclined to work with us.
  • I know there was discussion earlier of potentially sending physical items to Cartoon Network headquarters. Let’s put that on hold for now, and see if we can get a reaction this way first. We’ll save the physical avalanche for a later round. When/if we go there, do not send liquids, things that will rot, or things that night break in such a way as might create a hazard for the person opening them.

Stay positive, DC Nation. Hope is not entirely lost yet.

Ghostbusters 3

If i had any kind of pull in Hollywood i would use my powers to invade the producers who are making Ghostbusters 3 and force them to make my version of the film. I am sure that this could be considered Fan Fic, but i think of it as more of a kick as idea that should be a real movie. So far from what i have heard, this new Ghostbusters film is along the lines of what i had in mind.

First off, i think that 20 years after the events of Ghostbusters 2, that the Ghostbusters have become Corporate and all of our favorite Ghostbusters from the past now work in New York at “Spook Central” aka the Ghostbusters Corporate Offices. Ghostbusters is now a thriving business and many franchises are popping up across the united states.

My story starts with a small group of college graduates and slackers that decide to start up their very own Ghostbusters Franchise. This story will expand on what was shown in the first Ghostbusters, with the struggle of starting a new business. But this time around, we will get to see what it is like to become a Ghostbuster. We will follow the crew as they pick out a location for their HQ and we will get to see the Franchise Package provided from Corporate. This packet will have instruction manuals (Tobin’s Spirit Guide Cliffs Notes), Computer Discs to upload your Franchise into the GB Mainframe and the best part is an introductory DVD that has the legal ins and outs of starting up your franchise, hosted by Lewis Tulley and Original Ghostbusters (“We’re Ready to Accept You!”). A training manual and instructional video will also be included, along with some Ghostbusting tests and tips.

You will also learn about the Storage Containment Cleaning that happens on a weekly basis. A large truck will show up at your Franchise location hook up to your Spirit Storage Containment Grid and clear it of all entities and dispose of them into one main facility that is monitored in the middle of the Nevada desert.

The story of these guys will follow them as they struggle through their new business. The ups and down of being a franchise and the rivalries that come with competing Ghostbusters. The new Ghostbusters keep encountering a “free repeater”. They start to realize that this “free repeater” is trying to send a message to the Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters figure out that they are able to communicate with this ghost through EVP. They find out through this ghost that there is a weakness in the main grid and that there is an entity in the grid that is swallowing up other spirits and intends on gaining enough energy to break free from the facility through sheer force. This entity grows stronger with each containment grid drop off from all of the nation’s Ghostbusters.

In the end this entity has manifested itself into a physical form the only way a ghost can, by way of ectoplasm. This ectoplasm entity is ten stories high and it is up to all the Ghostbusters franchises around the united states, to band together and stop this creature in an all out war. With their backs up against the wall, the Ghostbusters cannot think of a way to stop this threat. In a last ditch effort, there is only one place to call, Ghosbusters Corporate. After making their way through the automated phone system (Janine’s voice), the New Ghostbusters contact Ray Stantz in the Applied Sciences department. Ray gathers the rest of the original Ghostbusters to figure out how to stop this creature. They suit up and join the fight! I am pretty sure that by the end of this story, every last person in a Ghostbuster uniform is covered with slime.


I have thought about this version of GB3 for a few years now and i hope that whatever the guys come up with for the actual part 3 is anywhere as cool as what is in my head.

Fingers Crossed.

It’s All Coming Together

The last time i talked about my writing, i mentioned doing a story about a “Former Child Star”. Since then, a lot has changed. I had put that short story on hold until i finished doing some fan fiction that i had hoped would become a published story. I am about two-thirds through with that one, but it too is going to be shelved for a bit.

I am really looking forward this next story line that i am working on. Or should i say, Co-Working on! That is right, i am teaming up with another writer on a project that i have high hopes for. The basic concept was revealed to me a couple of days ago and my creative juices have been flowing ever since.

When i quit Disneyland, i had big dreams of telling stories through words. It seems like this is gonna be one the best opportunities thus far. It would be a dream come true if this all comes together!

Dancing Deathfoot III

Many years ago i did some work with Associated Films, a small independent group that made movies on the weekends for no money. Along the way we met up with the folks from Scavenger Films and would make 24hour movies. These were movies that had to be conceived, written, shot, edited and scored within a 24 hour time period.

A lot of the gang took turns at the helm of each film, when it came time to direct mine, i chose a Kung-Fu epic. Me and my friend Dylan had talked about doing a movie for Scavenger Fest that was shot entirely in reverse. The result was Dancing Deathfoot III.

It was a little tough staying awake during the entire shooting schedule, which lasted from about 10:30pm until 11:00am, but it was worth it. I remember being able to catch some sleep during the editing process. When i woke up we had only enough time to dub the audio live, in one take. Everyone who was providing the voice over needed to know the entire story and each scene, because we were only going to get one shot at laying down an audio track.

If you notice, i provide the voice for the main villain, and a lot of time i am not “synced” up correctly, because we were all using one microphone and my vision of the screen would be blocked. The interesting thing about this “live” recording was that not only did i provide the voice of the villain, i also performed the Nose Flute for the song, which was also done in the same take. To this day, it amazes me that ALL the audio was done in one take. This is just a testament to the people involved.

Another testament to the talent behind the film, is that when we presented this movie, a mere 24 hours after we got the “Rules”, nobody had realized that the ENTIRE movie was shot and acted in reverse. It would usually take a second viewing to notice how well the gang “backwards acted”.

I wish that i had gotten more than 24 hours to write and direct it, but all in all i am INCREDIBLY proud of “DANCING DEATHFOOT III: Revenge of the Unscrupulous Kung-Fu

Former Child Star

I am currently writing a comic book script that I hope will go places. It is a one shot and I am spending a lot of time to make it the best possible story i can make it.

Soon after I finish that, i may actually write a short four or five page comic script that I will illustrate myself. It will take place over the course of one evening after a former child star gets off of his dull, dead end job. He reflects on his past as well as his future.

It is a story of reflection, despair and how the thing you wanted most in your life was probably not the best possible solution. It’s about making choices, telling truths about yourself and dealing with a world that does not see you as special anymore.

I am really excited about writing this and because it is going to be short, it will be easy to edit and tweak and perfect. Visually, i see the art in my head. I see it as thin black cross hatching. Very dark, very moody. It will have that private eye noir, walking in the rain, voice over feel to it.

I am really fired up on it and my ultimate goal is to submit it to Image Comics and hope it is good enough to make it in a future issue of POPGUN!

Stationed in Siberia

I woke up this morning with an inspiration for a film. This has never happened to me really, but i think it is a funny concept. The whole movie takes place in the 80’s. The movie would follow two buddies who get stationed in Siberia by accident and when they get there they have to deal with all the asshole bad guys from other 80’s movies that get stationed in Siberia at the end of their films. The buddies take the very uptight compound of assholes and turns it into a party resort.