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Hey, do you guys remember when I lost 27lbs in 12 weeks? Well all that weight is back and then some! Hoo-ray for delicious food and no self control. So, in 2013 I will resolve to fix this situation. Sure I used the word resolve, but this is not a New Years’ Resolution. I’ve always felt like New Years’ Resolutions were like giving something up for Lent. You do it until the time is up, then you go back to your old routine. This is something different.

Over the last year I have been creating a comic book called New Olympus with a great friend named Kevin Stone. We are doing everything we can to make sure that this book is pushed through to completion and we are enjoying the ride. I would like to make more comic books with Kevin as well as other artists. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my noggin and would hate to see them go to waste because I died from lack of self control while eating delicious food.

So here is the deal. I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies and he does this thing on Twitter and Facebook where he talks about finding “The Spark“. It boils down to taking any little bit of motivation you have inside of you and turning it into something big!

Tomorrow I will post a tweet with a picture of myself (similar to the ones below) asking @schwarzenegger to retweet my post, which will in turn give me my very own spark to begin a strict diet and regular exercise routine. If he does retweet me, it will give me an incredible amount of motivation to get started on this change. If he doesn’t, then I will probably do it anyway.

So, follow me on Twitter and on this blog and I will keep you all updated on the status!





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One response to “#Spark”

  1. shellevator says :

    Hey, Ralph. Just wanted to tell you this is really cool and share a link to a blog of a friend from Columbia who started a similar journey last year. Maybe you’ll find it inspiring. http://www.chipoglesby.com/2013/01/make-a-difference/

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