Top Ten Favorite Comic Book Series

#10 – Flash Gordon

I am a big fan of Space Adventures and Flash Gordon is the grandfather of such Space Adventures as Star Wars and Green Lantern. Regular folks exploring new and exciting worlds is something that i find incredibly interesting. Many kids want to be a firefighter or police man when they grow up. I am an astronaut kind of kid.

#9 – Popgun

Popgun is an anthology series that is produced by Image Comics. They tout it as a comic book “mixed tape” and it has a lot of great stories from unknown creators and artists. It is a lot of fun to read. There are currently four volumes.

#8 – The Sword

The Sword is created by The Luna Brothers, the guys behind “Girls”. The Sword follows a paralyzed girl named Dara who is healed and given extraordinary powers from a mystical sword. She uses the sword to protect the earth from four elementals, but is framed as a villain. She must clear her name and defeat the four elements in huge action sequences that span over the course of several issues.

#7 – The Walking Dead

The problem with every zombie movie is by the end of the film, the world is still overrun by zombies. Robert Kirkman takes the traditional zombie story and plays it out as an ongoing serial. The zombies will always be there, and these are the people that have to go about their lives living in this reality. It is an interesting book with complex characters and horrifying imagery.

#6 – The Twelve

This twelve part series created by J. Michael Straczynski follows twelve costume heroes from the forties after they have defeated Hitler. As they defeat Hitler, the walls of the bunker and they are trapped. They find a room filled with cryogenic chambers where they lay to rest until they are discovered and revived in modern times. The book is not filled with action, but its really interesting how these characters cope with the culture shock that is 70 years later. The worse thing about this book is that they stopped producing books after #8. I’m still dangling after two years.

#5 – The Astounding Wolfman

From Robert Kirkman, creator of Invincible and The Walking Dead, comes this new take on superhero books. The story surrounds a man who is bitten by a wolf and becomes a wolfman, but what is great is that once he figures out how to control his powers, he becomes a superhero! This book is a ton of fun.

#4 – Invincible

Another entry from Robert Kirkman. This is a straight up superhero book, that moves on to a space adventure. The story revolves around Mark Grayson, a high school student to just discovered that he has similar powers to his father, Omniman! It is a terrific book with a ton of side stories that intersect. The world that Robert Kirkman is vast and entertaining.

#3 – Green Lantern Corps

If Green Lantern was the story of Anakin Skywalker, this would be the story about the other thousands of Jedi scouring the universe and protecting it from evil. Whereas Green Lantern is a superhero book, this is more like a police procedural. This is a fun book that shows the inner workings of the Green Lantern Corps.

#2 – Madman

Michael Allred’s Madman is a pure fun adventure book in the style of Silver Age comics. The book is filled with heroes, robots, mutants, space creatures, monsters and more!! Madman has everything you want in a comic book. There is romance, action and comedy.

#1 – Green Lantern

This book is as if you took the Star Wars prequels and made them good. This is a good old fashioned space opera and it is tons of fun. This book follows Hal Jordan, a space cop that rids the galaxy of evil. It is insanely good and i cannot recommend reading Geoff Johns’ run on the book enough!! Check it out!!


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