The Mood Swing – Vol. 3

What you are reading right now just may be the final “Mood Swing” playlist description.  As it stands, each of the previous album art represents one point in my life and does not necessarily reflect the music on each album. The first Mood Swing featured a picture of my Grandfather. That was a time in my life when I was very happy. The Second Mood Swing featured a picture of me by myself. Although the picture was pretty recent, it reminded me of a time in my life when i felt heartbroken, lonely and abandoned. The album art that you see above represents my life right now. The music that is on this playlist does not necessarily go along with the image above. For the most part i am pretty happy right now. There are some aspects to my life that get me in a bit of a funk and if it weren’t for my wife, i would pretty much have nothing. On the Mood Swing vol. 3, you will hear some music that is joyous and some music that is sad. I did not want to end this playlist on a down note, so i tried to give it a hopeful ending.  Until something drastically changes in my life, this will be the final Mood Swing playlist and is meant to be played in conjunction with the previous two playlists. Enjoy.


The Mood Swing 3
“Uncontrollable Urge” – Devo
“Strange Magic” – Electric Light Orchestra
“Good for your Soul” – Oingo Boingo
“The Breeze” – Tulsi
“I Can See It In Your Eyes” – Men at Work
“Can’t See (useless)” – Boingo
“See You” – Depeche Mode
“52” – Combustible Edison
“Who Can Stop The Rain” – The Thompson Twins
“We Have All the Time in the World” – Iggy Pop feat. David Arnold
“Nobody’s Fault But My Own” – Beck
“Watching the Wheels” – John Lennon
“Topaz” – The B-52’s
“To Match the Sun” – Jane’s Addiction




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