TRON Legacy Soundtrack in Chronological Order

Daft Punk's TRON Legacy Soundtrack Chronological Order

As you know, I really liked the score for TRON Legacy by Daft Punk. I liked it so much that I went around the internet and downloaded all of the exclusive tracks that were provided by different websites. A few days ago I purchased TRON Legacy on Bluray and took some notes as to where all the cues fit into the film. Here is a list of all available tracks placed in chronological order.

  1. Overture
  2. The Grid
  3. The Son of Flynn
  4. Encom Part I (Special Edition CD)
  5. Encom Part II (Special Edition CD)
  6. Recognizer
  7. Armory
  8. Arena
  9. Round One (Special Edition CD)
  10. Rinzler
  11. The Game Has Changed
  12. Outlands
  13. Father and Son (iTunes Exclusive)
  14. Adagio for TRON
  15. Nocturne
  16. Outlands, Part II (iTunes Exclusive)
  17. End of Line
  18. Reflections (Special Edition CD)
  19. Castor (Special Edition CD)
  20. Derezzed
  21. Fall
  22. Sea of Simulation (Amazon Exclusive)
  23. Solar Sailor
  24. Rectifier
  25. Disc Wars
  26. C.L.U.
  27. Arrival
  28. Flynn Lives
  29. Sunrise Prelude (Nokia Exclusive)
  30. TRON Legacy [End Titles]
  31. Finale

This is not a perfect list. There are some music cues in the film that aren’t available for purchase and some tracks such as “Castor” are split up between two scenes.  I have scoured the internet looking for a list like this, but nobody has the answers. So until I see a more comprehensive list, this is the playlist that I am going with, even though I feel that the original album is the best way to listen to this score.


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40 responses to “TRON Legacy Soundtrack in Chronological Order”

  1. Ryan says :

    Well done! The Internet owes you a debt.

    • casinoskunk says :

      Yeah! What the heck, internet? You owe me!

      I demand macaroni pictures.

      • Scott says :

        There is one song on the soundtrack that I can’t find. It is when in the club the guy(can’t remember his name) tells Daft Punk to electrifi the place and they go in to an amazing sounding peice of Trance. I would like the whole song. Do you know what it is called?

  2. Ted says :

    Great job, thanks. However, I’m pretty sure “Father and Son” plays in the middle of the film when they are reunited, not in the beginning with young Sam. Also, how do I get Sunrise Prelude? I have all the other exclusice tracks, but this one eludes me. Thanks for the help.

  3. Chad says :

    There is a bittorrent on that has all those songs you have listed plus six more. They are:

    1) Trailer Opening
    2) Flynn Remembers
    3) City Reveal
    4) Victory
    5) Battle
    6) Alan Bradley’s Message

    Have you heard these and do you know where they go?

    Name of bittorrent is:
    Daft Punk – TRON Legacy Soundtrack [Complete Edition](MP3@320Kbps)

    • Chad says :

      I figured these out…

      Trailer Opening is music from the trailer.
      Flynn Remembers is music from the XBOX videogame.
      City Reveal is really Armory.
      Victory is really Recognizer.
      Battle is really Fall.
      Alan Bradley’s Message would come between Encom Part II and Recognizer.

    • casinoskunk says :

      I don’t use bit torrents and have no idea where they go.

  4. endofrico says :

    Thanks for putting this together! “Disc Wars” is in the wrong place. Despite it’s name, the track has nothing to do with the the video games. It should actually go between “Rectifier” & “C.L.U.”

  5. isotonerbob says :

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t “The Grid” play before “Overture”?

  6. myth says :

    i made a similar list myself a while back. it has a few changes.
    “father and son” indeed appears after the “the grid”. after “Encom II” the first half of “flynn lives” appeared in the movie. In the movie, “Disc wars” did not appear during the disc games, but rather when sam fights (off-screen) to collect flynn’s disc, thus it appears between “rectifier” and “c.l.u.”. latter portion of “Adagio for TRON” appears after Tron is killed, thus immediately after “c.l.u”

    anyway, found this right now … thought you might like it as well

    • casinoskunk says :

      Thanks for the heads up. Yeah it is tough when tracks are split up across the soundtrack. It would be nice if they release a complete chronological score album.

  7. Zeus says :

    thanks dude, just what i was looking for 🙂

  8. Robbie says :

    Nice list! I would like to point out that Sunrise Prelude is the final song in the film before the credits as it’s what plays when Sam tells Quora he wants to show her something and takes her to see her first sunrise.

    You can see/hear for yourself here:

    Again, great work!

  9. Ralph- says :

    Thanks for the heads up. The problem has been recified! 🙂

  10. ToastyKen says :

    Also, Solar Sailor only appears after the end titles. The part after Sea of Simulation is actually Sunrise Prelude.

  11. Ed says :

    Actually Father And Son plays between Flynn Lives and Sunrise Prelude, as Sam’s copying to disk and telling Alan he’s retaking the company.

  12. Ralph- says :

    Are those just pieces of those cues reused for those scenes?

  13. casinoskunk says :

    Scott, the song you are looking for is called “CASTOR” and it is on the special edition double disc set.

  14. ebor1 says :

    now i cant wait for Tron: Uprising. Ever since i watched legacy i became a tron-nerd lol i decided to watch the 1982 movie as well to understand the story.

