Photo Adventure: The L.A. Zoo

I went to the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday and took a lot of fun pictures of animals and things. As you can see, the first thing we got to see on our adventure were these Zebra’s asses.

This gorilla was glaring at me, because it felt threatened by my superior facial hair.

I have never seen a Koala’s ass up close until now. I feel blessed.

This five year old orangutan was climbing around the ropes. I am not sure, but i think it was a girl.

Here is an amazing shot of an orangutan playing with some toy building bricks!

This orangutan lady is was sitting by the glass and eating some trees.

Don’t feed cauliflower to the angry dogs!! Trust them on this one.

Oh deer, another ass shot.

Ram from behind.

This girl lion was trying to get some sun.

I saw this nature photographer wearing earth tones, but i am pretty sure the hundreds of screaming kids with snow cones were blowing his cover.


I saw this Spiny, dropped by a Lakitu.

This Water Snake got out of its cage.

This chimp is in the process of going #2 in a water fall.

Here is a picture of an old female human wearing sandals with socks.

This elephant was trying to get into that door. The animals really enjoyed showing off their asses to the crowd.

This guy was “making like a tree”

This cave dummy had sunglasses on and looked like Sgt. Callahan from Police Academy.

I had a fun day, it was a little crowded, but i got to see all kinds of animal asses!


About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

One response to “Photo Adventure: The L.A. Zoo”

  1. Sara says :

    Socks with sandals is way worse than poo in the waterfall.

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