94 Vans in 5.4 miles

I have been working at the same place for the last year and have noticed that i come across a lot of Vans on my commute. I don’t know why i noticed this to begin with, but i thought it was crazy that so many people that live in the Garden Grove/Santa Ana area own so many vans. It is a weird thing to focus on, but when you take the same route every day for a year, you start noticing things like this.

Today i decided to count how many vans i saw on my way to work. So as soon as i exited the 22fwy, i started counting, and by the time i got into work i had hit 94 van sightings. Now i am not talking company vans, SUVs or even Scion XBs for that matter. Nope, i am talking about actual family vans. Regular old passenger vans. NINETY FOUR! From the time i exit the freeway until i park my car at work it is only 5.4 miles. I am sure that i missed some or may have counted a couple twice, as they passed me up and caught up with them again, but jesus that is still a lot of vans.

I don’t know a single person who owns or even wants a van, but if i were a traveling van salesman i would know where to go to sell one.


10/25/10 – 94 vans
10/29/10 – 94 vans
11/05/10 – 111 vans
11/08/10 – 104 vans



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7 responses to “94 Vans in 5.4 miles”

  1. Stevi says :

    Does this include mini-vans. Also, next time, you should count van CONVERSIONS.

    • casinoskunk says :

      It was all vans, Mini or Coversions. I only saw like 2 conversion vans. I saw a ton of old Astro Vans, a bunch of old Pontiac Vans and a shit-load of Previas!

      It is so fucking weird.

  2. palmreldritch says :

    windowless vans??

  3. Pauly says :

    Serial killers drive vans… I’m just sayin’

  4. Stevi Apel says :

    Aaaaaaaand Asian people. I’m just sayin’! You do drive through Garden Grove…

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