The Green Hornet – Review

The Green Hornet Review

I am a fan of Michel Gondry, but only really liked one of his movies. After watching The Green Hornet, you can chalk that up to two! The Green Hornet is a character that i am very unfamiliar with. My only real knowledge of the character is what i learned from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. We all know that Bruce Lee was the original Kato in the television show, but i don’t think i have ever seen any footage of the series. I also knew that The Green Hornet was once a radio show, but was not sure if it was a comedy, or if it was just camp that would be considered comedy by today’s standards. I am not sure if Seth Rogan would be anybody’s first choice for Britt Reid, but i was willing to go along with it. I like Seth Rogen and was interested in seeing what a Michel Gondry action movie would look like.

I have to be honest, the last thing i expected when going into this movie was to laugh as much as i did. I know that Seth Rogen is a funny guy, but i though the movie would be done with more tongue and cheek camp, but the jokes were all really funny. For the most part i really enjoyed the story, with the exception of the forced love triangle, but i think if the film ran longer it would have suffered greatly.

There were a few montages in the film that were done in a way that only the mind of Michel Gondry could come up with. My favorite was the montage where Christoph Waltz’s “Chudnofsky” sends out a hit on The Green Hornet. The camera follows one hitman, then split screens when that hit man meets up with another hit man,  then those two split off into two more split screens and so on. It is this insane cell division effect that keeps going until the screen was divided up into like 30 sections. It reminded me of the Chino Matto “SUGAR WATER” video. It was definitely a highlight of the film.

Another highlight of the film was Jay Chou’s portrayal of Kato. He was badass at Brit Reid’s sidekick and all of his jokes were hilarious. I don’t think this movie would have worked as well if Jay Chou fell short of the mark. Kato was always cooler than The Green Hornet and i am glad that the movie addressed that dynamic and I thought he was a perfect counterpoint to Seth Rogen’s style of humor. It was a great team up!

I am not sure if this movie honors the spirit of the original characters or not, but i had a lot of fun watching it. I did not see it in 3d because i heard it was converted in post, but i hear that it was a pretty good conversion. If you are looking for a really good time, but not expecting to be blown away, check out The Green Hornet!

★ ★ ★ ½


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