TRON Legacy Score – Review

Daft Punk Tron Legacy Music Review

It seems like i have been waiting years for this score to come out! Other than the return of Jeff Bridges, Daft Punk doing the score to TRON Legecy was one of the first bits of news that i heard surrounding the film.  One of the main questions i had was if they were going to utilize some of the themes from Wendy Carlos’ original score to TRON. Even though Daft Punk did not utilize or sample any of the original score, they did honor it by including some gothic elements.

Daft Punk’s score to TRON Legacy is unlike any other score i have heard. The best way i could describe it is a mix between, Vangelis’ score to Blade Runner, mixed with Watchmen and a dash of The Dark Knight. It is atmospheric, heavily electronic and surprisingly orchestral. The best part about the soundtrack album is that it looks like Daft Punk spent a lot of time into creating the track list to make a really great album. I am not sure if the tracks are listed in chronological order, but they flow great as an album.

Being a fan of film music, i am incredibly pleased with the quality of the score. I am not sure if fans of Daft Punk will enjoy it as much as their previous efforts, but there are a few tracks, like Derezzed, that sound like they were made with the Daft Punk fans in mind. I am not sure if a track like Derezzed will show up in the film, but it definitely stands out from the rest of the album.

As much as i loved the album, there is a stretch of 4 songs in the middle that are definitely highlights for me. If i were to explain to you what this score was all about, i would sum it up in the tracks “Adagio for TRON”, “Nocturne”, “End of Line” and “Derezzed”. These four tracks tell a specific story to me. I am not sure how these play out in the movie and i doubt that they show up in this order in the film, but i love how they flow together.

Adiago for TRON is almost completely orchestral. Of all of the cues from the soundtrack, this one represents the original Wendy Carlos score the most. There are hints of the original themes and it has a very gothic feel. The music is atmospheric and foreboding. In this scene i can imagine that there is some heavy exposition going on. It sounds like this is the point in the story where the “hero” becomes informed of everything he needs to go before he heads into his final quest.

Nocturne is once again very orchestral. When i listen to this i imagine Sam Flynn (the hero) thinking about the quest he is about to go on. This is what i consider his “last supper” music. This is the point of the story where he makes his decision to go ahead with the plan.

End of Line immediately  follows the orchestra heavy Nocturne. It uses heavy electronics and has a great driving beat. If i were a “hero” and i was about to walk into an incredibly large battle, i would be walking in slow motion to this music. Whereas the original TRON was essentially a gladiator film, TRON Legacy appears to looks more like a western. So this would be the music that would play as Sam Flynn, as the lone gunmen, walks into the ghost town to meet his fate.

Derezzed is where all hell breaks loose. If this does appear in the film, it has to be an incredible action scene with chaos and explosions all around. This would be the gunfight at the O.K. Corral of TRON.

If you are a fan of film music i am sure you will enjoy this score very much. If you are a Daft Punk fan who are looking for the next great Daft Punk album, you may be setting yourself up for a letdown. This is exactly what a film score by Daft Punk should sound like and sounds perfect for the world of TRON Legacy

This is a really great album for me to drive to!

★ ★ ★ ★½

Drezzed Video


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9 responses to “TRON Legacy Score – Review”

  1. ChrisInBoston says :

    End of Line may be my favorite track on the albumn. Embodies the digital feel of the movie. Some of the effects of the song TOOOOOOTALLY remind me of playing Atari 2600. Which is exactly what I played Tron: Deadly Discs on as a child.

    • casinoskunk says :

      I was going to mention that End of Line was my favorite track, it just so happens to by my current ringtone. I think i like it mostly because A) its fucking badass and B) it was the music that was playing as i entered the “End of Line Bar” in the back end of Flynn’s Arcade in San Diego. So glad it made it on the album.

  2. ChrisInBoston says :

    Actually, throw C.L.U. in the mix as well

  3. Michael says :

    Only $3.99 for the Amazon MP3 album, with extra track. I love using the internets legally. But now I’m noticing that iTunes has different bonus tracks. Which version did you get?

    • casinoskunk says :

      iTunes has some additional tracks as well. I am going to purchase all of them. I got the regular album. An advanced single disc version from the studio.

      • Michael says :

        The extra track, Sea of Simulation, doesn’t sounds like anything else on the album. It’s real different. Not essential, but interesting.

  4. casinoskunk says :

    They are all essential!

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