Top Ten Favorite Blu-rays

casinoskunk#10 – Bottle Rocket

This is the first Wes Anderson movie i have ever seen, and it just so happens to be his first movie. I remember for the longest time i wanted Criterion to go back and re release a good version of this on DVD, well a few years later they did one better and did a beautiful Bluray version of the film. The one thing that is really awesome about this set is that it comes with some 70mm screen tests for the film. They look amazing and it makes me sad that they did not shoot it that way.

casinoskunk#9 – Green Lantern: First Flight

Not sure if you knew this or not, but i am a big fan of Green Lantern. First Flight isn’t the greatest GL story out there, but it is the first animated film about him, so it is immediately praised by me. The image is bright, the colors are vivid and the movie is a lot of fun. The extra features kind of suck, mostly because they do not have a documentary about the history of the character like they usually do with these DC Comics releases. The thing that also sucks is that the few features they do have on the disc are really low resolution and look like shit.

casinoskunk#8 – Speed Racer

This is the disc i put in when i want to show off my TV and Bluray! I actually really like this movie. I think it is well done, shot beautifully and pops off the screen like a live action anime. The picture is so crisp and amazing, that it is like candy for your brain.

casinoskunk#7 – Casino Royale

Both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace look stunning on Bluray. I guess if Sony is going to produce such a highly publicized movie, they are going to use their most high end stuff. Sony really knows how to make the most out of their technology.

casinoskunk#6 – Ratatouille

All of  Pixar’s films look great on Bluray, but i chose Ratatouille because it is the one movie of theirs that i own that i don’t really have a problem with. I love the first two-thirds of Up, Wall*E, Monsters Inc. and Cars, but this movie entertains me throughout. The food in Ratatouille had never looks more appetizing than here!

casinoskunk#5- The Ultimate Matrix Collection

Say what you will about Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, but i really enjoyed the entire Trilogy. The Wachowski’s art direction and incredible special effects hold up incredibly well in High Definition. These movies look outstanding in this format and the discs come with a shit-load of extras, including the Animatrix.

casinoskunk#4 – Sleeping Beauty

At first i was skeptical about how this film would look. I watched a Bluray trailer and it looked really crappy. Me and Stevi liked the movie so much that we decided to get it anyway. Am I glad we did. It look so good! It almost looked too good. I was certain that some Bluray company went in and cleaned up the image digitally, but after watching some of the extra features, i figured out that this was not the case. Sure there is probably some digital cleanup in here, but if you look at this picture you can actually see the shadows cause by the Cell animated characters on the background. It was also explained in the features that the artists on the film had to be extra clean in their approach to the art, because the film was going to be shot on 70mm film, which would show off any imperfections. This movie is a must!

#3 – Fight Club

This is one of my Top Ten favorite movies of all time. The transfer on this is incredible. I think all of David Fincher’s films look great on Bluray, but this is hands down my favorite film of his, which is why it made the list.

casinoskunk#2 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

When i first saw the Bluray trailer for this box set, i knew i had to pick it up. You can see every star, every light, every pore and every piece of junk Roy uses to build his model of Devil’s Tower. For a film that is 33 years old, the Close Encounters Bluray looks like it could have been shot today. This may be my favorite Spielberg movie and i am glad it is available in HiDef. If you just like this movie, it would be worth picking up!

casinoskunk#1 – Blade Runner

Blade Runner has never looked better! For about $23, you can get the 5 disc set and it is worth every penny. The movie looks astounding, you get something like four different versions including the ultimate “Final Cut” version!! There is a four hour documentary on the history of Blade Runner and a ton of other features. If you have not seen Blade Runner, it may not be for you. It is not necessarily an action movie, so it is not fast paced. If you are going to watch it for the first time, definitely check it out on Bluray, so that during the slow parts, you can go in and appreciate all of the detail that Ridley Scott included to create this bleak look at the future.


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  1. Bigyanks says :

    im about 90% sure that for Sleeping Beauty it was re-colored.

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