Mad Libs Monday – The Camping Trip

Mad Libs Monday

It was a cold, Fucked Up night. Doctor Tranny and Lesbian Deborah Licked around the campfire, Whoring songs and eating Man Chowder.

Soon they got tired, climbed into their Gangs, and eventually fell asleep. Suddenly, they were both wide awake. There was a loud Retarded sound outside the tent. Lesbian Deborah grabbed Doctor Tranny‘s Fucking Dong and held on for dear life. Doctor Tranny started chanting, “Lions and Sexy Stews and Turds, oh my!” over and over again.

Then into their tent fell their friend Crotchety RebeccaCrotchety Rebecca had been thirsty and had gone into the house for some Pee Pee. Now the Pee Pee was on the floor of their tent. But they all had a good laugh and went back to sleep.

It turned out to be a very Poo Soaked camping trip. And maybe next time they’ll even leave Lesbian Deborah‘s backyard.




About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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