My Gmail got Hacked.

Today, this email went out from “Me”. Obviously it is spam and i am aware that it was sent out. Unfortunately, whoever hacked into my gmail also cleared out my contacts list so i cannot send out a follow up email that notifies people that i am aware of the situation. I have no other way of contacting all of you, so this is the best way i know how. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME if you have received this email. I am painfully aware of the situation and am not happy about it.

It is one thing to get hacked, but this is more than just them sending an email in my name. In addition to all of my contacts being deleted, they also deleted ALL of my emails from the past month. The account it came from was my “business” email address and i lost some VERY important messages in the process. This is not funny and i am not amused in the slightest. Sorry if you received this email.




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2 responses to “My Gmail got Hacked.”

  1. Michael Kirschner says :

    Do you know how it happened? Was it some kind of software you downloaded or maybe someone figured out your password if it was green lantern, lost or tron themed. Anyways hope you figure it out and make sure that your passwords are very obscure like SaILbOat_m0nSTerapple-sau345ce6256678 that would never be cracked, of course you would never remember it but like I said would never be cracked 🙂

  2. Stevi says :

    I guess I totally told you after you already knew but I had not read this. I am despicable.

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