Live Action Star Wars

@LiveActionSW – Star Wars’ Mystery Mini-Rig!

MINI EPISODE – Ralph and James, while recording an upcoming episode discover this bizarre Mini-Rig Star Wars vehicle behind the scenes of the Battle of Hoth. Not seen in the film, but definitely made for the picture. Let us know in the chat below what this vehicle might be!

Original John Williams Documentary:

UPDATE: Pablo Hidalgo (@pabl0hidalgo) on Twitter:

“This is the “Rebel cannon sled”, a piece of production design that attempted to maximize value by building it on a real vehicle. In this case, an AKTIV snow trac sled.”

“The blueprints for it call out the snow trac base as well as its use of an ‘existing cannon unit.’”

“You may occasionally find photos of Luke in his snowspeeder pilot manning the guns online labeled as a ‘deleted scene’. It’s not. It’s more like a photo opportunity, as this prop / vehicle was on set that day.”

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