Top Ten Favorite Green Lantern Characters

Green Lantern Mogo#10 – Mogo

The entire planet is one big Green Lantern! Mogo is a sentient being that is the size of a large planet and he just so happens to have the power of the Green Lanterns. Mogo telepathically guides the Green Lantern Power rings to their bearer as well as acts as a sort of “Therapist” to Green Lantern Corps members who need direction. I hope he shows up in the movie in some capacity.

Green Lantern Ganthet#9 – Ganthet

The Guardians are the keepers of the green light and self proclaimed protectors of the universe. They are emotionless beings that appear to have their own agenda. They are a bit stubborn and self righteous. Along with Sinestro, i do not trust the Guardians one bit, with the exception of Ganthet. Ganthet has more “humanity” than the other Guardians. He seems to keep the best interest of the universe in mind. He, along with Sayd, created the Blue Lantern Corps of Hope during the War of Light.

Green Lantern Carol Ferris#8 – Carol Ferris

Carol Ferris runs her father’s company Ferris Aircraft, which is the employer of test pilot Hal Jordan. Ever since Hal’s first appearance in 1959, Carol has been Hal’s boss and would never allow him to become close to her. She was a pretty strong female character for 1959 and she continues to be today. She later had become the Star Sapphire, a keeper of the Violet Light of Love.

Green Lantern Salakk#7 – Salaak

Salaak is one of my favorite characters. He is pretty much the Green Lantern who resides over Sector 0, which is the home of the Guardians’ planet of Oa. He acts as a secretary of sorts and runs the actual operations of the Corps. He acts as a mediator between the Lanterns and Guardians. I’ve always loved the design of Salaak and cannot wait to see him in the film.

Green Lantern Tom Kalmaku#6 – Tom Kalmaku

Tom was a major character in the silver age of Green Lantern. Back then Hal spent a lot of time on Earth and would confide in Tom (aka “Pieface”) with all of his adventures as a Green Lantern. Tom would then chronicle the adventures of Green Lantern in his GL Journal. Since Tom is an acting “grease monkey” for Ferris Aircraft, we don’t see a lot of him nowadays due to the fact that Hal actually spends very little time at Ferris Air.

Green Lantern Kilowog#5 – Kilowog

We got a quick glimpse of Kilowog in the trailer for the Green Lantern film and he looks awesome. Kilowog is the Drill Instructor in the Green Lantern Corps Boot Camp. He is large, imposing, tough and likes to call people of lesser stature “Poozers”. Not sure what Poozers are, but i guarantee that he will say it at least once in the movie!

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner#4 – Kyle Rayner

Back when Hal Jordan was consumed with the Parallax entity and destroyed all of the Green Lantern Corps, Ganthet found Kyle Rayner in a back alley and gave him the last Green Lantern ring. Kyle was left to create the Green Lantern Corps all by himself. I have always liked Kyle. I felt like he got a bum rap from the fans. Sure he was not Hal Jordan, but i really liked the Kyle. He is an every man, an artist and i could relate to him a bit more than a test pilot.

Green Lantern Abin Sur#3 – Abin Sur

Before Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern of sector 2814, Abin Sur patrolled the area that was home to our solar system. There has been many stories of Abin Sur’s past, but they all involve him not being able to use his ring, escaping on a ship and crash landing on Earth. With his last dying breath, Abin Sur gives his Green Lantern Power Ring to Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan#2 – Hal Jordan

So you would think that Hal Jordan would be #1, but he was narrowly beat out. Hal is my favorite Green Lantern. He never looks before he leaps. He goes into every situation head first. If Kyle was Luke Skywalker, Hal would be Han Solo. He is a womanizing, cocky test pilot. He shoots first and asks questions later.

Green Lantern Sinestro

#1 –  Thaal Sinestro

That’s right, Sinestro. As a kid i always thought the bad guys were cooler. The thing i like the most about Sinestro is that he was undoubtably the greatest of all Green Lanterns. He is regal, smart, strong willed and a complete badass. Unfortunately, due to the stubborn nature of the Guardians, Sinestro found himself straying away from the corps. He did not believe in the way they ran things and ultimately turned against them and started his own Yellow Lantern Corps of Fear.  Sinestro is like Darth Vader but his back story was better written.


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