The Final Weigh In – ???lbs

Well there you have it folks!! I am all done with the official diet for the “Long Beach Losers” event!! Last night i ate a cheeseburger and i felt like complete shit. I actually feel like shit this morning. Last night was the first time i ate at Five Guys. It was alright, but i will leave that review for Yelp!. So as you can see i did not lose a single pound this week. BUT, i am still pretty proud of my accomplishment. 27lbs in 12 weeks, for an average of 2.5 lbs a week. I would like to thank everyone who supported me on this, especially Stevi, who was doing her own weight loss challenge at work. Thanks to the cheeseburger last night, i am fairly certain i am going to keep on with my diet to some extent. There were a lot of things that i ate during my time that i actually really enjoyed and i will continue to eat healthier. That’s not to say i will eat healthy all the time, but i am going to be able to tone down the heavy eating a lot easier than before. I am hoping to hover around 250 lbs. We’ll see. Maybe i will keep posting here every now and then so you can see that i am sticking, or not sticking to my word. Another thing i would like to mention is a big thank you to everyone who visited my blog to check my progress. I don’t know why, but a lot of you showed up each Wednesday to see how i was doing and i really appreciate it. I was surprised that Wednesdays were always my most visited day on my blog over the last 13 weeks and i thank you all so much for keeping me on my toes. It was a fun ride and look forward to giving you future updates!


START – 297lbs.
Week 1 – 289lbs.
Week 2 – 287lbs.
Week 3 – 282lbs.
Weak 4 – 285lbs.
Week 5 – 278lbs.
Weak6 – 281lbs.
Week 7 – 275lbs.
Week 8 – 273lbs.
Week 9 – 271lbs.
Weak 10 – 272lbs.
Week 11 – 270lbs.
FINAL – 270lbs.



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14 responses to “The Final Weigh In – ???lbs”

  1. Kevin says :

    First things first: Your face on the right picture is amazing.

    And secondly: 27 pounds! That’s nothing to shake a stick at. Congratulations!

  2. Weigth Loss in 28 Days says :

    Hey I have somwhere the tips to loose weight with diet plan.

    There are several methods to lose weight. One of the healthiest ways is doing a proper diet in tandem with an exercise regimen. While losing weight quickly is always desired, you must follow a proper method to do it correctly. Otherwise, you are prone to constant hunger, which can lead to overeating, thereby derailing the weight loss plan. By following a few guidelines, you can quickly lose weight in a month.

    Please suggest is it correct or not.

  3. PaulyS says :

    Good going big buy…

  4. GnomeSAG says :

    I challenge you to lose 27 more!

  5. Mark D says :

    What is your diet? I have been running 20 miles a week since the beginning of July and I haven’t lost a pound. I don’t over eat but I do tend to graze in the evenings. I’m 38 and I guess time is just starting to catch up with me. In college I could go out, party my ass off, eat a bag full of taco bell at 2am and I wouldn’t gain a pound.

    BTW- I heard about The Walking Dead on your blog and I’m loving it! Thanks.

  6. Paco Cupito says :

    Way to go big (or should I say medium) man!!

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