Elfman Burton Box Set: What’s Included

Tim Burton Danny Elfman Music Box

One month ago i posted a blog about The Tim Burton & Danny Elfman Music Box. I figured it would just be a box with the original soundtracks in them. I had figured it would have some extras and would come in around $200. But then i heard that it was going to be limited to 1000 pieces and it was going to cost $500 and that there would be 7 hours of additional music. There was no way i was going to spend that kind of cash on 7 hours of additional music, that i probably have heard already… Then i saw what else was included in the box.

The Book, the DVD, The Thumb Drive and a Music Box/ Zoetrope that plays “The Breakfast Machine”. Now i kind of want this really bad!! The only way i think i will be able to get this is if i win my weight loss challenge by starving myself for the next six weeks, or befriend an old crazy rich man who buys useless shit for me…Well, any old men out there who want to be my friend? Didn’t think so. Anyway, as you listeners of Cue the Music know, Danny Elfman is easily my favorite composer of all time, and i hope that any of you readers out there who happen to pick up this box set, send me a copy of the music and a ripped dvd, cause i don’t think i am willing to swing the $500….or am i?

Here is a segment of the DVD that Aint It Cool posted about Beetlejuice, which happens to be the first score i ever owned by Danny Elfman.



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