The 6th Day

The 6th Day

As i mentioned before, i am going to be posting these reviews in reverse chronological order. The reasoning is simple, the more recent Arnold movies aren’t as fun as the older ones. I never understood why the decline in entertainment, until just this moment. Arnold’s villains just become less and less interesting. I am going to try to watch all of these movies before i post the reviews, but at the time of writing this paragraph, i have not watch The 6th Day in a couple months and yet i still have no idea who is the villain is in the movie. I think it may be Michael Rooker. I know that Michael Rapaport is in the film, but he is Arnold’s friend. At least he is in the beginning. I think it is best that i go watch this one now, but i know i will just be terrified by the robot toddler.

Ok so i just popped in the bluray and first off it looks great, but what makes me laugh is that there is this explanation about the “history of cloning” and then the title screen pops up. Immediately following all this exposition a title card reads “In the near future. Sooner than you think”, then cuts to an XFL game. Either these events went down after the XFL has been reinstated or this shit already went down a decade ago. I like that even in the future, the XFL still can’t fill seats.

Okay, i am not going to do a running commentary, but i am only 3 minutes in on the Arnold stuff and he gets hit in the nuts with a door knob, they have a lame commercial about cloning dogs called “Re-Pet”, his daughter is the worse actress ever, they have a space aged mirror that tells you your daily schedule and his daughter asked him if he wants Nacho or regular flavored banana. I just need to sit back and watch and try to forget the stupid shit by the end of the movie. Okay wait. Arnold just took a bite of cereal and acted like he was going to throw it up. It immediately cut away to a shot of him ordering more milk. I guess the milk went bad, it was not really explained. I am going to have to look this up, cause it makes no sense. Seriously, watch this scene and tell me what is going on with the milk!! It is never set up. It is never explained after the fact,  and it doesn’t help that there is a really bad edit in there.

The Sixth Day is exceptionally bad. I think the concept could be cool, but between the shitty editing and crappy directing of Roger Spottiswoode this movie is just one big turd. If this movie was more like the trailer (shown below), it would be super badass. I know what you’re thinking, “Ralph aren’t all of Arnold movies bad?”. Yes they are, but they all have some sort of entertainment value. In this one Arnold tries to take the subject matter too seriously and it comes off really weird. His acting is laughable and his humor is not. It is really bad and the worse thing about it is that Robert Duvall put too much into his performance. I have a feeling that he didn’t know what movie he was in.

The action is horrible, the laser guns are dumb and the jokey technology is worse than a shitty Verhoven film. The 6th Day is just not good. If you want to check out all the Arnold movies ever made, you will have to see this movie. If you don’t give a shit about Arnold movies, you can pass this up.

★ ½



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About casinoskunk an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

2 responses to “The 6th Day”

  1. CJJC says :

    Sorry for all these late comments. To me, The 6th Day looks like they blatantly wanted it to be directed by Paul Verhoeven but he turned it down. The producer is Jon Davison, producer of among others the RoboCop and Starship Troopers series, which only lends fuel to my assumption.

    Does the Blu-Ray have the isolated score/commentary by Trevor Rabin?

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