6 Weeks Remain – 281lbs.

I think my body is just fucking with me. Another 3lb. gain. This may be a sign that i am going to lose another 7lbs. next week, or so the pattern seems to be going. Not to get too graphic, but i think this gain has been due to some irregularity. I’ll see you back here next week. Half way there!

START – 297lbs.
WEEK 1 – 289lbs.
Week 2 – 287lbs.
Week 3 – 282lbs.
Weak 4 – 285lbs.
Week 5 – 278lbs.
Weak6 – 281lbs.




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...is an action film made in 1982 directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

9 responses to “6 Weeks Remain – 281lbs.”

  1. Colleen says :

    It’s all about the water weight. I find drinking green tea helps with the “irregularity”. You look great though, congrats and good luck with the next 6 weeks 🙂

  2. Pauly says :

    Two words: Prune Juice…

    • Kenn Apel says :

      I’m proud of you for working toward a healthier life. I’d like to see you around for a LONG time! Stick with it! I care. U. Kenn

      • casinoskunk says :

        Thanks, Uncle Kenn!

        I am going to really push hard for these remaining weeks. I am working towards a steak dinner. I really can’t wait, because i am going to Northwoods Inn!

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