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John Powell, who happens to be one of my all-time favorite composers, just got the Han Solo scoring gig! I’m very excited to hear what he has in store for the film, and this news has prompted me to do a Cue the Music episode that focuses on some of my favorite cues from his library. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.


00:04 – “My Day So Far” Jumper
04:49 – “The Fire Truck” Evolution
07:18 – “The Water Park” Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
09:43 – “The Colony” Antz (with Harry Gregson-Williams)
11:42 – “Activation” The Bourne Identity
13:56 – “Nach Deutschland” The Bourne Supremacy
16:42 – “Joyride” Hancock
18:46 – “Test Drive” How to Train Your Dragon
21:27 – “Rita” I Am Sam
24:53 – “The New Plan” The Italian Job
30:07 – “In Austria” Knight and Day
31:40 – “Desert Piss” Mr. & Mrs. Smith
33:08 – “21 Items (Remix)” Paycheck
36:04 – “Wolfe Pack” Paycheck
38:55 – “Robots Overture” Robots
43:00 – “The Last Stand” X3
48:39 – “Selenium” Evolution

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