Mad Libs Monday – Apple Surprise

Mad Libs Monday

February 18th, 19 fucking 77Shittzburg—What was supposed to be a routine apple-picking trip turned into something much more. Ralph “The Body” Apel and Dumpster Pete went to Larry “Buster” Crabbe‘s farm to pick apples. This was a funny sort of farm! To get to the orchard, they rode on The Diarrhea Mobile driven by Jason from Superman ReturnsRalph “The Body” Apel and Dumpster Pete went about picking their apples, and they filled two big bags with the most Pee Pee Yellow apples they had ever seen.

Suddenly, Hal mother fucking Holbrook happened to ride by on a Unicorn with Turd for a Horn and offered to turn the apples into a delicious pie, right there in the orchard. Ralph “The Body” Apel and Dumpster Pete didn’t believe that this was possible, but they agreed. Hal mother fucking Holbrook told them to close their eyes, and before they knew it, the apples were steaming, hot apple pies. Ralph “The Body” Apel and Dumpster Pete couldn’t believe their eyes! They were so amazed, they ran home and called By-Curious Quarterly. When Larry “Buster” Crabbe was contacted about this matter, a reporter was informed that this “miracle” was “just a really Butt Fucking practical joke”!




About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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