The Mood Swing 2 – Playlist

The Dead Format

Back in November, my friend Cesar asked me to create a playlist for his website The Dead Format. I had never created a playlist before, so i chose a bunch of music from many key points in my life and put them together and called it “The Mood Swing”. The title came from the fact that my life has had many ups and downs and the songs were kind of schizophrenic in nature. Many songs were upbeat whereas others were somber. With the end of 2010, i found that my life was taking yet another turn. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the past and where i want to take my future. Whether it be at work or while going to sleep, i listen to a lot of music. As i was listening to my random music, i decided to make a sequel to The Mood Swing. What you have here is a collection of music that puts me in a different place and time. Each song transports me to a specific time in my life. I think it is a good companion to my original Mood Swing mix.

I hope you enjoy The Mood Swing 2.


The Mood Swing 2
“Bedroom Boogie” – The Red Elvises
“Mind Over Matter” – E.G. Daily
“How Can I Be Sure” – Young Rascals
“Brimful of Asha” – Cornershop
“Something” – The Beatles
“Lost Cause” – Beck
“Rain is Falling” – Electric Light Orchestra
“Is This” – Oingo Boingo
“Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl” – The Kinks
“Miracles” – Jefferson Starship
“Then She Did…” – Jane’s Addiction
“Candy” – Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson
“Baker Street” – Foo Fighters
“6 Underground” – Sneaker Pimps [Nellee Hooper/John Barry Edit]
Download “The Mood Swing 2” HERE

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6 responses to “The Mood Swing 2 – Playlist”

  1. Stevi Apel says :

    I should check this out…

  2. JoeSC says :

    Holy shit Ralph! This may be one of the greatest playlists I’ve ever seen.

    Not a wasted note on the list.


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