Top Ten Favorite Movie Monsters

#10 – Fiends

Fiend Without a Face is a pretty great campy horror movie.  These invisible brains take over a human’s mind and kill them. They are sweet stop motion puppets and when they get shot, they spew all kinds of black blood. They are fucking rad and for some reason sound like a beating heart!

#9 – King Caesar

King Caesar is one of those random Godzilla monster that showed up in the 70’s. He was an ally to Godzilla during his first fight against Mechagodzilla. Any creature that is awoken by a song called “Miyarabi’s Prayer“, with ears like that is tops in my book!

#8 – King Kong

I like the 2005 Peter Jackson version of King Kong, but for my money, the only King Kong for me is the original 1933 version.

#7 – Clover

It is obvious that i am a fan of Godzilla and when i went to see Cloverfield, i was so excited to see a movie that thrust the viewer into the middle of a Godzilla type attack. I think the Cloverfield monster is cool looking and i would love to see a sequel.

#6 – Mothra

The first female monster on the list and the least threatening. Mothra is the protector of Earth and even though she isn’t big and scary, she still deserves to be on my list. Mothra is a badass and will sprinkle her love dust all over your town to protect you from the forces of evil!

#5 – Mr. Stay Puft

You all know him, you all love him. The cute mascot, with a heart of hate!! When i first saw Ghostbusters i remember thinking,  before they revealed this iconic monster, that Ray had summoned Bob’s Big Boy. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t Bob’s Big Boy, but i don’t think that Ghostbusters would have been as iconic if they didn’t make up their own cuddly monster.

#4 – The Predator

A lot of these monsters are cold blooded killers. Most of them do it based on instinct, but the Predator does it for fun. The Predator is a sneaky asshole who hides in the trees and kills it’s “prey” without them knowing how to fight back. It isn’t until The Predator goes head to head with Dutch that he decides to play clean. What a dick!

#3 – The Blob

A mindless, bloodthirsty, gelatinous mass from another planet! Nothing can stop it, it just keeps on sloshing through this small town and devours everyone in it’s path! I love that The Blob starts out as a clear goo, then tuns red as it overtakes more victims. This thing scared me as a kid and now it makes me laugh!

#2 – Alien

This movie still scares me. I have always liked the design of the original 1979 Alien. He is smooth, slick and scary as hell. Alien is easily my favorite of the series and what makes him stand out from Predator is the fact that they made more than one good film in the franchise. When it comes to Alien films vs. Predator Films, Alien has them beat!

#1 – Godzilla

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Being such a huge Godzilla fan, how could i NOT make the King of Monsters my #1? What else is there to say about Godzilla? Everyone has to love him, whether it is a movie where he is the villain or good guy, Godzilla is the perfect movie monster and makes the top the list by leaps and bounds!!



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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

5 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Movie Monsters”

  1. Bill says :

    excellent list as usual…shame, if we knew anything about the Smoke monster from lost, it might have made the list

    • casinoskunk says :

      I thought about the smoke monster and we actually know more about him than the Blob, but unfortunately no matter how much i like smokey, he is still not in a movie.

  2. Stevi says :

    Plus, Godzilla looks like a kitty-cat!

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