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@AssociatedFilms – The Pursuit 7

Over the course of the entire Quarantine, I have been scheming to put together a secret Pursuit movie for Associated Films. It would be a sequel to Pursuit Kids: Hit and Son. I asked my nephews if they would return and they graciously agreed. After months of extensive prep, we finally shot it in one morning and one evening along with long time collaborator Jeff Horn, who shot my Riverman Trailer.

One of the things that you need to make a Pursuit movie is to have a case, a very specific case. The original case belongs to Dylan, and if you want to make a secret Pursuit movie, you will need to find a case without him knowing. Thank god for eBay!

Another key ingredient in a Pursuit film is the inclusion of James “Hit” Soeffner! I let him know what I was doing and told him what I needed to get him in the film. Thanks to his better half, Phenocia, they went out and matched a shot that Jeff and I did during our initial shoot. Their shot is so good and matched our footage perfectly. It’s amazing, considering that they shot it a week later and 400 miles away! It looks so real.

The post credit scene was something I thought up early on. Months before the shooting began, I contacted Lisa and Becky to see if they would be interested in doing this bit. The shooting only took about 15 minutes, but they were willing to come all this way to join me and Stevi to make their Pursuit debut!! Not wanting to leave out Jocelyn in this badass girl gang, she joined us to reprise her roll from Pursuit 4: Orange Crush!

Now that there are multiple cases in the hands of Associated Films’ members, I am willing to hand it off so that the Pursuit will continue!!

Thanks for watching,

Ralph “Run” Apel

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