Kirkman and Howard Return

Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's new bookFROM CBR

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive look at the following teaser image for the next Robert Kirkman comic book. Working with “Astounding Wolf-Man” artist Jason Howard, the new series debuts in 2011 under Kirkman’s Skybound imprint.

Keep it tuned to CBR this week as we unveil two more teasers for the comic as well as an exclusive first interview with Kirkman about his first new project since wrapping work on season one of AMC’s “Walking Dead” which ended it’s first successful season with last night’s finale.


I may not have mentioned it here, but i am a big fan of Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s “Astounding Wolf-Man” comic. I enjoy it more than Walking Dead, but Invincible still remains my favorite Kirkman title. Earlier this year “Astounding Wolf-Man” ended its 26 issue run. I recently purchased an iPad and am only 4 issues away from finishing that series. I am really glad that Kirkman and Howard are collaborating again. Looks like the story of a boy and his war machine!


Robert Kirkman Jason Howard Super Dinosaur Image


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2 responses to “Kirkman and Howard Return”

  1. Paco Cupito says :

    Really? You liked Wolfman? I read the first two trades and was incredibly bored with it. You must be one of those easy to please types.

    • Ralph- says :

      I am pleased by books that are light-hearted and fun. I would rather read Wolf-Man than anything that Marvel has to offer. It is definitely better than the majority of what Image has to offer.

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