The Green Lantern Score

Last year I created a wish list of composers that i wanted to see get a crack at the Green Lantern score. Luckily, my second favorite film composer of all time, James Newton Howard, got the gig.

The score has been recording for the last couple of week and James Newton Howard’s arranger, Stuart M Thomas has been updating the status of the Green Lantern score via his twitter feed. Here are some of the things we can look forward to.

March 23 – “Orchestration has begun on #GreenLantern. Scoring in two weeks!” //oh we’re bringin’ it…!”

March 25 – “Maxing out Pro Tools on #GreenLantern music. Damn this is a big score…”

March 26 – “Sound Effects and Music meeting for #GreenLantern. Film is looking and sounding awesome!”

March 28 – “Saw new CGI on #GreenLantern today. This thing is awesome!”

March 30 – “The brass section is going to need a vacation after recording this score.”

March 30 – “Played music for the climax of the film today for Martin, Donald et al. Heart pounding music for a thrilling climax. Loving #GreenLantern !”

April 1 – “4 days til orchestra! #GreenLantern”

April 2 – “I am looking forward to the score more than anything. I am jealous!” //whole movie is great. You’ll love it!”

April 4 – “Pete Anthony is conducting the score?”

April 5 – “Heading to Sony to set up for scoring #GreenLantern.”

April 6 – “First day of scoring on #GreenLantern. Music by James Newton Howard.”

April 11 – “String overdubs and percussion tracking on #GreenLantern today. Last 5 days was 104 piece orchestra. (w/8 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 8 Trombones!)”

April 12 – “Starting to mix music for #GreenLantern today. Choir being recorded this week as well!”

Sounds like really exciting stuff. If there is anything about Green Lantern that i am looking forward to the most is the score by James Newton Howard. If you want to follow Stuart M Thomas, his twitter feed is @DogTownMusic

65 Days Until Release


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4 responses to “The Green Lantern Score”

  1. Stevi Apel says :

    If there is anything about Green Lantern that I’m excited about, it’s listening to this score with you. We all know it’ll be the soundtrack of my existence for a year or two!

  2. Darryl says :

    Any new news on the score?

    • casinoskunk says :

      The only news i have heard is that we should be hearing samples soon. Also WB’s says that the score will be available on May 24th, but that seems a bit soon.

      I am currently trying to secure an interview with James Newton Howard for but haven’t heard back from his office yet.

      I will update more as the information comes in.

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