The iPad Fund.

Free Ipad

A few months ago i reached 500 friends on my Facebook page. I made an offhand comment that if each one of my friends gave me a dollar i could get an iPad. Since then i have already received $2.oo towards the iPad. One dollar from my sister Sara, and one from myself. My friend Ryan and Sara suggested that i create a donations page on paypal.

I know i don’t need an iPad, but i want one real bad. The main reason is to use the Comixology, Image Comics and DC Comic’s applications. I used to work in a comic book store and would read regularly. Since then i have been trying to keep up with my favorite books through trade paperbacks. Since the trades cost so much and take up too much space in my apartment, i have decided to sell them off, get an iPad and download the digital versions of the books. So far i have sold roughly $450 worth of comic books and trade paperbacks. I am pretty sure, between eBay sales and Apple Store Cards for Christmas (fingers crossed) i will have an iPad by the time we go to New York in April. I am sure i will be able to pull it off in time, but not sure if the next gen will be out by then. If the next gen is out by then it will be awesome. If not, i will have to decide wether to go to New York without an iPad or get a first generation iPad. I think going to New York without one may be the case.

It shouldn’t be too tough to get my hands on an iPad, but i was bored and decided it would be fun to see who would be willing to donate $1.00 to this totally useless cause. So, if you are not the brightest tool in the shed and want to waste your money, by all means, donate to the Ralph’s iPad Fund. You will get nothing in return, so i am the only one who benefits.

Ralph's Ipad Fund


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