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@AlrightPodcast “Summer Jam!”

 – Kevin and Ralph are talking about Summer Slam 2019, which was kind of a success!! They also get into the Lion King, SDCC, Hollywood Horror Nights and a whole lot more!! Kick back and enjoy!

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@AlrightPodcast “Shaking Things Up”

 – Ralph and Kevin are chatting about earthquakes, movies, Universal Studios, Galaxy’s Edge, Dr. Who Magazine, SDCC, life, Ireland, Wrestling and everything else under the sun!!

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@AlrightPodcast “Rumble ’19: The Man”


EPISODE 147 – Kevin and Ralph are discussing one thing, and one thing only. The seven hour long Royal Rumble!!

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@AlrightPodcast “Aqua Box”


EPISODE 146 – Ralph and Kevin are catching up on a lot of stuff, including Aquaman, Bird Box, Titans, Bandersnatch, Wrestling, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, becoming Michael Meyers and a whole lot more!!

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@AlrightPodcast “Doctor Whoville”


EPISODE 145 – Kevin and Ralph are chatting about the new Doctor, Venom, Star Wars: Resistance, DC’s Titans, work, friends and a whole lot more!!!

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@AlrightPodcast “Summer Goulash”

 – Ralph and Kevin are chatting about a WHOLE lot of stuff on this episode, including: San Diego Comic Con, Doctor Who, LOST, Aquaman, Shazam!, AppleTv 4, The “All In” wrestling event in Chicago, The Star Wars VR experience, changes to their work, Ant-Man & The Wasp and a whole lot more… and we mean a whole lot more!!

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@AlrightPodast “Sonic Piledriver”

Episode 143 
– Kevin and Ralph are here to chat about a WWE Raw Live show, the new Sonic Screwdriver, upcoming events such as the Friday the 13th VHS Dude show and SDCC2018!

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