  15. CD says :

    Here is a more thorough list:

    00 – Overture (02:28)
    01 – The Grid (Film Version Instrumental) (01:39)
    02 – Father and Son Prelude (Unreleased) (01:28)
    03 – Missing (Unreleased) (01:29)
    04 – The Son of Flynn (01:35)
    05 – ENCOM Part 1 (03:52)
    06 – ENCOM Part 2 (02:17)
    07 – The Arcade (Unreleased) (00:52)
    08 – Recognizer (Film Version) (02:51)
    09 – Not the Games (Unreleased) (00:44)
    10 – Armory (02:02)
    11 – Arena (01:33)
    12 – Round One (01:40)
    13 – Round Two (Unreleased) (01:12)
    14 – Rinzler (Film Version) (02:17)
    15 – Not Your Father (Unreleased) (01:18)
    16 – Fireworks (Unreleased) (00:23)
    17 – Challenge of the Grid (Unreleased) (00:54)
    18 – The Game Has Changed (03:25)
    19 – Outlands (02:42)
    20 – Father and Son (Film Version Alternate) (03:20)
    20 – Father and Son (Film Version) (03:49)
    21 – Your Move, Flynn (Unreleased) (00:21)
    22 – Adagio for TRON (04:11)
    23 – Nocturne (01:41)
    24 – Flynn’s Dream (Unreleased) (02:08)
    25 – Outlands, Part II (02:53)
    26 – End of Line (Film Version Castor Edit) (02:46)
    27 – Reflections (Film Version) (02:38)
    28 – Castor (Film Version) (02:07)
    29 – Derezzed (Film Version) (01:41)
    30 – Fall (Film Version) (01:23)
    31 – Sea of Simulation (02:41)
    32 – The Boy and Flynn are Gone (Unreleased) (00:26)
    33 – Father and Son II (Unreleased Alternate) (01:50)
    33 – Father and Son II (Unreleased) (02:29)
    34 – Footprints (Unreleased) (00:18)
    35 – Enjoy the Drink (Unreleased) (01:31)
    36 – Sunrise Prelude (02:50)
    37 – New Course (Unreleased) (01:13)
    38 – Rinzler II (Unreleased) (00:53)
    39 – Rare Bird (Unreleased) (02:44)
    40 – Rectifier (02:14)
    41 – Disc Wars (Film Version Alternate) (04:29)
    41 – Disc Wars (Film Version) (04:29)
    42 – C.L.U. (Film Version) (04:39)
    43 – TRON (Unreleased) (01:15)
    44 – Arrival (02:00)
    45 – Flynn Lives (03:22)
    46 – Alan Bradley’s Message (Unreleased) (01:50)
    47 – Sunrise (Unreleased) (01:26)
    48 – TRON Legacy (End Titles – Film Version) (02:38)
    48 – TRON Legacy (End Titles) (03:17)
    49 – Solar Sailer (Film Version) (02:00)
    49 – Solar Sailer (02:42)
    50 – Finale (Film Version) (02:41)
    50 – Finale (04:22)

    • adrian says :

      Does anyone think there is a realistic chance of getting a petition together and requesting they release kind of like an “ultimate edition” of Tron legacy soundtrack, with every single track on there? I would be more then happily to fork out that little bit more then usual for a CD set of high quality tracks.
      Daft Punk and co efforts on this film score was just brilliant. Its the best music I’ve heard in a long time for a film.

      Ive found that some of the best tracks in the film are not on the CD, which is a shame because the shitty quality Mp3 versions that were released just fall apart when you crank them on a decent sound

      Any thoughts?

      • Kevin McCarty says :

        I would just like to fit everything on one disc; I’m getting tired of “Digital Soundtracks” being released for movies that are “Disc 1” which is just shy of an hour of music, then “Disc 2″…which is like 4 tracks. I want the WHOLE score on one disc; I can’t be switching discs while I’m driving for only 4 songs.

      • ToastyKen says :

        Well, CDs can only hold 80 minutes, and the full Tron Legacy soundtrack is more than that. Your only solution is to use an MP3 player with your car instead. :\

    • Avenged110 says :

      That’s the soundtrack I want…

  16. Kevin McCarty says :

    I don’t care if there’s two CDs; I have plenty of movie soundtracks/ Scores that have two discs. Most notably, the “Ultimate” editions of sound scores from the Star Wars films. Each CD is under the 80 minute limit, but they are equal in length. My complaint was that Disney released the soundtrack in stores as 1 incomplete CD, and on iTunes as that single CD and then a second bonus disc…with 6 tracks on it. I would have hoped the Digital version would be done more uniformly, perhaps rearranged for correct order. If the guys from OCReMix can pump out album after album, free of charge, with multiple disc releases that avoid wasting a disc on 6 songs, there’s no reason a profit company like Disney or Apple couldn’t besides just being lazy.

  17. Marty says :

    I have all of these tracks, but I also have two additional tracks:
    02 Tron Legacy Theme and
    05 Synopsis
    anybody have any idea where these fit in?

  18. robert says :

    yeah you got all the daft punk songs but you don’t have the songs when Flynn enters the arcade. I think its by journey or sweet dreams?

    • Avenged110 says :

      Yea, it was Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics.

  19. Alex says :

    There is a similar list posted here – filling in where certain tracks were used multiple times thanks for all the work getting this together – truly one of the greatest soundtracks of all time

  20. SeanH. says :

    Thanks to you, the process of purchasing/importing/tagging songs from multiple sources into a cohesive album was much easier. I’d been putting off doing this for years. Stay awesome, my friend.

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