Top Ten Favorite Fast Food Joints

#10 – Alberto’s

Wow, what a terrible photo of Alberto’s, but when it comes to weird mexican food chains that are random and change out restaurant names in the blink of an eye, i guess you can’t find a decent picture of Alberto’s. Maybe i should have looked up “Albert Taco’s” or “Alvaro’s”. Whichever version of this chain you go to, you know that you can order 3 Rolled Tacos with Sour Cream and it will taste the same at each location.

#9 – Burger King

I am one of only two people i know that like Burger King, yet they are still in business after all these years. Someone else must be going to this place besides me, because as much as i like it, my wife doesn’t and so i only go like 3 times a year. It must be in my DNA, because my mom and dad met while working at a Burger King in Downey CA. Whopper with Cheese no Tomatoes with those fucked up Onion Rings is my meal of choice.

#8 – Togo’s

I like a good sandwich and Togo’s beats out Subway by leaps and bounds. I like a lot of the sandwiches here, but i usually go with Egg Salad or a Cobb Salad Wrap. They used to have a great black forrest ham wrap with artichokes in it and that was really great. I wish they would bring it back.

#7 – Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box serves breakfast 24 hours a day! That is huge bonus points. Also their breakfast sandwiches have fried eggs as opposed to those weird spongy scrambled eggs that other places have. I think the burgers here are pretty good. They are all greasy and you can tell they are bad for you as soon as you put them in your mouth. Did i mention i cant go to Jack in the Box without getting some of their weird ass “Tacos”

#6 – Chick-fil-a

Since i have been on my diet, i have found that Chick-fil-a has some pretty great healthy options. I think they have the best fruit cups of any fast food joint that i have been to.

#5 – Taco Bell

I can eat Taco Bell every day. I like pretty much all of the items on the menu and don’t care what people think about XXL Chalupa, i have tried it and it was good!

#4 – Carl’s Jr.

I love love love the Western Bacon Cheeseburger! Carl’s also pretty much has the best fast food onion rings around. For the last few years Carl’s has been doing a monthly “promo” burger and they are usually all awesome.

#3 – The Hat

Just try doing a Google search for “The Hat Pastrami” and tell me that you do not want to eat that. I was never a fan of pastrami. In fact, the first couple times i went to The Hat i ordered cheeseburgers. The pastrami at The Hat is really good and not gristly in the slightest. Did i mention that they have the best chili cheese fries on the planet?

#2 – In N Out

Hands down my favorite fast food burger on the planet. I know that people are divided on the fries, but i love them!! Every burger is made to order with fresh ingredients. Double Double Animal Style with no tomatoes is the way i roll. I usually get a Pink Lemonade, but if i am in the mood i will get a neapolitan shake.

#1 – El Taco

Not a major chain, but i love it to death. Founded by Glenn Bell, the founder of Taco Bell, El Taco is a less greasy fast food joint that makes some of the best mexican fast food i know. I can only think of five locations, two of which are located in my home town of Downey California. Every time i go i can’t decide what i am going to get. I don’t have a standard go-to meal here. I like the Beef Combo Burrito, The Chicken Taquitos with sour cream, The Green Quesadilla, the Bean and Cheese Burrito and the Chile Relleno Burrito. As soon as i am done with my diet, i am going to eat lunch at El Taco, but not sure what i am going to order.

I totally forgot Wienerschnitzel, but i must stick to this list. I will say that Wienerschnitzel is #11 when i really should have put it somewhere in the middle.


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9 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Fast Food Joints”

  1. Bill says :

    Great list as usual.

    I’d have to say Subway’s come a long way in my book.

    Burger King fries are neck and neck with Nathan’s as my fav.

    They had a Jack in the Box in Staten Island, NY when I was a kid, do you still order into the clowns head in drive thru?

    • casinoskunk says :

      They do not have the clown head at the drive in. Subway has gotten okay, but they put all the same condiments on each sandwich and so little meat, that every sandwich tastes the same. I know i can ask for more and less of certain things, but the sandwich would be all bread if i asked for less stuff. Togo’s, which is just slightly higher in price than Subway, is a great alternative to fast food sandwiches. i really like them a lot.

  2. Sara says :

    BK=Grody. But I knew your #1 wouldn’t disappoint.

  3. Michael says :

    Taco Bell over Del Taco? No thank you. Haven’t eaten there in 5 or so years and will never go back. Besides, El Pollo Loco is better for you.

    Oh, and I want more Which Wich so we can consider them a chain (apparently there’s more in Texas I think). They finally also put a Cosi in Costa Mesa, so if you want indoor s’mores, there you go…

    • casinoskunk says :

      Del Taco has gross beans. I am not doing what fast food places are better for me, but i do like El Pollo Loco alright.

      I will have to look up Which Wich cause i have no idea what that is, but if it has S’mores, i am in.

  4. Michael Kirschner says :

    8 out of the 10 listed here are not in my area, they must be regional chains, only Burger King, and Taco Bell are in my area

  5. casinoskunk says :

    MIke, i don’t remember going to Cosi’s in Chicago. I remember Culvers, which had great root beer.

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